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Hong Kong Christmas Shopping — What to Buy and Where for Christmas 2019

Shopping during ChristmasEnjoy Christmas shopping in China. Hong Kong has all the sparkle, minus the snow.

As an Asian shopping mecca and one of the world's centers for Christmas festivities, Hong Kong has many advantages for Christmas shopping: food, warmth, deals, fun, exotic environment — Hong Kong is the natural place to go for enjoyable Christmas shopping.

In December 2019, prices for a shopping tour are extraordinarily low. We cover luxury shopping, bargain shopping and middle-price shopping below.

  • Official Public Holidays for Christmas 2019: December 25th (Wednesday) and 26th (Thursday)

Hong Kong Travel Alert for Winter 2019/2020

Summary: While HK remains a great travel destination this Christmas, and it's now enticingly affordable, you may want to avoid the risks of inconvenience, disappointment, and physical harm, though this risk is slight if you stay away from any sign of protesting.

The Bad News First...

Travel in Hong Kong isn't as safe and convenient as in the past because, for the last half-year, there have been massive demonstrations in the whole region.

The violence and vandalism, including scattered arson, has been increasing, and tourism is way down, sometimes perhaps 60% less than previously. Groups of armed thugs have attacked protesters, passengers, and bystanders in train stations and in the streets, so now most people try to stay off the streets after dark. Streets and shopping areas may be closed, transport has been disrupted, and tear gas is often used to disperse crowds.

Many of the traditional annual Christmas events have been canceled. The events described here are the regularly scheduled events. In attempts to stop the protests, the government and businesses will probably cancel big public events.

The Cloud Over Hong Kong Has a Silver Lining...

Great bargains: This Christmas and New Years' season may be the best time in decades for touring and shopping inexpensively and without the crowds of tourists! You can find great bargains on everything from hotel rooms (up to 70% off in Tsim Sha Tsui) to fine dining to discounted shopping.

December 2019 is a particularly good time to go for low prices and to enjoy shopping for bargains as the stores try to sell their stocks of products. You can enjoy the region's world-class facilities and service at much lower prices than for decades.

Why Hong Kong is Best for Christmas

HONG KONG CHRISTMASChristmas in Hong Kong

The generally mild and sunny weather in December is an attraction for people wishing to escape frigid, dreary northern climes. It is also low tourist season, so prices and congestion are less.

It is considered one of the world’s freest economies, and the low taxes makes for price/selection advantages. You'll find deals for all budgets. The electronics, toys, and fashion markets are particularly excellent.

Hong Kong is popular for a lot of reasons, and is by far the most popular tourist city in the world. See more on Shopping in Hong Kong.

CNN named Hong Kong's WinterFest (December 1 – January 1) as one of the top 10 places in the whole world to spend Christmas. You'll see some of the world-class Christmas displays. See more on Christmas in Hong Kong.

Luxury Christmas Shopping

Hong Kong IFC Mall Apple StoreIFC Apple Store

The IFC Mall in the IFC Towers complex houses a large Apple store and Bose and Oregon Scientific for sophisticated electronics products. For fashion, there are Lane Crawford, ZARA, and Burberry and many others. There are famed jewelers such as Chopard, CARAT, Pandora, and BVLGARI.

The Landmark Mall and its boutiques are about 200 meters southeast via the Central Station underpass.

The cluster of shops includes the interlinked Prince's Building for Chanel, a. testoni, Cartier, and Ralph Lauren. Alexandra House has Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. Chater House closest to the IFC has Armani shops.

Fine Dining

The Lung King HeenThe Lung King Heen's best for Cantonese.

The IFC Towers complex houses the "6-star" Four Seasons Hotel with a 2018 Michelin 3-star Cantonese restaurant in the region called Lung King Heen and the Caprice that is one of the best French restaurants ranked 2018 Michelin 2-star. They are on our list of Hong Kong's Top Restaurants for Tourists. You can watch the evening light show and the harbor from the windows while dining.

See more on Luxury Shopping in Hong Kong.

Bargain Shopping

Unfortunately, unlike in other countries, there aren’t pre-Christmas sales with lower prices to attract shoppers. Prices actually go up. However, the malls try to attract customers through special Christmas displays, decorations, and entertainment. This year, you'll find bargains like you haven't seen in decades.

The main shopping streets are places to find bargains to compete on prices. The best places for bargain shopping are Temple Street, Sham Shui Po, Ladies Market and adjacent streets in Mong Kok. These shopping streets in Kowloon are probably the best places for the average tourist because transportation to them and between them is quite easy, and the selection is great.

  • Transport: Next to Jordan Station, Mongkok Station and Sham Shui Po Station respectively, they are a few minutes apart on Bus 7 or the MTR.
  • Tip: You can get free maps, shopping guides, tourist guides, coupons and information about promotions at the Tourism Board offices at the TST Star Ferry at Victoria Harbor and on Victoria Peak.

Temple Street for Souvenirs, Small Gifts, Cheap Clothes, and Knick Knacks

Temple StreetTourists find something endearing about Temple Street.

Temple Street, a Hong Kong shopping highlight, is a good place to shop for souvenirs in the evening and enjoy dinner. You can browse through a plethora of items ranging from inexpensive Chinese clothes to watches, children's clothing, and accessories.

  • Open hours: The street stalls begin to open about 2 or 3 pm depending on the weather, and they close about 11 pm.
  • Transport: It is a few minutes walk from Jordan MTR Station.
  • Dinner: Enjoy a meal on the street. The Chinese food is average quality, and you’ll probably have a memorable time.

The Ladies Market Area for Electronics, Clothing, Jewelry, Pets, Flowers, and Christmas Trees

Shopping at a street marketWomen and girls find fun bargains at Ladies' Market

The streets of the Ladies Market area between Mongkok Station and Prince Edward Station offer a wide variety of products at low prices. Expect crowds, small stores, outdoor stalls, and street snacks. Many stores will not give refunds, so check the products carefully for defects.

Sai Yeung Choi Street at Exit D2 of Mong Kok Station is known for cameras, lenses, computer devices, computers, and electronics.

The Ladies Market street is the next street to the west called Tung Choi Street. There are bargains on Chinese factory outlet clothing, accessories and factory rejects. You’ll see brand names such as Giordano, Bossini, and Baleno. Carefully check the articles

Fa Yuen Street is fifty meters further west with bargains on sports clothing, brand names and the latest fashion if you are prepared to search and examine carefully. Most shops only take cash, won’t make exchanges, and don’t provide fitting rooms.

Flower Market Street is about 300 meters east of Prince Edward Station. You find real live Christmas trees and about a hundred flower shops. It is off of Sai Yee Street parallel to Prince Edward Road.

Sham Shui Po for Wholesale Christmas Toys and Decorations, Electronics, Computer Devices, and Party Articles

Electronics: laptop and cellphone

Computers and electronics: The best computer and accessories deals you will generally find in Hong Kong are in Sham Shui Po. It is also where you can find repair shops for computer repairs and second-hand products. Beware of stolen goods and fake products though.

Golden Computer Center is a large electronics market for electronics bargains. Everything from blank CDs to entire computers. It is internationally famous and crowded. It is about 100 meters north of Sham Shui Po MTR Exit D2.

Wholesale Christmas decorations and toys: Besides its electronics market, what makes Sham Shui Po famous are its stores that specialize in Christmas decorations and wholesale children’s toys. If you want to buy in big lots for a Christmas party for example, this is the place to go in HK.

Fuk Wing Street about 100 meters north of Exit B2 is a treasure trove for Christmas stuff such as fake trees, tinsel, decorations, and party articles.

The area around Nam Cheong Street about 200 meters west has dozens of clothing stores and tiny shops that sell cheap kids clothing and jewelry. It is said that for Christmas decorations, you can’t beat the prices in Sham Shui Po.

  • Tip: The stores are not designed for retail shoppers, so you’ll have to rummage around and try to get the busy shopkeepers’ attention.
  • Transport: Sham Shui Po MTR.
  • Hours: Most shops open about 11 am.

Middle-Price Christmas Shopping

Clothing, Shoes, Sports Clothes and Electronics

Go to CityGate Outlets for savings on a wide selection of brand name products. The mall is across from Hong Kong International Airport. Most of the 80 or so brand name stores sell clothing, shoes, and sports clothes.

clothes shopping bags

These are quality goods, not factory rejects. Their claim is that prices are 30 to 70 percent below regular prices. You’ll see Chinese with suitcases buying products in quantity to take back to China.

There are for example: Bally, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Giordano, Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Esprit. There is also a Fortress for electronics, but it isn’t a discount store.

  • Open: generally between 11 am and 10 pm.
  • Transport: Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station. Transfer at Lai King Station. The location of the mall 5 minutes from the airport makes it convenient for tourists.


The Food Republic food court at the mall has stalls that provide a variety of international cuisine at prices around 50 to 100 HKD (6.50 to 13 USD). There are a variety of other restaurants there too.

Toys, Toys, Toys

Victoria Harbour lightsEvening view of Victoria Harbour

There is a large Toys R Us in Harbour City Mall next to the TST Star Ferry at Victoria Harbour. Children generally like the ferry ride. Toys R Us is a large toy supermarket with the latest toys and gadgets that kids like.

Harbour City is HK’s largest mall. It is considered more of a middle-price mall with 450 shops, 50 restaurants, 3 hotels, and 2 movie theaters.

If you live in China, see our Recommendations for Expats Shopping in Hong Kong.

Touring Hong Kong in Winter 2019/2020

tour Hong Kong with China HighlightsTour Hong Kong with China Highlights

Low Season: The last half of December is usually an excellent time for touring in Hong Kong. But this year, it is an excellent time for a shopping tour. The Chinese tourist crowds are much less this winter. Some Chinese tourists will arrive for Chinese New Year in January.

  • International Hong Kong flight tickets (and hotel bookings etc.) are usually higher around Christmas and New Year. Now, they are much lower, and we can help you book the transportation you need at unusually low prices, and find excellent luxury hotel accommodations at previously unheard of prices.

Our tours are developed through years of experience and customer feedback, and they are unusually low-priced this year. They can be customized to your requirements, and we have the experience to make your Hong Kong Christmas season visit wonderful and memorable.

Recommended tour ideas:

Not quite what you are looking for? Let us help you plan a personalized Hong Kong tour.

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