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Hangzhou Railway Station

Hangzhou Railway Station

Written by FabioUpdated Mar. 28, 2023
Hangzhou Railway Station
Hangzhou Railway Station
Chinese name: 杭州站
Address: 893 Jiangcheng Road, Shangcheng District
Chinese address: 上城区江城路893号

Hangzhou Railway Station is one of Hangzhou's three main train stations (the other two are Hangzhou East Railway Station and Hangzhou South Railway Station). It also has bullet train lines that go to Nanjing and Shanghai. It allows you to travel to Hangzhou from all over China. Hangzhou Train Station is about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the West Lake, 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the East Train Station and 31 kilometers (19 miles) from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

  • Chinese: 杭州站 Hángzhōu Zhàn /hung-joh jan/
  • Name on train tickets: 杭州 Hangzhou
  • Location: about 2 kilometers (1½ miles) east of West Lake.
  • Station size: 9 platforms

Popular Trains to Other Cities

Alternative Trains

To Shanghai: From Hangzhou East Railway Station, about 38 bullet trains go daily (about an hour, 53 or 80 RMB second class).

Train Schedules from Hangzhou Train Station

To Popular Train(s) Travel Time Distance (KM) Prospect Price
Shanghai Hongqiao Station G7356 (08:34-09:43)
G7392 (09:39-11:01)
178km 1st Class: $18
2nd Class: $12
Shanghai Station G7358 (06:10-07:36) 1h26m 171km 1st Class: $22
2nd Class: $14
Shanghai South Station Z282 (17:04-18:54) 1h50m 174km Hard Seat: $5
Beijing Station *Z282 (17:04-10:22+1) 17h18m 1279km Soft Sleeper: $83
Hard Sleeper: $53
Xi'an Station *Z86 (16:47-09:16+1) 16h29m 1316km Soft Sleeper: $75
Hard Sleeper: $48
Guangzhou Station K209 (18:36-14:30+1) 19h54m 1607km Soft Sleeper: $92
Hard Sleeper: $52
Nanjing South Station G7398 (08:49-10:51)
G282 (14:02-15:45)
301km 1st Class: $30
2nd Class: $18
Xiamen Station K1209 (13:12-11:21) 22h9m 880km Soft Sleeper: $65
Hard Sleeper: $40

"+1" means the train arrives the next day.

Using the Station

Hangzhou Train Station consists of a 3-story terminal building connected to a 17-story building that has shops, restaurants, and a hotel. There is a square in front of it.

Suggested arrival time: Because of crowds, ticket-checking and waiting can take a long time, so we strongly suggest you be at the station as least 2 hours prior to your departure time.

Hangzhou Station Plan View

  • -1 (basement) floor: taxi pick-up, arrival hall, parking lots, exit
  • First floor: platforms, soft seat waiting room, parking lot
  • Second floor: waiting rooms, check points, nursing room, ticket offices, waiting room for military personnel, taxi drop-off, restaurants, stores
  • Waiting rooms: There are 11 waiting rooms. All are on the second floor except the soft seat/sleeper waiting room that is on the first floor. Check the large LED screen and your tickets to find the right one.

Luggage portage: Luggage porters wearing red caps charge about 10 RMB/piece.

Read more about How to Get On/Off a Train and 7 Things to Know Before Riding a Train.

Transportation - to/from Hangzhou Station

This station is near the middle of the city and close to West Lake. It is also called Hangzhou Train Station 杭州火车站 (Hángzhōu Huǒchē Zhàn) and "City Station" 城站 (Chéng Zhàn) by locals.


Hangzhou Station Transportation


It is suggested that you should take taxis only from the station's taxi waiting area since some illegal taxis wait around the station. More on Hangzhou taxis>>

The Hangzhou Subway

The bottom floor of Hangzhou Station holds subway line 1's Chengzhan (城站) station.

To Hangzhou East Railway Station

  • Metro: Take subway line 1 direct (8 stops, 25 minutes, 3 RMB).
  • By taxi: It takes about 25 minutes and costs 34 yuan.

To the Xiaoshan International Airport

Xiaoshan International Airport (杭州萧山机场) can be reached via the airport shuttle buses that wait near the center of the front square between 04:45 and 20:45, departing at 30 minutes intervals (about 70 minutes, 20 RMB). Taxis are quicker (40 minutes, 120 RMB).

To West Lake

West LakeWest Lake

West Lake is Hangzhou's most famous tourist area. It is about 2 kilometers away, and you can walk there in 30 minutes if you know the route.

  • By taxi: The east shore takes about 10 minutes and costs 13 RMB;  Bai Causeway takes longer (20 minutes, 27 RMB).
  • By metro: Take Line 1 and go 2 stops to Longxiang Bridge Station (龙翔桥) and leave the station through Exit C (10 minutes).
  • By bus: Take bus K7 for four stops to Hubing Road Station. You will see the lake as soon as you get off the bus (2 RMB). Or take bus Y2 for two stops to Qingbo Gate Station (3 RMB).

Transport to Wulin Square

Hangzhou’s downtown is called Wulin Square.

  • By metro: You can take Line 1 4 stops to Wulin Square Station (武林广场).

Booking Tickets

Booking By Yourself

There are two major passenger train stations in the city. Make sure your ticket is for the station you want to leave from. Check the name carefully.

You could book tickets in the station, at other train stations, or at many ticket windows in the city. Or access convenient booking online via our China train booking service. See How to Buy Tickets in China>>

Booking With Us

About 10,000 satisfied customers each year book tickets with our services.

  • 24/7 service
  • 3 easy steps: search trains, book tickets, pay
  • The tickets can be delivered by express mail to the address you specify.

For Hangzhou Tour Planning Ideas...

high-speed trainsHigh-speed G Trains go to Shanghai

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