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The Yingbin Ponds — Welcoming Guest Ponds

The Yingbin Ponds — Welcoming Guest Ponds

Written by Ruru ZhouUpdated Oct. 13, 2021
Huanglong scenic and historic interest areaThe Yingbin ('Welcoming Guest') Ponds

This is the first of the large groups of ponds in the valley and are a major highlight to see in a hike or tour. The Yingbin group of 350 greenish ponds is at the 3,230 meter or 10,600 feet level.

These ponds are called Yingbin (迎宾) meaning 'welcoming guests', as they are near the entrance of the travertine pond area of the Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area .

Yingbin Highlights

Some pools appear greenish and some appear aqua colored as you walk by. It is the third largest group of ponds after Zhengyan Ponds and Wucai Ponds. A viewing platform and pavilions for tourists are near it.

Plants and bushes grow in some of them. Some have a lot of vegetation growing in them, while others are clear as in the picture. During the spring, several kinds of flowers, butterflies, and birds attend to their beauty.

It is a spectrum of color. The pine trees add their dark green color, and a blue sky adds blue to this melange of greens and blues on the mirror surfaces. On good days, the reflection of light, trees, mountains, and snow is very colorful, and sometimes they are iridescent. Enjoy your walk to the welcoming ponds amid the amazing scenery.

Yingbin (welcome guests) to the park!

Travel Essentials

Best Season: In fall, the trees and bushes are the most colorful with yellow and red leaves. There is clearer lighting than in the summer. White reflections from snow contrast exquisitely with the colors in the water and trees. The color contrasts in this area are the most vivid in the fall with a dusting of snow.

Best Time: To better appreciate the sound of the water and the beautiful scenery, it is best to visit these pools in quiet solitude in the morning. So try to enter the park when it opens, and in the morning and walk the short distance to the ponds. The park gets more crowded around noon. The natural surround sound sensorama is best appreciated when it is quiet.

How to get there: You can see the ponds near the entrance about 200 meters from the main gate.

Open hours: 8 am to 5 pm

Ticket Price: High season, April 1 to November 15, 200 RMB per person. Low season, November 16 to March 31, 80 RMB per person.

Touring Huanglong

Shugla PassIncredible fall colors in Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou

Travel Season Information

High season: High season extends from April to the middle of November, and the particularly large numbers of tourists arrive around the major public holiday dates of May 1, October 1, and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Students and university employees arrive when school and university vacations start in early July. Schools are in term in September, so there are less tourists in early and mid September before the October National Day holidays. It is best to try to schedule around these dates.

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Recommended Huanglong Tour Packages

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