Lamma Island's Family Walk
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Lamma Island's Family Walk

By CindyUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
Lamma Island Lamma Island's View

The Best Family Walk in Hong Kong!

The Family Walk is ideal for families with children. It might be the best walk for families in Hong Kong for the sights, beaches, and places for refreshment.

The main part of the Family Walk is a well-paved-and-markered walking path that stretches 7 kilometers across Lamma Island.

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Lamma Island

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Lamma Island is noted for not only great scenery, but for being relatively empty. It was once known as an expat enclave. What might surprise you is that there are no cars. Thankfully they are not allowed, and this really helps to make the island a relaxing and pleasant place to be.

Yung Shue Wan is the main town on the island. The population of the island is somewhere about 15,000. The bars are mainly expat bars.

Walk Description

Yung Shue Wan Lamma Winds Hung Sing Yeh / Lo So Beach Sok Kwu Wan

The Family Walk starts at one main ferry pier in the northwestern part of the island at Yung Shue Wan Village and goes across the island to another ferry pier in Sok Kwu Wan Village on the southeast part of the island. Allow extra time for a stop at the beaches.

Lamma Island Lamma Island, a good place for family walk.

Getting There: Central Pier 4 to Yung Shue Wan (½ hour)

Take the ferry from Central Pier 4 to Yung Shue Wan. Other ferries from Central Pier 4 go to Sok Kwu Wan. You can go either pier, but by starting from Yung Shue Wan you can enjoy the steep hike up to Lamma Winds when you are fresh and not at the end of your walk.

The ferry ride on the fast ferry goes to Yung Shue Wan in about 21 minutes. Enjoy the scenery of the seldom glimpsed eastern shore of Hong Kong Island.

Stage 1: Yung Shue Wan Pier to Lamma Winds (40 minutes)

Once off the boat, walk down the pier and turn right. You'll pass a post office. Continue walking down the main street for a few minutes. You'll see high-priced fruit and drinks for sale, and a variety of restaurants and bars.

A few minutes walk from the pier, as you walk along the main street, you’ll see a cross street with a big sign on a wall of the building that says "Banyan." There is also a small sign pointing to Hung Shing Yeh Beach. Turn left and follow that winding path for about 10 minutes. Big smoke stacks will come into view.

When you reach a road with the Lamma Island Police Post and signs pointing up to Lamma Winds, go left up the road for about 15 minutes. Some people may find the hike to be steep, but the reward of seeing the huge wind turbine and the scenery is worth it.

Stage 2: Lamma Winds to the Beaches

Hong Kong

The Lamma Winds Wind Turbine was built in 1982 and is capable of producing 800 kilowatts in strong winds, but it probably averages about 90 or 100 kilowatts on a normal day. Information is presented about this wind turbine and several big wind farms in China.

Go back down to the intersection of the Family Walk, and continue along the Family Walk for a few minutes to Hung Shing Yeh. You'll see restaurants fronting the beach. It is clean and the scenery is beautiful. The tall smokestacks oddly add to the charm. Though it isn’t long, it is wide. There are lifeguards on duty, bathrooms and showers. You might relax and enjoy the sea.

Walk across the beach to the Family Walk path that hugs the shore. It goes up and offers great views of the beach. Walk along the path, and around the halfway point, the seaside and empty beach views are truly good. There are no structures, but you’ll find a covered Chinese-style covered pavilion where you can rest.

Then you'll come to another path with a sign to  Lo So Shing Beach after about 30 minutes. It's 15 minutes to the beach. More secluded, more beautiful, with white sand, it is one of Hong Kong's best public beaches. It too has showers and lifeguards. There are remains of Tang Dynasty kilns.

Stage 4: Lo So Shing Beach Turnoff to Sok Kwu Wan Village (15 minutes)

Lamma Island

This last stage is easy. Follow the Family Walk downhill to and along the shore. You’ll see the town ahead of you on the waterfront. At the point where the Family Walk reaches Sok Kwu Wan's shoreline promenade, you’ll see a temple ahead and to your right.

If instead you continue into the small village, you’ll find a short row of notable Chinese seafood restaurants where you can have a memorable meal at the end of a good hike. The ferry pier back to Central Pier 4 is past the restaurants. The last ferry leaves at 10:30 pm.

Family Walk Optional Extension

A second, more - difficult circular trail starts where the Family Walk finishes, at Sok Kwu Wan Village ferry pier. This part might be too strenuous for children below the age of 11. It forms a big circle through hills and along the shore of a peninsula, taking another 2.5 to 3 hours. The walking path isn’t as wide or well maintained, and there are far fewer people.

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