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Sanya belongs to the tropical coastal monsoon climate with very warm weather all year around. Its daily average temperature is 25 °C (77 °F) and annual rainfall is 1,279mm (50 inches). The rainy season is from June to October. Every year there are about 300 days of sunshine. Winter is very pleasant with no frost nor snow. Flowers are in full bloom throughout the year. Located on the same latitude as Haiwaii, Sanya is famed for its clear and fresh air, abundant sunshine, and fine beach; it is thus praised as the "oriental Hawaii ". Sunshine is strong throughout the year, so bring sun protection such as sunglasses, hats and sun block. Mosquito repellant is also suggested.

It is the city with the best air quality in China. According to the data of air quality collected by the World Environmental Protection Organization in 158 cities in 48 countries in 1999, the aggregative index for air and environment of Sanya ranked the first place in the country and the second place in the world, only after Havana, the capital of Cuba. It is also nicknamed the "natural oxygen bar".

Sanya is suitable for travel all year round, though the best period is from September to April. China's National Day Holiday (October 1-7) and Chinese New Year (around February) are the peak seasons when lots of people pour to Sanya for vacation; it is suggested to place tour and hotel bookings in advance. 


Spring is from March to May. It is warm, and the average temperature is at 22 °C (71 °F). Long-sleeve shirt is enough for the day, however, bring a light coat for the morning and night, when it is colder.


Summer is long from June to early-November. It is very hot and humid, with occasional typhoon. The average summer temperature is at 16 °C (79 °F), but often during the day the temperature hits 38 °C (100 °F). Wear any summer clothes such as shirts, shorts and skirts, and sun protection such as hats, sunglasses and sun block. There are T-shirts for sale at very low prices in the markets. Umbrella is also suggested.


Autumn is from mid-November to December. The temperature cools a bit, and so does the humidity. The average temperature is at 22 °C (71 °F); long-sleeve shirt and a light coat or sweater is advised for this season.


Winter is from January to February. It is warm and comfortable, and is still ideal for the beach. The average temperature of winter is 20 °C (68 °F). Long-sleeve shirt and a light coat or sweater is enough for the weather. Diving and swimming is still possible, but it is suggested that you arrange it at noon when the temperature is higher.

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