Chuanshan Park

Chuanshan Park

By Kelly PangUpdated Nov. 22, 2021


Chuanshan Park, located in the southern suburbs of Guilin City, extends itself around Chuanshan Mountain, and covers an area of about 2 square kilometers (0.77 square miles). It is a park with pastoral landscape.


Both Chuanshan Mountain and Tashan Mountain stand inside the park, one in the east and another in the west. The two mountains are connected by a river flows in-between from north to south, and empties into the Li River. Local people call it Dongjiang River. The river magically gave birth to a small and beautiful island, on which many tourists would like to enjoy the perfect nature, climbing small hills, watching the blue river and fishing.

ChuanshanOverlook Guilin from Chuanshan Mountain

On the Chuanshan Mountain lay several unique rocks, such as Chuanshan Rock and Yue Rock (Moon rock), whereas Tashan Mountain is circulated by Dongjiang River at one side and farmhouses and field at other sides. A tower, named Foshou Tower, rises straight up on the top of it.

Chuanshan Mountain

Chuanshan Mountain has an altitude of 224 meters (735 ft) and an area of 25 hectares (0.1 square miles). It is famous for the Yue Rock (Moon Rock) located at the waist of the mountain. Nature, the creator, has shaped the rock into as perfect a circle as the moon. What is more miraculous is the hole on the rock, 9 meters high, 31 meters (102 ft) long, 13 meters (43 ft) wide and an area of 412 square meters (4435 square feet).

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Tashan Mountain

Chuanshan SunriseSunrise of Tasha Mountain

Tashan Mountain stands in the west of Dongjiang River, facing Chuanshan Mountain. It is 194 meters above sea level, with an area of 3 hectares (0.01 square miles). Ta Mountain was once part of Chuanshan Mountain some one million years before. The earth movement gradually cut off the mountain and Tashan came into being. On the top of the mountain built a seven-layer tower in the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). It is octagonal. Visitors can see a huge Buddha statue embedded in the north wall.


  • Opening time: 08: 30–17: 30 (The whole course takes about 1–2 hours.)
  • Transportation: Travelers can take No.6, No.23 and No.31 buses to get there.
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