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The Best 6 Enjoyable Places to Shop in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the largest and most flourishing trade center in south China. With thousands of factories all around, you can find bargains on Chinese-made products...

However, we've found most tourists and visitors don't aim to find the best bargains possible, but to have an enjoyable time while they shop. So here are the top 6 enjoyable places to shop in Guangzhou, middle range to high end, listed for your convenience with reasons to go there and transportation.

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1. Beijing Road Shopping Area

  • Best for: enjoyable retail shopping/browsing for clothing and souvenirs and dining/snacking

Beijing Road (北京路步行街) is the most popular shopping street among foreigners. It has many restaurants and is designed for tourists with more international brands. Clothing and tourist souvenirs and jewelry are the main offerings, but since it is a major tourist sight, prices are higher and it is harder to find a good buy. You'll probably think products are overpriced.

Beijing Road, GuangzhouBeijing Road, Guangzhou

People enjoy it as a pedestrian street with plenty of snacks and refreshments to buy as you browse around. Around lunch time, it gets crowded. It is easy to get to by taking the metro. The new Beijing Road Station puts tourists right there.

  • Transport: Take Line 6 to Beijing Road (北京路). Or take Line 1 or Line 2 to Gongyuanqian, take exit C, and walk straight for 2 short blocks.

2. Shangxiajiu Street

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian StreetShangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
  • Best for: night and evening outings, street snacks, and restaurants and coffee shops. Enjoyable retail shopping.

Shangxiajiu 上下九步行街: Hundreds of shops including many department stores are along this 1,200-meter street. Domestic brands are highlighted. The main goods are clothing, including Japanese and Korean clothing, and tourist items. It is known for its Cantonese restaurants and street snacks.

Overall, it is much like Beijing Road, but prices are lower, and probably for this reason, it is more popular with locals and more crowded. Also, people can bargain prices down more than in Beijing Road.

Fewer foreign tourists go there probably because it is further from the popular tourist areas of Tianhe, Haizhu and Panyu. Transport by metro takes longer with only 1 metro station near it.

Night shopping: Unlike most shopping streets in the city, this stays open to about 11:30. At night, the stores are lighted with colorful lights. The whole shopping area covers about 10 adjacent streets. At the outskirts, prices are lower. It is noisy the way Chinese like it.

Our (Half) Day Guangzhou Tour Suggestion includes Shangxiajiu.

  • Location: 10 kilometers west of Zhujiang New Town in the Huangsha Residential District
  • Transport: Take Line 1, get off at Changshou Road (长寿路), take Exit A, and walk about 500 meters (12 minutes) along Baohua Road (宝华路).

3. Tianhe Teemall: Guangzhou's Biggest Middle Price Mall

Tianhe TeemallTianhe Teemall
  • Best for: retail shopping for a great variety of middle level/luxury products at more reasonable prices

Tianhe Teemall's (天河城) huge size, one of the biggest in the province, and its central location in Tianhe (near Taikoo Mall) with two metro stations for ease of access makes it popular among foreigners. It is also especially popular with Chinese young people who like to browse around. It is unusually crowded.

What you can buy: It is not a cheap place to shop, but it is more reasonable than Taikoo. International stores include Lacoste, Zara, H&M, and Versace. Guangzhou Book Center, the largest book store in Guangzhou, is also located there.

Basement eateries: The basement level has a big selection of snacks and international food at lower prices.

  • Location: Tianhe District, 2 kilometers north of Zhujiang New City and 3 kilometers south of Guangzhou East.
  • Transport: Take line 1 or 3 to Tiyu West Road Station (体育西路) or take a bus to Tianhe (天河站) or Sports Center (体育中心). Or take the APM to Sports Center South Station.

The recommended tour: 4-Day Essence of Guangzhou and Shenzhen Tour

4. Zhujiang New Town for Luxury Malls/Towers

Guangzhou International Finance Center is lit brightly at nightfallGuangzhou International Finance Center is lit brightly at nightfall
  • Best for: enjoyable luxury shopping while sightseeing; evening outings, restaurants and coffee shops.

The Zhujiang area (珠江新城) has the best sightseeing in Guangzhou and several luxury shopping malls are amid the richest area of Guangzhou with several of the world's tallest towers and buildings. It is the most popular tourist luxury shopping area because major attractions are there and transport is convenient.

CTF Finance Center Tower/mall: The city's newest highlight that opened in 2016 is the world's 7th tallest tower. The massive structure has restaurants and an observatory on top (the city's highest and the world's second highest), and a luxury mall is at the bottom.

The IFC Tower is next to it about 200 meters away across the plaza. It is smaller than the CTF, but people enjoy the scenery from the 99th/100th floor observatory. A luxury mall is at the base and many restaurants are in the complex.

Mall of the World: One of the malls to visit is underground under the large plaza next to the IFC Tower. Its many restaurants are places to stop and relax, and the prices are lower than at the CTF or IFC.

Evening lights: In the evening, the buildings light up, and the Canton Tower is spectacular in rainbow colors. The interesting design of the Guangzhou Bridge near it adds to the scenery. Even the plaza itself is lit. As you walk across it, the panels on the ground change colors.

Luxury bargains? However, don't expect many advantages shopping for luxury products or high fashion. High tariffs in China makes Hong Kong better for that.

  • Location: a kilometer north of the Canton Tower and 4 kilometers south of Guangzhou East Station
  • Transport: Convenient - at the intersection of line 3 and line 5 and the APM (Automated People Mover) line. Zhujiang New City Station 珠江新城站 is 3 stops south of Guangzhou East.

Contact us for a bespoke Guangzhou tour, explore the "New Guangzhou".

5. China Plaza

Shopping Mall in GuangzhouShopping Mall in Guangzhou
  • Best for: retail bargain shopping for quality medium priced products such as cell phones, branded clothing, international products, and almost everything.

China Plaza (中华广场) is a popular huge mall for middle level shoppers. It isn't for luxury shopping, but it is a place for tourists to find great deals in an enjoyable, clean, and airconditioned mall. The restaurants throughout make for an enjoyable time.

Bargain prices: You can practice retail bargaining and find bargains. Numerous shops and kiosks provide competition and choice to keep prices down, and people enjoy shopping and browsing around and comparing prices.

Foreigners' favorite area: The huge cellphone and electronics area on the 4th floor is very competitive with low prices. Both Chinese brands and foreign brands such as Samsung and Nokia are available.

Bargaining tactics: China Highlights remind you not to show too much interest and not to buy too quickly. You might get a surprise of a lower price if you do not give in too quickly. Browse around and compare too, and remember to test out and check the product carefully.

  • Location: 6 kilometers west of Zhujiang and about 1,300 meters east of Beijing Road.
  • Transport: Take subway line 1, get off at Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetary (烈士陵园), and take Exit A.

What you can buy: China Plaza has 9 floors, including a basement floor:

  • Floor 8: cinema and health club

6. Taikoo: The Top Luxury Mall

  • Best for: most expensive luxury shopping, luxury brands, in the city's top luxury mall.

Taikoo (太古里) is Guangzhou's poshest mall with the most expensive luxury shopping with the top international brands for fashion, jewelry, and watches. It is posh with top price gourmet international restaurants on the roof and a Food Court offering variety and more economical prices. It is in the same complex with the Mandarin Oriental that is the top luxury hotel in the city.

  • Location: about 2 kilometers southeast of Guangdong East Station and about 3 kilometers north of Zhujiang
  • Transport: Line 3 to Shipaiqiao Station 石牌桥站

Guangzhou Shopping and Touring

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