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Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, Mooncake Festival 2022

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, Mooncake Festival 2022

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Apr. 19, 2022

In 2022, the Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on September 10th (Saturday). In 2022, Chinese people will enjoy an 3-day break from Sep. 10th to 12nd.

Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Mooncake Festival or Moon Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. It falls as early as September 8th (2033) and as late as October 6th (2025) in the next 30 years.

Year Date Public Holiday
2021 September 21 (Tuesday) Sep. 19 to 21
2022 September 10 (Saturday) Sep. 10 to 12
2023 September 29 (Friday) N/A
2024 September 17 (Tuesday) N/A
2025 October 6 (Monday) N/A
2026 September 25 (Friday) N/A

3-Day Break for Mooncake Festival 2022

Normally, Chinese people will have a three-day "public holiday" on the Mid-Autumn Festival — a normal weekend off for 5-day week workers, however...

When Mid-Autumn occurs at the end of September or early October its statutory day of public holiday is usually combined with the statutory National Day

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How long do Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations last?

The nationwide public holiday usually lasts 3 days. However, traditionally Chinese people start preparing for the festival 1 week in advance.

Many kindergartens and primary schools in China will hold celebration activities 1 or 2 days before the public holiday. The students are encouraged to make lanterns for classroom decorations, share festival stories with classmates, and/or make festival foods to share with each other.  

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also a good gift-giving opportunity. Chinese people may home-make their mooncakes or purchase them as gifts several days in advance, and then send them to their family members, friends, colleagues, or leaders during the festival. Learn more...

How is the Mid-Autumn Festival date determined?

The Mid-Autumn is celebrated on month 8 day 15 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and it always falls in September or October (ranging from about Sep. 6 to Oct. 6)

According to the Chinese lunar calendar (and traditional solar calendar), the 8th month is the second month of autumn. As the four seasons each have three (about-30-day) months on the traditional calendars, day 15 of month 8 is "the middle of autumn".

On the 15th of each lunar calendar month, the moon is at its roundest and brightest, symbolizing togetherness and reunion in Chinese culture. Families get together to express their familial love by eating dinner together, appreciating the moon, eating mooncakes, etc. The harvest moon is traditionally believed to be the brightest of the year. 

Month 8 day 15, is traditionally the time rice is supposed to mature and be harvested. So, people celebrate the harvest and worship their gods to show their gratitude. 

2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Dates in Other Asian Countries

Mid-Autumn Festival is also widely celebrated in many other Asian countries besides China, especially in those with many citizens of Chinese descent, like Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and South Korea.

The festival date in these countries is the same as in China (September 10th in 2022), except in South Korea.

In South Korea, Mid-Autumn Festival is called Chuseok, and is more like Thanksgiving. It is one of South Korea's biggest holidays, usually celebrated one day before China's Mid-Autumn Festival. In 2022, Chuseok falls on September 9th. There is a 4-day public holiday from September 9th to 12nd.

Want to share the Mid-Autumn Festival story with your family? The 3-minute video below will show you all about it.

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