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Suzhou-Hangzhou High-Speed Trains

Suzhou-Hangzhou High-Speed Trains

Written by FabioUpdated May. 5, 2023

High-speed trains between Suzhou and Hangzhou take about 1½ hours to travel 240 kilometers (149 miles), with the cost of USD 16 for a second class ticket. Suzhou to Hangzhou high-speed trains depart from Suzhou/Suzhou North railway stations, and arrive at Hangzhou East Railway Station. There are also a few normal-speed trains traveling between these two cities, with the duration of 2½ to 4 hours.

High-speed trains from Suzhou to Hangzhou are recommended due to their punctuality, short travel time and comfort.

Quick Facts

  • Distance: 240 kilometers (149 miles)
  • Terminals: Suzhou Railway Station (苏州站), Suzhou North Railway Station (苏州北站), Hangzhou East Railway Station (杭州东站)
  • Top speed: 350 km/h (217 kph)
  • Duration: 1½-2½ hours

Suzhou to Hangzhou High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on May 5th, 2023)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
D781 06:43 09:30 2h 47m
G1509 08:12 09:32 1h 20m
G7389 08:59 10:34 1h 35m
G7591 11:19 12:56 1h 37m
G7583 13:55 15:39 1h 44m
G7491 18:52 20:17 1h 25m
  • There are 40 bullet trains from Suzhou to Hangzhou, departure times are from 06:43 to 20:17. Trains listed in the timetable are some of them. Check out Suzhou to Hangzhou high-speed train schedules.
  • Suzhou to Hangzhou high-speed trains operate at different train stations in both cities. Please pay attention to the departure / arrival stations of your train when you book train tickets.

Hangzhou to Suzhou High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on May 5th, 2023)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
G1866 07:26 09:09 1h 43m
G7372 08:07 09:50 1h 43m
G7316 10:08 11:55 1h 47m
G7390 13:34 14:55 1h 21m
G7310 17:43 19:36 1h 53m
D782 20:05 22:29 2h 24m
  • There are 41 bullet trains from Hangzhou to Suzhou, departure times are from 07:33 to 20:01. Trains listed in the timetable are some of them.Check out Hangzhou to Suzhou high-speed train schedules.

Suzhou-Hangzhou High-Speed Train Ticket Fares

Train Type Business Class First Class Second Class
G Train US$50 (CNY341.5) US$26 (CNY178.5) US$17 (CNY111.5)
D Train -- US$22 (CNY150) US$14 (CNY94)

Suzhou-Hangzhou Normal-Speed Trains

There are also several normal-speed trains traveling between Suzhou and Hangzhou, with a lower running speed of about 100 km/h (62 mph). The travel time is 2½ to 4 hours, varying due to the different numbers of stops on the journey. Most normal-speed trains operate at the centrally located Hangzhou Railway Station and Suzhou Railway Station, which are closer to the tourist attractions in both cities. Soft sleeper, hard sleeper and hard seat cost USD 26, USD 19 and USD 6 respectively.

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