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How is the Weather in Lijiang in December

This post summarizes the weather in December in Lijiang. We offer information on the average temperatures throughout the month, as well as advice on what to wear and things to do.

Lijiang Ancient TownLijiang Ancient Town

Average Temperatures

It is cool in the day and cold at night. The average nightly low temperature is 5 °C (40 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 16 °C (61 °F). The high elevation 2,400 meters (7,900 feet) makes it feel warmer.

How Much Sun or Rain in Lijiang in December

There is an unusual 6 hours of sun in December and only about 6 days of rain or snow in the month for a total of about 6 mm of precipitation.

What to Wear in Lijiang in December

A jacket or sweater, warm shirts, and trousers are fine. It is good to dress in layers for the big temperature drop between day and night. You could sunbathe, so bring the right clothes for that.

Altitude Sickness

Be cautious about this if you have a heart or lung condition or high blood pressure. Most tourists will experience some shortness of breath and get tired quickly for a day or two, and many people use some oxygen on the mountain.

Shuhe Naxi TownShuhe Naxi Town

Things to Do in Lijiang in December

  • Wander in Lijiang Ancient Town: In December, you can tour in the city with a lot less crowding than in most of the year. You can enjoy walking around in the sunny weather to the main attractions, shop, and sample the food. 
  • Visit the Mufu Mansion: This is covered place to go on a rainy day. This building was built in its place for the landmark. 
  • Visit Shuhe and Baisha: In these two UNESCO recognized cobble stoned Naxi districts, you can enjoy the meaty dairy-rich cuisine and buy crafts products such as T-shirts and artwork with the pictorial hieroglyphic writing.

Touring Lijiang in December

It is low travel seasonin Lijiang in December. There are a lot less Chinese tourists in December than in much of the rest of the year. Foreign tourists come in on their Christmas or winter vacations. We recommend that you book your hotel room and plane/train tickets in advance.

Lijiang Ancient TownLijiang Ancient Town

Recommended Tour Packages

  • 3-day Essence of Lijiang Tour: During this tour, sightsee in the city with your guide. Go up the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and see the Baisha Murals.

Our tours are customizable, and we can tailor make a tour for you according to your interests and requirements. 

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