Hangzhou Weather in August

Hangzhou Weather in August

By GavinUpdated Oct. 1, 2021
West Lake

Weather: Summer heat lingers, and the weather is still very hot and humid. The weather feels uncomfortable. The average daily high temperature is 32 °C (90 °F), and the average nightly low temperature is 25 °C (77 °F). It rains about 14 days of the month, and there is about 160 mm of total rainfall.

Watch out for extreme weather. There were a few extremely hot days with temperatures over 38 °C (100 °F) in August recently. Typhoons occasionally hit the city in August, and they bring torrential rains and high winds. The main typhoon season starts in September. Keep abreast of the current Hangzhou weather and forecast>>

Clothing: You can dress in a T-shirt and shorts on nice days. However, bring a long-sleeve shirt for air-conditioned places. On rainy days, you'll need an umbrella or rain gear, and wear waterproof shoes or sandals for wet weather.

Things to Do in Hangzhou in August

West LakeWest Lake

Enjoy West Lake: The park is 63 square kilometers (23 square miles) and is the favorite tourist attraction in the city. The lake is 15 kilometers (9 miles) around. There are walkways and benches around the lake. You can run or take an extended walk along the shore. You can rent bikes or boats, watch the entertainers, and eat at the restaurants in the West Lake (Xihu) area.

Hike or Relax at Moganshan: In August's sweltering weather, Moganshan is a place to go to. The mountain is about 1½ hour drive from Hangzhou. It has long been a favorite retreat center for both Chinese government officials and foreigners. Many villas and houses were constructed by foreigners about a hundred years ago, and some of these have been turned into hotels you can stay in. It is appreciably cooler at 724 meters (2,375 feet), and it is a place to go for hikes and relaxation in beautiful mountain scenery.

Drink Tea at the Hangzhou National Tea Museum: When the weather is rainy or simply too hot, you can step into this museum and enjoy tea comfortably. The museum doesn't have a lot of exhibits. It is meant to be a place to personally taste and learn about the various teas of China, learn about regional tea ceremonies and customs in China, and learn to make and appreciate fine tea yourself. You can buy tea and souvenirs there.

Touring Hangzhou in August

High Tourist Season

August is a high travel month, but it is less busy than the peak tourist months of the fall. Hangzhou is a popular tourist destination, so the hotels and tourist attractions are often crowded. August falls during the summer holiday season for students.

Getting around and finding satisfactory accommodations during the summer rush will test your patience. Prices are fairly high for flight tickets, train tickets, and hotel rooms, but if you want to avoid the fall travel rush of September, you can enjoy the summer weather with less crowds and lower prices. Let us use our experience to arrange a personal or group trip, find discounts, and save you time.

Recommended Tour Packages

The above are sample tours. Please feel free to let us know your interests and requirements to customize a tour for you.

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