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Fenghuang Food

Fenghuang Food

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jun. 29, 2021
Fenghuang ancient cityLocal food in Fenghuang

Fenghuang people are fond of sour and spicy flavor. The famous dishes include Fenghuang Pickled Radish, Tofu in Pickled Vegetable Soup and Pickled Fish in Miao Ethnic Style.

Fenghuang Pickled Radish

Fenghuang Pickled Radish is really popular among Fenghuang people, regardless age and gender. They love to eat pickled radish with red pepper juice. Every family in Fenghuagn has their own way to pickle radish, and the recipe is kept as their family's secret. A fairly made pickled radish is tasted sweet, a little sour, fragrant and spicy.

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Tofu in Pickled Vegetable Soup

Tofu in Pickled Vegetable Soup is a traditional dish of Miao ethnic people. The vegetable used to be pickled are usually the radish leaves and cabbage. They are firstly dried in the wind for two days. After they have become yellow, they are cut up into small pieces and pickled by boiled rice water and sour soup in a jar for 24 hours. As the pickled vegetable has done, Miao people boil some water with the pickled vegetable and tofu with wild shallot, red pepper and some other season, and then the soup is done. The soup is light yellow and it is more of a "melt in the mouth" taste, which will enhance people's appetite and good for health.

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Pickled Fish in Miao Ethnic Style

It is the traditional famous food which has brought national fame to the Miao ethnic people in Fenghuang County. Miao ethnic people have a tradition to breed fish in rice paddy. After harvest, Miao ethnic people discharge the water in the rice paddy and then catch the fish easily which is the main ingredient of the dish. The fish is pickled in altar after eviscerated with salt, pepper and a specially-made soup for three days. And then, Miao people put some sticky rice power and sweet corn power on the fish and continue to pickle it for half a month. When the pickled fish has done, flesh of the fish is delicate and has special taste and the fishbone is softened.

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Fenghuang has many fantastic snack stalls and restaurants lining its streets. There are small hotpot, rice noodles, tofu grills, meat grills, and pickled fish in Miao ethnic style and Fenghuang pickled radish for extremely reasonable price. Night market and street is really popular in Fenghuang. The main night market of Fenghuang stretching from the post office of the county to the East Gate lies a lot of special snack stalls. Besides, Dashi Restaurant is well-known in Fenghuang County, featured pickled cabbages, dish made from lichen, preserved ham and fried wild mushroom.

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