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The Top 10 Interesting Things to Do with Kids in Shanghai

Shanghai gives people an impression of tall buildings and grown-up busyness. It seems this city is not a place for kids to have fun in. However, the truth is that there is a lot for kids to explore and enjoy. For a fun Shanghai trip, consider the following kid-centric activities.

1. Have Fun at Disneyland

Shanghai DisneylandShanghai Disneyland

Going to Disneyland is a dream come true for most kids. Shanghai Disneyland Park is the first Disney theme park in mainland China. It blends the magic of Disney and unique cultural elements of China.

There are six themed lands in Shanghai Disneyland Park: Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. It's an awesome place for the family to spend a happy time together.

2. Sample Shanghai Food in an Alleyway Restaurant

Tasty Shanghai cuisineTasty Shanghai cuisine

Shanghai food features a light and refreshing flavor. Using seasonal vegetables and fresh meat, Shanghai cuisine is a healthy, tasty, and cultural adventure for you and your kids.

A wonderful way to start a day in Shanghai is to have a breakfast in an alleyway restaurant selling the ‘Four Guardians’, which are four popular snacks. Or visit an old restaurant and taste some traditional Shanghai buns. Your kids are sure to enjoy eating this grab-sized food with their hands.

Later in the day, you and your kids can go on discovering more original Shanghai food like its pork, chicken, fish, and shrimp dishes.

3. Visit a Wet Market and Make Dumplings

Learn to make dumplings in a Shanghai familyLearn to make dumplings with a Shanghai family.

Visiting one of the wet markets in Shanghai is a good way to get closer to local life. Kids may enjoy the bustling bargaining atmosphere and seeing new types of fruits and vegetables laid out for sale alongside live animals.

With us, you could buy some seasonal ingredients at a market, visit a local family, and learn to make dumplings with them. Let your kids have a try at dumpling making and then feast on a dumpling meal together.

4. Appreciate Shanghai Night Views from a Jeep

Jeep night tour in ShanghaiJeep night tour in Shanghai

To see more of Shanghai’s amazing nightscapes with your kids in a fun way, a jeep night tour is what you are looking for. Guided by your friendly and knowledgeable driver, you and your kids can discover miles more of Shanghai’s evening panoramas in a private convertible jeep.

A convertible has the advantage that you can look up and around with nothing blocking your view (but a roof is available in case it rains suddenly).

Your jeep will go through the Former French Concession, the old city, and the towering downtown riverside. The history and development of Shanghai can be enjoyed without any tiring shepherding of your kids on the busy streets with this jeep ride.

If you like the idea of this experience, check out our Shanghai Jeep Night Tour for more information.

  • Time needed: 1 hour

5. See an Acrobatics Show in Shanghai Circus World

Acrobatics show in ShanghaiAcrobatics show in Shanghai

Enjoy some of the world's best acrobatics at Shanghai Circus World (上海马戏城). It is renowned as “China's No. 1 Circus World” and an ideal place for you to enjoy a happy time with your kids.

The performances include dancing, juggling, and breathtakingly difficult stunts. Besides the acrobatics, your kids can also see the clown show, and animal performances with monkeys, lions, tigers, parrots, etc. It's much more exciting than zoo performances!

  • Show time: 1½ hours from 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday

6. Visit Pandas in Shanghai Zoo

Visit pandas in Shanghai zooVisit pandas in Shanghai Zoo.

If your kids love animals, there is wondrous variety at Shanghai Zoo. You don’t need to go to Sichuan to see pandas. Shanghai Zoo is the second largest city zoo in China, breeding and exhibiting more than 6,000 rare and precious wild animals of 400 species, including giant pandas.

  • Time needed: half a day

7. Watch Scientific Movies in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Shanghai has series of themed museums, of which Shanghai Science and Technology Museum might be the coolest for your kids.

The museum has exhibitions on nature, science, and technology, allowing your kids to learn in an exciting and interactive way. The museum has 4 theaters: 2 IMAX theaters showing documentary films and astronomical displays and 2 theaters for watching interactive movies.

  • Time needed: half a day

8. Take Photos with Super Stars in Madame Tussauds Shanghai

Madame Tussauds ShanghaiMadame Tussauds Shanghai

Madame Tussauds Shanghai has over 80 lifelike wax statues of world-famous singers, actors, actresses, and sport stars. Kids are excited to stand with their favorite stars and take fun photos. The interactive experiences, like singing, acting, and playing basketball with the stars, are also enjoyed by children.

  • Time needed: 2 hours

9. Take a Cruise on the Huangpu River

A boat ride is fun any time, but cruising a big river with the night views of the Bund and it’s 100-year-old buildings one side, and the skyscrapers of Pudong New District the other, is positively fantastic!

After a day touring Shanghai, go see the Bund at its best with a cruise on the Huangpu River with your family — an unmissable part of a Shanghai tour. This activity is great for everyone no matter what age. Take a welcome break from walking and have a short boat ride along the Huangpu River.

  • Time needed: one hour

10. Watch Glass Being Made in Shanghai Museum of Glass

Shanghai Museum of Glass used to be a glasswork factory and is now transformed into a wonderful place for your kids to admire beautiful glass objects, make glass mosaics, or walk through a glass maze.

The highlight of the museum is the traditional glass-making show. Skilled craftsmen use original tools to show how to glass objects were made before machines came along.

  • Time needed: 2 hours

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