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Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

jiuzhai valley Jiuzhai Valley's beautiful scenery

Jiuzhaigou is reopened: In 2017, there was a severe earthquake in Jiuzhaigou. Though the side valleys and Huanglong Valley were little affected, Jiuzhaigou was closed and tourism dropped markedly to the whole region. In 2018, the government instituted a plan to limit visitors to Jiuzhaigou to 2,000 a day, and they reopened the park in March 2018.

Jiuzhaigou or Jiuzhai Valley is a picturesque fairyland, featuring charming natural scenery of colorful lakes, spectacular waterfalls, and mountains.

Located in the mountainous region of southwest China, Jiuzhaigou is not as built-up and busy as the tourist cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Its quiet environment and fresh air attract visitors who are eager to enjoy a beautiful and natural scenic area.

Jiuzhai Valley National Park — a Fairyland

The Jiuzhai Valley National Park is an extravaganza of natural wonders, a pure unspoiled land with waterfalls, alpine lakes, tranquil grasslands, snowy mountain views and Tibetan villages. You'll not believe the fairyland beauty of the area until you've been there and seen it for yourself.

jiuzhai valleyJiuzhai Valley in autumn

Jiuzhai Valley is particularly picturesque in autumn when the mountains, valleys and lakes are splendidly robed in autumn colors. Warm days, cool nights, and great vistas of saturated yellows, reds, and greens, reflecting off the blue lake waters, are typical of autumn here.

The park takes its role in conservation and sustainability extremely seriously, and has sister-park relationships with the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, and the Yosemite, Yellowstone and Olympic National Parks in the USA.

For a more detailed introduction, see Jiuzhai Valley National Park.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 1992 the Jiuzhai Valley National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in 1997 it was awarded the status of UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. Since then, it has received much other well-deserved acclaim.

Transportation to Jiuzhaigou

Transportation to Jiuzhaigou is relatively convenient, with flights and buses available. There are no trains, however. You can fly from Chengdu, Beijing, Xi'an, or Shanghai; or get there by long-distance bus.

Read more about Transportation to Jiuzhaigou.

Accommodation — Small Inns to International Hotels

sheratonThe Sheraton hotel outside Jiuzhai valley

Outside the park there's a range of accommodation, including 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels and international hotels such as the Sheraton, InterContinental, and others. Most hotels feature Tibetan-style houses, which are equipped with modern facilities.

Note that most hotels in the area are not equipped with air-conditioners, for the weather is cool. In winter, electric blankets are available in every hotel to help keep you warm at night. Air-conditioners are available in the high-end hotels for heating.

Possible Altitude Sickness

The altitude varies a lot in different areas of Jiuzhai Valley. For example, the entrance to the valley is at about 2,000 meters, while the airport is at about 3,500 meters.

Vulnerability to altitude sickness varies from person to person, so it's suggested you consult your doctor prior to your trip. Anyone with heart disease or high blood pressure should be careful and take precautions when traveling to Jiuzhaigou.

While there, it's advisable not to do any really strenuous exercise, or to drink wine. Keep warm and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Take some everyday medicines with you, or a small oxygen bottle just in case.

Traveling Independently vs. with a Tour Guide

jiuzhai valley Jiuzhai Valley National Park is very large.

Since Jiuzhai Valley National Park is quite far from any city center, you may easily run into difficulties with transportation and/or communication.

The park is very large with many attractions. If you travel alone, you probably need to spend more than 2 days to see the main highlights. A tour guide can help you make the best use of your time and focus on the highlights in the park. So we recommend you travel with a guide.

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