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How to Plan a One-Day Middle-Budget Shopping Tour in Hong Kong

To plan a 1-day mid-range shopping tour of HK, you should visit Nathan Road, Ladies Market, and Citygate Mall, and finish in Temple Street in the evening for a fine range of shopping opportunities at mid-range bargain prices.

See below for some background on HK shopping and a suggested itinerary.

What Makes Hong Kong Fantastic for Tourist Shoppers

Hong Kong Hong Kong has long been known as the world's Shopping Paradise.

It is worth shopping for in Hong Kong for clothing, luggage, jewellery, cameras and electronic goods. Excellent shops and galleries specializing in Asian art and antiques also abound.

By careful price comparison at the suggested malls and with patient bargaining skills at the street markets, you should be able to find bargains in every area of your choice.

And with our 1-day shopping tour guide at your service, you will unlock the labyrinth of Hong Kong's shopping megamart with time to spare.

Keen competition and 10,000s of sellers

With tens of thousands of stores, bustling market streets and even whole districts devoted to its most famous past-time, it's no wonder that Hong Kong has been known for years as a Shopping Paradise.

Finding something for anyone on your list is not even a task, as you will soon find there is just TOO MUCH for everyone! With so many hundreds even thousands of choices there is a real risk of total shopping overload.

But with a little experienced help visitors can navigate the urban jungle and make the most of even a single day shopping trip looking for clothing, electronics, jewelry, art and handicrafts. And if you know where to go to find the best discounted products and affordable meals you can even do it on a medium-sized budget.

China's factories are close-by, and low taxes, duties, and labor costs make for a shopping extravaganza

Hong Kong is known for having some of the world's best, and most numerous shopping malls.Landmark Mall lobby. Hong Kong is known for having some of the world's best, and most numerous shopping malls.

Because of its proximity to the world's manufacturing powerhouse in China, Hong Kong once served as the only commercial entreport to the Mainland. This has given Hong Kong a huge competitive advantage in bringing a vast array of manufactured products to market.

The streets of Hong Kong are literally overflowing with name brands, factory overruns, prototype samples, and competitive products from thousands of factories, most of which have a Hong Kong main office for design and distribution.

This overabundance of factory output has given Hong Kong two boons: an unparalleled degree of consumer choices and very competitive pricing that keeps costs low.

The lower taxes and duties also make shopping in Hong Kong advantageous compared to shopping for comparable items in Europe, Australia, Canada or America.

There is even a Shopping Festival.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board helped to set up a shopping festival that runs in the summer months, when you can especially find bargains on end-of-season fashions. 

If you are visiting from July to September the summer HK weather — hot, with downpours and typhoons — means this is a good time to shop in the air-conditioned malls.

Look for coupons and promotions at the Tourism Board offices at the TST Star Ferry and on Victoria Peak.

One-Day Shopping Tour Summary

The Ladies' Market hawker street is not to be missed!The Ladies' Market hawker street is not to be missed!

On this one-day tour, we’ll start at the famous Nathan Road's Golden Mile< and then go onto the Ladies' Market hawker street in the morning; then go on to the Citygate Outlets Mall for brand-name stores in the afternoon, and then end the day browsing through the winding Temple Street Night Market in the evening to round out the day well shopped.


  • Computers & electronics — Star House (100 meters from Star Ferry) and Ladies Market
  • Jewelry, artwork, souvenirs, assorted items — Nathan Road shops
  • Bargain shoes, clothes, accessories — Ladies' Market

Tsim Sha Tsui has the greatest concentration of independent shops in Hong Kong. The major shopping area of Nathan Road called the Golden Mile runs from Salisbury Road on Victoria Harbor to MongKok Station. You’ll find great shopping opportunities, interesting sites and attractions, and good places to eat.

You could walk the approximately two-mile distance from Salisbury Road to Mongkok Station where the Ladies' Market is in less than an hour while you see some famous sights. Or you could use the convenient bus 7 (4.2 HKD (0.54 USD)) that travels along Nathan Road or the MTR that travels under it.

Get free maps, promotions, discounts, and mall guides

To avail of very useful free maps and guide books, first head to Victoria Harbor in TST and go to the Star Ferry's Hong Kong Tourist Board office for free but valuable attraction and shopping information, promotions, and coupons. The literature is available in Chinese, Japanese and English, and they will help you plan your time, find what you want including bargains and sale items.

Transport: Walk a few minutes from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, take bus 7, or take the Star Ferry.

Start Shopping

Hong Kong Chung King Mansion main entranceChung King is a famous crowded landmark on Nathan Road.

We suggest starting to shop near the Tsim Sha Tsui Station around the famous (infamous) Chungking Mansions. You might be surprised by the throngs of tourists milling outside, including concentrations of Indians, Africans and other South Asian groups buying, selling and often hustling.

Chungking Mansions is an interesting place to visit, but we advise that you avoid shopping there unless you see a real bargain and are adept at haggling for prices. Shop for better quality and better deals at the Ladies' Market, Temple Street, or Citygate Outlets.

Caution: Be careful with your belongings. The small shops in the Miramar and Chungking Mansions have a reputation for selling fake products and substandard goods to foreign tourists.

Just across the street from the Chungking Mansions is the big iSquare Mall. It is a little pricey, but with a great assortment of stores and cinemas in its 31 floors.


Just to the right of the main door of the Chungking Mansions and up the escalator is a fast food restaurant called Cafe de Corals which is a local favorite because the service is quick, the food is tasty, portions are large and it's a clean, air-conditioned, and affordable restaurant. Chinese breakfast noodles and a drink cost about 20 HKD (2.50 USD).

Walk North

Heading away from the harbor and after only about 200 meters you'll see Kowloon Mosque that is closed to the public. Behind it is big public Kowloon Park where you can enjoy a scenic break from the urban jungle. Another 250 meters further up on the right side of the street is the Miramar Mall with about a hundred stores known for middle-priced clothes. Looking back across the street somewhat sheltered under the park boundary wall and large trees lining the street is the Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard. And 100 meters further north on the right side is the beautiful St. Andrews Anglican church building that is over 100 years old and open to the public so you can visit and rest your weary soles.

Ladies' Market

Two girls are selecting souvenirs.The dizzying array of women's souvenirs on offer in Mong Kok's Tung Choi Street is truly a wonder

Another 150 meters north is Jordon Station. You can continue shopping and walk past hundreds of stores to Mongkok or simply go directly to Mongkok via the MTR.

Sai Yeung Choi Street at Exit D2 of Mong Kok Station is known for cameras, lenses, and electronics.

The main Ladies' Market street however is the next street east called Tung Choi Street. There are bargains on Chinese factory outlet clothing, accessories, and factory rejects. You'll see brand names such as Giordano, Bossini, and Baleno. Carefully check articles for defects, holes, etc. and test all electronics carefully!

Another 50 meters further east is Fa Yuen Street with a wealth of bargains on sports clothing, brand names and the latest fashion if you are prepared to search and examine carefully. Most shops only take cash, won't make exchanges, and don't provide fitting rooms.


Hong Kong's first 'vertical mall' of 9 floors, Times Square is a prime hub of shopping in Causeway Bay!
  • Clothing, shoes, sports clothes and equipment

Go to Citygate: Take the MTR from Mong Kok to Tung Chung, via a transfer at Lai King Station.


The Food Republic food court at the mall supplies a large variety of international cuisine at prices around 50 HKD (6.50 USD) for lunch.


Here you'll find 80 different brand name outlets. These are quality goods, not factory rejects. Their claim is that prices are 30 to 70 percent below regular prices. There are for example: Bally, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Giordano, Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Esprit. There is also a Fortress for electronics, but it isn't a discount store.

Hours: Most stores are open between 11 am and 10 pm.


Temple Street market opens in the late afternoon until late evening. Temple Street market opens in the late afternoon until late evening.
  • Souvenirs, clothing, electronics
  • Cheap jewelry, artwork, handicrafts

Temple Street Night Market

Going back to Jordan Station on the MTR and walking just a few minutes west, you'll find the iconic Temple Street. This is a good place to go to end a day of shopping.

You can browse through a plethora of items ranging from inexpensive Chinese clothes to watches, children's clothing, toys and accessories.

The night market is a Hong Kong shopping highlight. The street stalls begin to open about 2 or 3 pm depending on the weather, and they close about 11 pm.


Enjoy a meal on the street. The Chinese food is average quality, and you’ll probably have a memorable time.

China Highlights' Popular Hong Kong Shopping Tours

Family Shopping in Hong KongFamily shopping in Hong Kong

According to Shopper's Survey, Hong Kong is the best city to shop at in the Asia Pacific Region. It is comfortably ahead of the other cities in their estimation with everything from entertainment and attractions to services to the quality of malls and shops to prices being among the best.

We can arrange a fine Hong Kong shopping tour for you. Just contact us for a personalized Hong Kong tour we'll design as per your tastes and requirements, and take you to the stores/markets that you like.

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