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Suzhou Nightlife

Written by CindyUpdated Jan. 14, 2021
Suzhou Opera MuseumSuzhou Kun Opera Museum

Suzhou is not only an ancient city of thousands of years' history, but also an open modernized metropolis, so that it boasts a great varieties of traditional and modern entertainment options for different tourists. Suzhou is rich in cultural heritage, Musical performances and Kun Opera (a form of traditional Chinese opera) are popular among tourists from around the world. Folk music and dancing and six other artistic performances will provide lasting memories of Suzhou City.

Pubs or Clubs

Suzhou Pub Street - Shiquan Street (十全街)

There you can enjoy the cheaper wine, warm service, good food and pool games during your Suzhou tour. The pub is always the place for musicians and artists getting together, and performance is available in most pubs in the street. Besides the numerous pubs, the 1,800-meter Shiquan Street with ancient trees and elegant bridges is also a great place to have a walk.

Harry's Forbidden Pub 哈利的酒吧

  • Address: No.118, Qimen Road, Pingjiang District (平江区齐门路118号)
  • Tel: 0512-6754 6411
  • Average Price per person: 97 yuan


  • Address: No.158, Xinggang Street, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区星港街158号湖宾新天地A1)
  • Average Price per person: 127 yuan

Baidu Pub 百度酒吧

  • Address: No.208, Zhu Hui Road (沧浪区竹辉路208号竹辉商厦1楼)
  • Tel: 0512-6526 1999
  • Average Price per person: 169 yuan


  • Address: No.826, Panxu Road, Langcang District (沧浪区盘胥路826号)
  • Tel: 0512-6812 9999
  • Average Price per person: 113 yuan

Karaoke TVs

Qi Lin Karaoke 麒麟飚歌城

Located at No.201, Shiquan Street, Cang Lang District (沧浪区十全街201号); it is one of the most popular KTV locations in Suzhou.

Music Space 音乐空间站

Its unique design-like a space capsule-and reasonable price attract many customers.

  • Address: No.183, San Xiang Road, Jin Chang District (金阊区三香路183号)
  • Tel: 0512-6866 2700 / 68662900
  • Average Price per person: 41 yuan
  • Another Branch is in No.158, Xinggang Street, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区星港街158号) with the telephone number is 0512-6253 1996 / 6253 1997 and the average price per person is 56 yuan.

Cafés and Teahouses

U.B.C. Coffee 上岛咖啡

Front gate of U.B.C. CoffeeFront gate of U.B.C. Coffee at night

Some people who have been there are more like the environment for meeting friends rather than tasting great coffee. The average price per person there is about 40 yuan.


  • Dongda branch: No.5-8, South Street
  • Fenghuang branch: No.19, Fenghuang Street
  • Shilu branch: No.223, Changxu Road
  • Yuehai branch: No.8, Yue Hai Square, Guan Qian Street

Starbuck Coffee

It is a brand originated from the USA, and the average price per person there is about 30 yuan.

  • Huihao Branch: No.58, Shishan Road, Gaoxin District (高新区狮山路58号), and the number is 0512-6805 0858
  • Xincheng Mansion Branch: the 1st Floor of Xincheng Mansion, No.158, Xiandai Avenue, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区现代大道158号邻里中心新城大厦1楼), and the number is 0512-6288 7967

Momi Café 猫的天空之城概念书店

It is really a unique café in Suzhou. There are a lot of postcards for customers' choices. The most special is the hand painted Suzhou maps with version both in English and Chinese in the 1st floor, it is said that the map was drawn by the shopkeeper after he travel all over Suzhou in person.

  • Address: No.25, Pingjiang Road, Pingjiang District (平江区平江路25号)
  • Tel: 0512-6755 7912
  • Average Price Per Person: 20 yuan
  • There is a branch in No.49, Xiatang Area, Tonggui Bridge, Shantang Street, Jinchang District (金阊区山塘街通贵桥下塘49号), with the telephone number is 0512-6556 5221 and the average price per person is 22 yuan.

Teahouse is always a quiet place, so is the teahouse in Suzhou. The ancient culture of Suzhou gives the teahouses in Suzhou more peace and elegance.

Bi'an Teahouse 彼岸茶馆

  • Address: No.36, Wenhua Block, Pingjiang Road, Pingjiang District (平江区平江路历史文化街区内36号)
  • Tel: 0512-6729 9881

Qiantang Teahouse 钱塘茶人

  • Address: No.793, Shiquan Street, Langcang District (沧浪区十全街793号)
  • Tel: 0512-6530 0001

Golf Courses

Taihu Lake Golf Club 太湖高尔夫俱乐部

  • Address: No.68, Hubin Road, Taihu Lake Holiday Resort, Wuzhong District (吴中区太湖旅游度假区湖滨路68号)
  • Tel: 0512-6598 3584 / 6621 8888

Jinji Lake Golf Club 金鸡湖高尔夫俱乐部

  • Address: No.2, Guobin Road, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区国宾路2号)

Guangming Golf Club 光明高尔夫俱乐部

  • Address: No.128, West Huanzhen Road, Zhouzhuang Town, Kunshan City (近郊昆山市周庄镇环镇西路128号). Notice: Kunshan City is a county-level city in Suzhou)
  • Tel: 0512-5720 3888

Tennis Courts

Guangda Tennis Court 光大网球馆

  • Address: No.183, Sanxiang Road, Jinchang District (金阊区三香路183号体育中心综合健身馆2楼)
  • Tel: 0512-6862 0999

Junyi Tennis Club 君逸网球俱乐部

  • Address: No.528, Xinghai Street, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区星海街528号星海国际广场体育休闲中心4楼)
  • Tel: 0512-7251 8777

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