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Shopping in Hong Kong — An Insider's Guide

Shopping in Hong KongShopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is perhaps the best shopping place in the world. In Hong Kong, shopping is not only the act of buying things but is also a form of recreation and a way of life.

Why Hong Kong Is a Paradise for Shoppers

  • Hong Kong offers perhaps the widest and most exclusive range of products, from international luxury goods to local souvenirs.
  • Most goods from all over the world, except for wine and cigarettes, are tax free, and the prices are relatively low. Moreover, there are two sales seasons in Hong Kong when the prices are much better.
  • You will enjoy the best service as the shopping assistants are always well-trained and put customers first.

What to Buy

There is a wide range of things to buy in Hong Kong. The best three buys are clothes, cosmetics, and electrical appliances. Here are the top items to buy:

ShoppingA woman is selecting a product with the help of an assistant.
  • Designer clothes and handbags
  • Cosmetics and perfume
  • Electronics and computers
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Hong Kong pastries

Where to Shop

Hong Kong is the world's best shopping site with shopping malls, department stores, and street markets. Below, we would like to give you a guide of the best shopping areas, malls, and markets for shopping in Hong Kong. Get some inspiration from our page How to Plan a One-Day Middle-Budget Shopping Tour in Hong Kong.

where to shop in Hong Kong

Recommended Shopping Areas

  • Central, Hong Kong Island: Hong Kong's business and economic center with top boutiques and large shopping malls
  • Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island: a microcosm of the entire Hong Kong shopping scene, with high-end malls, medium-priced boutiques, affordable department stores, and bargain street markets
  • Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon: a flourishing luxury shopping and recreational area, with many high-end shops and restaurants
  • Mong Kok, Kowloon: a shopping area that preserves Hong Kong's traditional characteristics with an array of markets, small shops, and food stalls
  • Sham Shui Po, Kowloon: a heaven for market lovers, famous for its vast amount of gadgets, electronic appliances, and computer products at competitive prices

Recommended Shopping Malls

Shopping street in Hong KongA shopping street in Hong Kong

There are many shopping malls in Hong Kong, from the luxury to the moderate. You will enjoy a comfortable shopping experience in the malls, which are well-designed and decorated and offer restaurants, book stores, and cinemas.

  • Landmark, Hong Kong Island: the high altar of Hong Kong shopping with prestigious international brands and the finest restaurants
  • Pacific Place, Hong Kong Island: a mixture of many luxurious stores and some moderately priced stores
  • Times Square, Hong Kong Island: one of Hong Kong's busiest malls with European, American, and Japanese stores spanning mid-price to luxury fashion
  • Harbour City, Kowloon: the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong; a must-visit destination with shopping, dining, entertainment, and sightseeing
  • Festival Walk, Kowloon: a multi-level shopping, dining, and leisure complex catering to all budgets and all shopping styles

Read more information about shopping malls.

Recommended Street Markets

Adventurous travelers should pay a visit to the street markets in Hong Kong, where you can experience the real local lifestyle and enjoy the happiness brought by various local products (including clothes, unique souvenirs, electronic products, and seafood) and the surprises of grabbing a bargain.

Stanley Market Stanley Market is full of souvenirs.
  • Ladies' Market, Kowloon: Ladies' Market in Tung Choi Street is a great destination for the fashion conscious and those with an eye for bargain-priced sport shoes, watches, clothing, stationery, and cosmetics.
  • Temple Street Night Market, Kowloon: It is a wonderful place to shop and to eat. It has an astonishing variety of clothing, CDs, hardware, pens, trinkets, watches, and luggage.
  • Stanley Market, Hong Kong Island: It is the perfect place to buy something special for friends or relatives: Chinese artwork, silk collectibles, and curios, as well as larger-sized clothing.
  • Jardine's Crescent, Hong Kong Island: It is a long roadside market that is great for inexpensive clothing, accessories, and domestic goods.
  • Li Yuen Street East and West, Hong Kong Island: The market deals with everything from inexpensive souvenirs, clothing, and costume jewelry to luggage and shoes.

Read more information about street markets.

Recommended Specialist Markets

Flower Market in Hong KongFlower Market in Hong Kong
  • Flower Market, Kowloon: It is a great place to just visit or to buy flowers, plants, and horticultural accessories.
  • Bird Market, Kowloon: This market is near Flower Market. You can see a great variety of birds and witness the recreational life of elderly people.
  • Goldfish Market, Kowloon: It is near Flower Market and Bird Market. You can buy luck-bringing goldfish and other tropical aquarium pets.
  • Tai Yuen Street, Hong Kong Island: It is famous for its inexpensive toys. This is a paradise for kids.
  • Apliu Street, Kowloon: It is known for bargains on a wide variety of new and used gadgets, electronic appliances, and computer products.
  • Jade Market: It is crowded with stalls selling jade items. It is a great place for tourists to spend a morning browsing and soaking up the atmosphere.

When to Shop


Hong Kong is undoubtedly a great place for shopping all year round. If you know its sales seasons, you could save some money.

Hong Kong usually has two sales seasons: winter sales (December to February, especially around Christmas and Chinese New Year) and summer sales (July to September). Learn more about Christmas shopping in Hong Kong.

These sales are mostly to be found in big shops, department stores, and shopping malls.

Top Shopping Reminders For You

1. Visa, American Express, and DC cards are widely accepted. Bargaining is not common and is limited to some small shops or outdoor markets.

2. Shops are open for business during the Spring Festival. It is actually a very good shopping opportunity because many shops launch promotions and discounts. Big shops, department stores, and shopping malls even extend their business hours before the festival, but from the first to the fourth day they may close early. Most small shops and grocery stores close, and resume business from the fourth day of the festival. This applies to shops in mainland China as well.

3. Do choose shopping malls with the sign of "Excellence" granted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, because they can guarantee quality and service, and their goods are clearly priced. Be cautious of buying anything without price tags.

4. Keep the receipt and credit card receipt after the transaction, and always check carefully that the contents of your shopping bag are exactly what you have purchased, in case they have been changed.

5. If you have any trouble with a shop owner, call the HKTB's Quality Tourism Services (28062823) for help.

6. Always keep an eye on your personal belongings.

Tour Hong Kong with China Highlights

Tour Hong Kong with China HighlightsTour Hong Kong with China Highlights

Our tours are private. You are the key to controlling the pace of the tour; if you would like to spend more or less time in some local markets, just let your guide know. The evening is your free time, and you can do some shopping on your own. Your guide will be glad to give you some recommendations and assistance if you need help.

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