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The Top 9 Theme Parks in China

Nowadays, theme parks have become an increasingly popular travel destination in China. With the booming development of theme parks in China, in addition to China's domestic companies, lots of international companies have also chosen to invest in theme parks, such as Universal, Disney, etc. If you are traveling with the entire family, a theme park is a nice place to visit for fun family activities.

Faced with so many theme parks, you might want some recommendations and help choosing a suitable one for you to have fun at. To help you, we have researched and selected the top 9 theme parks and amusement parks in China and outlined what they offer and other useful details.

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1. Universal Beijing Resort — Immerse Yourself in a Movie World

Universal Studio BeijingUniversal Studio Beijing

Open: 9:00am–9:00pm

Entry: There are four kinds of tickets for a one-day tour in the park. Prices start from CN¥418 (US$65). As the most popular theme park at present, its tickets are sold out very quickly. It is suggested to book entry tickets around a month ahead, click here to make a reservation.

Universal Beijing Resort is the fifth Universal Studios theme park of NBCUniversal (Comcast). Full operation started on September 20, 2021.

In Universal Beijing Resort, you can immerse yourself in a real movie world. Get in amongst the film-making process, unlock the mysteries of film's special effects, review highlights from classic movies, and experience the top Universal rides.

Universal has been rooted in the film industry for over 100 hundred years. Lots of famous movies were produced, such as the Harry Potter series, Transformers series, and Minion Land series. Universal Beijing Resort was built based on these popular movies.

It features seven themed worlds: Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Transformers Metro Base, Kung Fu Panda Land, Hollywood, WaterWorld, Minion Land, and Jurassic World Isla Nublar.

Special Tickets

Theme parks in China are becoming more and more popular. They are always full of people, especially on public holidays, and it will take over 2 hours in a line for a popular ride sometimes. Addressing this situation, Universal Beijing Resort also provide special tickets to people who prefer to pay more to avoid queuing so long:

  • Universal Express CN¥500 (US$77) allows express access to participating rides and attractions and priority seating at selected shows.
  • Universal Studios Beijing VIP Experience CN¥1,200 (US$186): You will be escorted by a personal tour guide and pampered like a star. Receive priority access to attractions in addition to the other benefits. This is the ultimate way to experience all that Universal Studios Beijing has to offer.

(Prices may vary depending on the date.)


The resort has two hotels: NUO resort hotel and The Universal Studios Grand Hotel. Prices are from CN¥1,500 (US$230) a night. There are other hotel options nearby. Contact us for more about hotels.

Getting There

Address: Universal Beijing Resort, Li Yuan Zhen, Tongzhou District, Beijing

By subway: Take Line 7 to Universal Resort Station (环球度假区站) and leave from Exit B

You can send us a quick inquiry for a private tour. It takes about 1 hour from the downtown area to the resort.

2. Shanghai Disneyland Park — a Unique Blend of Disney Magic and Chinese Culture

Desiney Fireworks ShowDesiney Fireworks Show

Open: 8:30am–9:30pm

Entry: There are four kinds of tickets for a one-day tour in the park. Prices start from CN¥435 (US$67). There is a 25% discount for children between the ages of 3 and 11 years or between the heights of 1 and 1.4 meters as well as seniors aged 65 and above, and guests with disabilities.

Shanghai Disneyland Park is the second Disney theme park in China, which blends the magic of Disney and the unique cultural elements of China. In the park, you can meet many familiar cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, and Buzz Lightyear. You will embark on a magical journey through various themed lands filled with world-class attractions and spectacular entertainment.

Shanghai Disneyland Park includes six themed lands: Mickey Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.

Top Things to Do in Shanghai Disneyland Park

  • Tron (Light Cycle Power Run): This is a motorbike-style roller coaster with a speed can reach 60 miles per hour. The lifelike light and shadow effects make you feel like you are entering the virtual world of e-sports, while riding a cool motorcycle at high speed.
  • Camp discovery — Challenge Trials: A thrilling elevated rope course giving you three options to traverse the terrain of Roaring Mountain. This hands-on attraction will give you a feeling of tree climbing, rope swinging, and adventure courses in general.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Battle for the Sunken Treasure): With the magnetic ride system and huge screen, the naked-eye 5D effects make you feel like you are following Captain Jack's adventure. From the sea's surface to the seabed, from Mermaid Island to the Monster of the North Sea, the scenes are so vivid and exciting.
  • Soaring Over the Horizon: With naked-eye VR technology, you will "fly" from Adventure Isle over Earth's iconic landmarks, cities, and natural attractions.

See more on Shanghai Disneyland >>>


Toy Story Hotel and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel are two themed hotels in the resort. Prices start from CN¥1,300 (US$200) a night.

Getting There

Address: 310 Huangzhao Road, Chuansha Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai

By subway: Metro Line 11 between North Jiading, Huaqiao, Anting and Disney Resort stations operates seven days a week from early morning to late at night.

You can also contact us for a private car service. It takes about 1 hour from downtown Shanghai to Disneyland Park.

3. Flying Kiss Theme Park in Wulong, Chongqing — a Special Place to Experience Romance

The Flying KissThe Flying Kiss

Flying Kiss Theme Park is a newly built (2020) entertainment facility in Wulong Baima Mountain Scenic Area Zone. Its feature ride is composed of two giant moving statues — 52 meters (170 feet) high: a 'Prince Charming' and a fairy woman. Located at a cliff that overlooks a Yangtze tributary from more than 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) above it.

The Ride

Riders experience, in the beginning, two giant figures bent down to the platform with the observation decks in their outstretched hands. They then board one of the rotating observation decks.

Then the statues stand gradually bringing riders to a height of 52 meters where they can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole scenic area. Eventually, the statues meet with their faces close together at the climax of the ride in a gesture that's supposed to represent the kiss.

If you are lovers or a couple, it is suggested to ride separate statues to experience the romance.

Getting There:

Address: Baima Mountain Scenic Area, Wulong District, Chongqing

There is no train or bus available from Chongqing to the park. Contact us for a private transfer service. It takes about 2½ hours from downtown Chongqing to Flying Kiss Theme Park.

Contact us to tailor-make a special tour of Wulong or Chongqing including Flying Kiss Theme Park.

4. Ocean Park Hong Kong — The First World-Class Theme Park in Hongkong

Ocean Park Hong KongOcean Park Hong Kong

Open: 10am–6pm

Entry: Prices start from HK$298 (US$38)

Ocean Park Hong Kong is the largest theme park in Hong Kong by area. It has modern world-class thrill rides, state-of-the-art aquariums, and zoo areas for both land and aquatic animals. This is a place for all ages to enjoy with shows, entertainment, souvenir shops, and educational exhibits in scenic parkland.

Ocean Park consists of two main attraction areas: The Waterfront and the Summit, subdivided into eight attraction zones: Amazing Asian Animals, Aqua City, Whiskers Harbour, Marine World, Polar Adventure, Adventure Land, Thrill Mountain, and the Rainforest.

In addition, Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong — the all-year-round seaside fun park — has been newly opened to the public on 21 September 2021. It features 27 indoor and outdoor attractions suitable for guests of all ages. You can take a walk along the seafront or jump straight into the fun and safe water play zone with water jets, tunnels, slides, and more. Join the Torrential River with hair-raising water slides and Thrill Valley with freefalls and what Ocean Park describes as "extreme" slides if you are thrill-seekers.

Top Ocean Park Attraction Recommendations:

  • Aqua City: Explore the myriad forms of aquatic life including sea cucumbers and starfish and view coral reefs at the spectacular Reef Tunnel. Visitors can get up close to some 5,000 fish from over 400 species.
  • Thrill Mountain: This area has some world-class thrill rides, such as the Hair Raiser — a floorless rollercoaster and Whirly Bird — a chair swing ride that soars 30 meters into the air.
  • Amazing Asian Animals: Giant Panda Adventure is the outstanding highlight. You can see rare animals including giant pandas, red pandas, and Chinese giant salamanders.
  • Marine World: Watch lively shows of dolphins and sea lions doing stunts in Ocean Theatre. View extraordinary vistas of the South China Sea from a 360º gently rotating viewing room that is located 72 meters (236 feet) above the ground.
  • Polar Adventure: It is special for its quality and content, since you won't usually find such Arctic and Antarctic animals in zoos (in Asia), such as walruses, spotted seals, and several penguin species.

See more on Hong Kong Ocean Park>>


Ocean Park Marriott Hotel would be an ideal place to stay for your Ocean Park visit. It is right at the doorstep of Hong Kong Ocean Park. Prices start from HK$1,650 (US$256).

Getting there:

Address: 180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

By subway: Take the South Island Line and get off at Ocean Park Station, using Exit B.

You can also contact us for a private car service. It takes about half an hour from Tsim Sha Tsui to Ocean Park.

5. Hong Kong Disneyland — The First Disneyland in China

Disney Flights of Fantasy ParadeDisney Flights of Fantasy Parade

Open: 10am–8pm

Entry: There are regular day tickets and peak day tickets. Prices start from HK$639 (US$80)

Hong Kong Disneyland was the first Disneyland built in China. It is conveniently close to Hong Kong International Airport.

Disneyland is a special attraction for children, Disney's cartoon characters are all there. It is a fairy tale world in children's minds. In addition, many adults also have fairy tales in their hearts. Disneyland is a place that is suitable for everyone who likes fairy tales. There are many enjoyable performances and shows, rides, entertainment facilities, souvenir shops, and restaurants in a scenic hillside and ocean setting.

The park consists of seven themed areas: Main Street, U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land, hosting various themed, rides, shops, restaurants, and live entertainment, giving you an immersive experience. Grizzly Gulch is unique to Hong Kong Disneyland — don't miss it!


Hong Kong Disneyland's small size makes it generally suitable for a day visit. (It is the smallest Disney theme park), so unless you wish to have an overnight stay in one of their luxury hotels, it isn't necessary to get a ticket for more than a day.

There are two luxury hotels to choose from, Hong Kong Disneyland Park Hotel and Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. Prices start from CN¥1,800 (US$280).

Top Things to Do in Hong Kong Disneyland:

  • Hyperspace Mountain (Tomorrowland): It is an indoor roller coaster, which is also one of the most stimulating rides in Disneyland. Immerse yourself in the classic battle scenes of Star Wars and embark on a super-speed Star Wars journey!
  • Festival of The Lion King (Adventureland): It is a live show adapted from the Disney classic cartoon — The Lion King. Featuring Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa, you will experience a musical extravaganza with acrobats and fire dancers.
  • Fantasy Gardens (Fantasyland): You may meet your favorite Disney characters. There are five viewing pavilions with different themes. You can take pictures with many Disney cartoon characters.
  • Mickey's Philhar Magic (Fantasyland): It is a 3D movie starring many favorite Disney characters. You will feel like the cartoon characters in the movie are right there in front of you.

Read more on Disneyland Hong Kong >>

Getting there:

Address: 180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong.

By subway: Take the South Island Line and get off at Ocean Park Station, Exit B.

You can also contact us for a private car service. It takes about half an hour from Tsim Sha Tsui to Ocean Park.

6. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom — The World's Largest Marine Theme Park

Chimelong Ocean KingdomChimelong Ocean Kingdom

Open: 10am–7pm

Entry: There are Weekday Tickets and Special Day Tickets (special days include all Chinese public holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and theme days in the park). Prices start from CN¥395 (US$61).

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is the world's largest marine theme park, twice the size of Hong Kong Ocean Park. This park is a children's favorite. It has the world's largest aquarium with all kinds of marine life. Besides, it also has several world-class rides, such as one of the world's longest roller coasters.

Prepare to be amazed by its eight themed areas: Ocean Avenue, Dolphin Cove, Amazing Amazon, Ocean Beauty, Polar Horizon, Hero Island, Mount Walrus, and Hengqin Ocean. They have high-quality amusement rides, entertainment, hotels, and theater facilities.

Top Things to Do:

  • Explore the Whale Shark Exhibit Aquarium: It is the largest aquarium in the world, which contains 22.7 million liters of water (9 Olympic swimming pools full), it is home to whale sharks, manta rays, and many other species. It is park's landmark and most popular place.
  • Immerse yourself in 5D Castle Theatre: This theatre is a children's favorite, which features a 13-minute animated film called "Kaka's Great Adventure". The huge movie screen with dynamic seats gives you a realistic experience of high-altitude flying and deep-sea stealth diving! 
  • Experience the Parrot Coaster: It is a winged coaster ride. It is a must-do once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventure-loving families. The 1,300-meter-long (0.8-mile-long) coaster reaches speeds of 108 km/h (67 mph) on its way, you will experience the feel of zero-gravity and force.
  • Watch the Dolphin Show: This performance is performed by several dolphins. They perform a moving musical with a team of actors and trainers that demonstrates the harmonious coexistence of humans and animals. It is a must-see performance at the Ocean Kingdom.


There are two animal-themed hotels in the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom: Chimelong Penguin Hotel Zhuhai and Chimelong Circus Hotel (Zhuhai Ocean Kingdom). Prices start from CN¥1,000 (US$155)

Contact us for booking accommodation in the resort or nearby.

Getting there:

Address: Changlong Avenue, Dahengqin Island, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai

Public transportation: From Guangzhou, take a high-speed train from Guangzhou South Station to Gongbei Station in Zhuhai (about an hour). Then take bus K10 to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom from Zhuhai Gongbei Border Bus Station (about 40 minutes, only CN¥3).

Or you could contact us for worry-free private transportation.

7. Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park — Discover Rare Animals from Across the World

Chimelong Safari ParkChimelong Safari Park

Open: 9:30am–6pm

Entry: There are Weekday Tickets and Special Day Tickets (special days include all Chinese public holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and theme days in the park). Prices start from CN¥300 (US$45).

Chimelong Wildlife World is known as "the most international-level wildlife park in China". It is the largest wildlife theme park with the largest animal population in the world. It is home to over 500 species and 20,000 rare animals, such as koalas, pandas, orangutans, and anteaters.

Chimelong Wildlife World is divided into two major parts: the self-driving tourist area and the walking tourist area. In the self-driving tourist area, you can take a car inside it to get a close-up view of the wild animals. The walking tourist area has wildlife that you can get close to without so much risk of harm: you may even have the opportunity to feed some of them and take pictures with them.

Top Things to Do:

  • Taking the sightseeing train: Taking the sightseeing train across the self-driving tourist area, you can see lots of larger and more dangerous animals from all over the world.
  • Cable car sightseeing: Taking the cable car to have a panoramic view of the park and look at all the wildlife from a different angle.
  • Explore the Giant Pandas Centre: As China's 'national treasure', pandas are the most popular animal in China. There are more giant pandas in Chimelong than anywhere else outside of Sichuan.
  • Chimelong International Circus: It is performed at 7:30 pm and is always a must-do after a Chimelong Safari Park visit. It features world-class acrobatics and animal acts, the unusual performing animals put the show in a class of its own. The price is CN¥350 (US$55) per person.


Chimelong Panda Hotel and Chimelong Hotel (Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park) are two popular themed hotels in the resort. Prices start from CN¥700 (US$105)

Getting there:

Address: Hanxi East Avenue (G105), Panyu District, Guangzhou

By subway: Take line 3 or 7 and get off at Hanxi Chimelong Station, using Exit D/E.

Or you could contact us for worry-free private transportation. It takes around a 1-hour car ride from downtown Guangzhou.

8. Beijing Happy Valley — One of the Most Famous China Amusement Park Chain

Beijing Happy ValleyBeijing Happy Valley

Open: 9:30am–10pm

Entry: CN¥299 (US$50)

Happy Valley is an amusement park located in eastern Beijing. It features distinctive landscapes and themes throughout the resort along with rides, recreation facilities, performances, and games within the different themes.

Whether you like roller coasters, drop towers, swings, or carousels, there are rides for all ages. For theater fans, the romance and anguish of the Golden Mask Dynasty Show at the OCT Theatre is sure to impress.

The park consists of seven themed areas: Atlantis, Dessert Kingdom, Aegean Sea, Firth Forest, Lost Maya, Happy Time, and Shangri-La.

Top Things to Do:

  • Extreme Rusher: It is an air catapult roller coaster. With a high speed that is equivalent to a F1 racing car, the roller coaster will rush straight down from 20 stories high in the air. You will feel the sensations of soaring, diving, flipping, and weightlessness during the ride.
  • Sun God Car: One of the largest pendulums in Asia, it stands over a lake. With Six asynchronous motors, it can lift you 15 stories up in the air instantly.
  • Flying over the Aegean Sea: Sit in the 4D dome cinema. The seats rotate according to the contents of the movie, you can get a lifelike experience of flying over the Aegean Sea.

Read more about Beijing Happy Valley>>

Getting there:

Address: (Happy Valley Park) Houfengqiao South, East 4th Ring Road South, Chaoyang District

By subway: Take Line 7 of the Beijing Subway and get off at Happy Valley Scenic Area Station, Exit B/C.

We can tailor-make you a China tour to include a stop at Happy Valley, no matter whether you're traveling with your family, in a group, or solo.

9. Songcheng Theme Park in Hangzhou — Experience the Glory of the Song Dynasty

The Parade in SongchengThe Parade in Songcheng

Open: 10am–5:30pm

Entry: adults CN¥300 (US$46)

Songcheng Park is one of China's top theme parks. It is unlike the others because there are no big rides or huge aquariums. It is a big park built on the theme of the Song Empire (960–1279) with big theatrical acts, medieval-style buildings, performances, restaurants, and stores meant to show what life was like at that time about 800 years ago. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hangzhou.

The park consists of three areas: Performing Songcheng, High-Tech Songcheng, and Cultural Songcheng. With a variety of performances and a series of old era buildings, it displays the urban landscape and people's living conditions in the Song Dynasty period.

Must-Do in Songcheng

  • Watch the show "Romance of the Song Dynasty": It is a large spectacular show that is based on the historical stories and ancient myths of Hangzhou city, featuring dancing and acrobatics.

Getting there:

Address: 148 Zhijiang Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou

By subway: From Hangzhou East Station, take line 4 to Shuichengqiao (12 stops), using Exit A, then it's 5 stops on bus 308 from Min'anyuan (民安苑) to the Songcheng (宋城) stop. It takes about a hour in total.

By bus: take bus 4, 39, 121, 189, 190, 202, 287, 308, 314, 318, 354, 439, or 1400, and get off at Songcheng (Song Dynasty Town) Station

Contact us to tailor-make your tour to include a stop at Songcheng Theme Park.

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