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Hong Kong Weather in October

In Hong Kong, the arrival of October announces the end of the rainy season. The weather is very pleasant with clear skies, constant warmth and more sunshine hours than September. The average low and high temperatures are 23 °C (73 °F) and 28 °C (82 °F).

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October Weather Conditions in Hong Kong

Rain & Humidity

Hong KongHong Kong

The rainfall is about 150 mm (6 inches) falling in about 7 days. The precipitation is much less than in September (over 300 mm in 15 rainy days). At the same time, the average humidity is lower.

Sunshine & High Temperature

There are more clear days in October, but the ultraviolet radiation is weaker. People still feel hot during the daytime.

Since the weather is hot and dry, sun protection and skin care measures are required. Prepare sunglasses, a sun hat, sunscreen and skin cream in advance, or just buy some in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is an international city and a shopping paradise. You have a good chance of finding your brand of skin care products in Hong Kong.

See where to shop in Hong Kong.

Although there is less possibility of heatstroke, drinking more water is still a good idea. You can easily buy some in shops or let us prepare ice water for you.


Victoria Harbour and Star FerryVictoria Harbour and Star Ferry

October is still in Hong Kong’s typhoon season, but the good news is that the possibility of a typhoon approaching is low. The average frequency of tropical cyclone occurrence is about 0.9 for the whole month, so there is little chance of encountering a typhoon.

Allergen Advice

Be aware that many flowers bloom in October in Hong Kong: golden trumpet, flamingo-lily, orchid tree, periwinkle, purple azalea, etc. If needed, use a dust mask or some medicine (both readily available at HK pharmacies).

What to Wear & Prepare in Hong Kong in October?

Summer clothes are suitable: Autumn comes late in Hong Kong, so summer clothes are still suitable. Also bring some long-sleeve clothes and a light jacket or sweater for the coolest times.

For the frequent sunny days and occasional rain, an umbrella is handy for either. Bring sun cream and a hat or just buy them in Hong Kong.

The Best Things to Do in Hong Kong in October

Sightsee on Victoria Peak

Victoria PeakVictoria Peak

The fine and clear early fall weather is a fine time to go up Victoria Peak and walk around on the paths that wind around the crown of the mountain. Many people will find summer weather too warm and humid and the winter weather too foggy, grey, and cold on the peak (554 meters or 1,818 feet) for comfort.

Hike on Lantau Island

In October, Hong Kong has a relatively dry season with sunny dry weather and nice hiking and camping temperatures. The hikes on Lantau Island are the best in Hong Kong. This island is famous for well-laid hiking paths, verdant country parkland, white beaches, traditional fishing villages, and sea food, etc.

Have Fun in Disneyland or Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean ParkHong Kong Ocean Park

Nothing can be better than to enjoy a clear day in Disneyland or Ocean Park with your kids.

Hong Kong Disneyland is in the far eastern end of Lantau Island. It is the smallest Disneyland resort in the world, but the small size makes it suitable for a day visit. The park includes a total of 7 areas. Among them, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point can only be found in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Ocean Park is the most popular theme park in Hong Kong. It is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, conveniently close to Central. It has modern thrill rides, zoo areas, and educational exhibits.

Hong Kong Events & Festivals in October

Experience the Mid-Autumn Festival

Lantern exhibitionLantern exhibition

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second biggest holiday in China. It's the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It usually falls in September, but sometimes it falls in October. It occasionally falls near the October 1 National Day holidays and becomes a part of the "Golden Week" holidays.

You can not only taste various moon cakes, but also have a chance to see magical lantern exhibitions and carnivals. There are traditional stage shows, palm readings, game stalls, lantern riddle quizzes, and many more activities. The grandest of all of these is held in Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island.

Visiting Hong Kong in October: Important Travel Tips and Popular Tours

October is in the peak travel season.

October is a peak tourist month in Hong Kong, especially during China's National Day (October 1st to 7th) and if the Mid-Autumn Festival falls in it.

During the Chinese national holidays, crowds in attractions are unavoidable. If you travel with us, we can suggest some less visited attractions for you or find you some off-beaten path to keep away from the crowds. Or you may accept this and let it be a part of travel experience.

October is one of the main months for conferences and expositions in Hong Kong. Hotels get filled up quickly and rates rise. Both airline tickets and hotel rooms may be difficult to get. It is recommended that you book flights, hotels and attraction tickets as early as possible.

Tour Hong Kong in October

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