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Top 3 Lavender Gardens around Shanghai

It is time for lavender blossoms again; flowers lovers cannot miss the season! Provence is too far away, Ili is too marginal, but don't worry as Shanghai is also a great place for you to enjoy the purple sea. Here are three famous lavender gardens around Shanghai.

Shanghai Ancol Dreamland Herb Farm (上海寻梦园香草农场)

Located on the edge of Zhujiajiao, Qingpu (青浦的朱家角边), covering an area of 266,667 square meters, with 43,333 square meters of lavender fields and 12,000 square meters of cosmos fields, the herb farm has been gradually opened up. It has a great variety of lavenders, most of which is French Lavender. You can experience some interesting activities there like an outdoor barbecue and how to be "a one-day flower grower". The 300-square-meter outdoor barbecue zone is a good place for family gatherings and friends’ parties, where you can bake a special herbal meal by yourselves. The "one-day flower grower" experiential zone offers numerous seedlings and flower beds in different shapes for you to choose and plant. Under the guidance of a horticulturalist, you will enjoy the process of planting very much.

Best times to visit: June to September

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00 (from Mondays to Sundays)

Address: 2365, Shentai Road, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai (上海市青浦区朱家角镇沈太路2365号)

How to get there:
Take Huzhu’s special railway line (沪朱专线) at the People’s Square (Yan’an intersection, Puan Road, 普安路延安路口) to Zhujiajiao Station (朱家角站). Transfer to Zhujiajiao Metro Line and get off at Mojiacun Road Station (莫家村路). At the T-junction, a purple wooden board for Shanghai Ancol Dreamland Herb Farm will show you the way.

Chongming Island Zihailuyuan Romantic Garden (崇明岛紫海鹭缘浪漫庄园)

Located on Chongming Island, the third largest Chinese island, a distance of 800 meters from Dongping National Forest Park and covering an area of 133,333 square meters, Zihailuyuan Romantic Garden features “lavender aromatherapy, greenery, ecology and nature”. It is a perfect resort for returning to nature, a multifunctional combination of ecological sightseeing, vacation tours, aromatherapy, regimen and entertainment. Provence lavender, cosmos, roses, Chinese roses, lotuses and many other flowers and herbs are planted there, as if you were in a wonderland of Eden. In order to meet the needs of lovers, couples and newlyweds, some romantic scenic spots are specifically designed in the garden, such as the statue of Cupid, the statue of Venus, a wishing tree, a windmill, the ‘boat of love’ and ‘love at first sight’.

Recommended tours:

Green riding: mountain bikes are offered in Zihailuyuan. Tourists can get closer to nature by riding bikes through boulevards, lanes and flower fields, enjoying the relaxing moment.

Lavender fields : the whole area of lavender fields is more than 26,667 square meters.

Picking park: fruits and vegetables there are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so you can eat them with more reassurance. Different seasonal fruits and vegetables are offered: cucumbers, watermelons, sweet potatoes, corn, strawberries, golden melons, cherry tomatoes, green vegetables and bell peppers.

Best times to visit: June to September

Tickets: 30 yuan

Address: 2018, Beiyan Highway, Chongming County (崇明县北沿公路2018号) (Panlong Highway intersection, 蟠龙公路口)

How to get there: take Expo Line 37 to Chongming South Gate, then transfer to the Nantong Line and continue to the last station.

Barbizon Vacation Resort (桐庐巴比松米勒庄园)

It is beside the Tonglu Daqishan National Forest Park, covering an area of more than 1,200 mu. The Barbizon Vacation Resort is a uniquely large-scale French-style resort located on the national golden tourist line "Hangzhou-Qiandao Lake-Huangshan Mountain". It owns an advantageous geographical position and has convenient transportation being just one kilometer from the Tonglu exit of the Hangzhou-Qiandao Lake Highway (杭千高速桐庐出口), and two kilometers away from Tonglu County.

With an area of almost 1,000 mu of lavender, the lavender fields there are the most beautiful and most famous ones around Hangzhou. The blooms begin in the middle of May.

Apart from lavender, other flowers are also worth seeing: sunflowers, cosmos, blue and pink sages, and colorful "rainbow fields" fill the whole summer. Other activities are also held in this European style garden: potting, fishing, riding horses, archery, go-carts, bumper boats and bonfire parties. Perfect for a leisurely weekend!

Best times to visit: May to August

Address: 1088, Qishan Road, near Daqishan National Forest Park, Tonglu County, Zhejiang (浙江桐庐县大奇山国家森林公园旁奇山路1088号)