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How to Plan a One-Day Trip to Luoyang

Luoyang is located between Beijing and Xi'an. It boasts historical and cultural scenic spots. Many tourists may want to explore Luoyang but have limited time. Here, we will give you some recommendations for a one-day Luoyang tour. We hope this article is useful when planning your Luoyang tour.

A Suggested Itinerary in Luoyang (about 7½ Hours)

Traveling by bullet train is the most common and convenient way. There are few direct flights to Luoyang and most tourists choose high-speed rail when traveling to Luoyang. Here, we have given you a suggested itinerary based on traveling by bullet train.

Itinerary: Luoyang Longmen Railway Station – the Longmen Grottoes – Guanlin Temple – White Horse Temple – Luoyang Longmen Railway Station

If your city has direct flights to Luoyang, you can choose to travel by airplane and use this itinerary for reference as well. What you should note is that the airport in Luoyang is quite a distance from the attractions so your whole journey will take more time. It takes 40–60 minutes to get from the airport to the main scenic spots, such as the Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, and Guanlin Temple.

Morning: Arrival and the Longmen Grottoes (about 3½ Hours)

Leave your luggage at the station and head to the Longmen Grottoes (about 30 minutes away).

Luoyang Longmen Railway Station is near the Longmen Grottoes. It takes about 30 minutes to deposit your luggage there and go to the Longmen Grottoes by car. The luggage deposit office is next to the ticket office.

Alternatively, you can go there by bus. Traveling by bus takes 40 minutes longer than traveling by car. It is advisable to book a private transfer in advance to save time and for convenience. Your guide will collect you at the station.

Visit the Longmen Grottoes (about 3 Hours)

Longmen GrottoesLongmen Grottoes

The site of the Longmen Grottoes is a must-see attraction when you travel to Luoyang. Morning is the best time to pay a visit there as it is hot in the afternoon.

There are 2,300 caves and 10,000 statues built into the two mountains facing each other across a river. All these caves and statues were created between the Northern Wei Dynasty (386–534) and the Song Dynasty (960–1279). When you go there, you have to wonder how people were able to dig thousands of caves and statues in the cliffs without the use of any advanced technology and equipment.

The whole tour in the Longmen Grottoes will take 3 hours. If you are interested in these grottoes, you can spend more time there if you prefer. The whole scenic area is large and a lot of walking is required. Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is a good idea.

Afternoon: Visit Guanlin Temple and White Horse Temple (about 4 Hours)

It is about 5 kilometers (3 miles) between the Longmen Grottoes and Guanlin Temple, taking about 13 minutes by car or 40 minutes by bus. The distance between Guanlin Temple and White Horse Temple is about 20 kilometers. It takes half an hour by car or 1 hour 40 minutes by bus.

The subway station in Luoyang is under construction so the two main types of public transportation are bus and taxi. Taking a bus is time-consuming and not very comfortable as the buses can get crowded. Taking a taxi is more convenient than traveling by bus. The best way is to book a private tour. During your whole tour, you won't need to worry about transportation at all as you will travel in our private car.

Guanlin Temple (about 1 Hour)

Guanlin Temple is a temple with many stories to tell. It is used to worship a Chinese hero named Guan Yu who lived during the Three Kingdoms Period (220–280). Almost all Chinese people know him and respect him for his exploits and loyalty. Guan Yu's tomb is located in the temple's backyard. It is said that his head was buried in it. You can learn a lot of history when you visit this temple.

White Horse TempleWhite Horse Temple

White Horse Temple (about 2 Hours)

White Horse Temple is one of the most representative attractions in Luoyang. It was the first Buddhist temple in China. There is a Chinese temple, a Thai temple, an Indian temple, and a Myanmar temple. The highlight is definitely the Chinese temple. It contains five main halls and the statues inside them are precious — some are unique too.

What to Visit in Luoyang? You Can Decide for Yourself

The Longmen Grottoes, Guanlin Temple, and White Horse Temple are the top three attractions in Luoyang. Other attractions, such as Luoyang Museum, Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum, and Wangcheng Park, are also worth a tour. You can select attractions according to your interests and available time.

Meals in Luoyang

It is not difficult to find restaurants near scenic spots in Luoyang. If you are interested in trying local dishes, you can try some famous ones, such as the Water Banquet. If you have any dietary requirements, just tell your guide. She/he will recommend some nice restaurants accordingly. Read about Luoyang food and restaurants for reference.

Spend a Night in Luoyang

High-speed rail makes it convenient to travel to and from Luoyang in a day but it may be a little tiring for children and elderly people. Spending a night there and leaving the next morning is a better choice.

If you want to experience Luoyang's nightlife, you can go to Luoyang Old Town District. There are many food streets and shopping streets. You can eat local snacks and visit some souvenir shops. Alternatively, you can have a rest in your hotel if you are tired.

As for choosing a hotel, one with a high star rating in Xigong District or Luoyang Old Town is a good choice as you will benefit from better living conditions and convenient transportation. Alternatively, if you have other ideas about the hotels you would like to stay in, let us know. We are happy to help you create a wonderful tour in Luoyang.

Read more on How to Choose a Hotel in China.

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It takes up a lot of time and is energy-consuming if you travel independently in Luoyang. To make the most of your time, we recommend you take a private tour. See top 5 things to do in Luoyang for inspiration.

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