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Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Hong Kong Disneyland Park is the smallest of the world's Disneyland resorts with an area of about 1.1 square kilometers or about 280 acres.

As the fifth park built in the mode of Disneyland and the eleventh Disneyland theme park in the world, it is the first one to take the Californian Disney park's design (including Sleeping Beauty Castle) as its base. On entering the park, you will be captured by the feeling of being in another world with countless excitement and adventures.

  • One of Hong Kong's two large theme parks
  • The smallest Disneyland in the world
  • Great place for family tours
  • Located on Lantau Island, which mostly consists of parks, peaks, some empty beaches, and coastline — an ideal place to go for outdoor recreation

Highlights You Won't Want to Miss

Hong Kong Disneyland ParkHong Kong Disneyland Park

There are seven theme areas in Hong Kong Disneyland Park: Main Street, USA; Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. All of them are lots of fun and a wonderful experience.

1. Main Street, USA

On Main Street, USA, you can enjoy the typical old architectures from America and all kinds of classic antique cars, as well as taste the delicious food from both Western and Eastern countries.

2. Adventureland

In Adventureland, traveling along several wide rivers, through the extensive African grassland, in the mysterious Asian forest, and across Taishan Island, a brave pilot will lead you to explore the wonders and secret, remote scenes that nature has to offer. 

3. Grizzly Gulch

The themed land resembles an abandoned mining town called "Grizzly Gulch", set amidst mountains and woods. You can dash in and out of twisting caverns and rumble through Grizzly Gulch aboard a speeding mine train.

4. Mystic Point

It is set in 1909 at an adventurer's outpost that was established in 1896 in a dense, uncharted rain forest surrounded by mysterious forces and supernatural events. The site features Mystic Manor, the home of Lord Henry Mystic – a world traveler and adventurer – and his mischievous monkey, Albert.

5. Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land is themed using bamboo to act as giant blades of grass surrounding the area. You can meet and greet some of your favorite toys from the Toy Story movies.

6. Fantasyland

Fantasyland is a fairy-tale world full of happiness from your dreams, featuring the beautiful and kindhearted Snow White, lively little flying elephants, and cute and naive little Winnie Bears — all the characters from tales that give you happiness and pleasure.

7. Tomorrowland

In Tomorrowland, you can experience a thrilling trip in outer space and explore the endless universes.

Touring Activities

Hong Kong Disneyland ParkHong Kong Disneyland Park
  • Enjoy the rides and the fantasy park.
  • Relax in the resort facilities.
  • Hike and enjoy the outdoors on the nearby mountain trails and beaches.
  • Go to the Inspiration Lake Resort Center for strolls in the park, exercise, and fun on the water.

Other Facilities

At the Hong Kong Disneyland Park Hotel and Disneyland Hollywood Hotel, you can enjoy both the fairy-tale world and movie world, and be surprised by Disney characters here and there.

The Best Time for a Visit

The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to early December, when the weather is sunny, cool, and pleasant. Try to avoid Chinese public holidays, such as National Day (October 1st to 7th). It is recommended that you start your day early so as to avoid the crowds.

Travel Essentials for Planning a Trip


Hong Kong Disneyland Park is on the western side of Lantau Island and is about 12 kilometers away from Hong Kong International Airport.

How to Get There

There is a special MTR line that was made especially for the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort to connect the resort with Hong Kong International Airport and Tung Chung Station that serves it. Tung Chung Station is the terminus for an MTR line that connects the airport to the city.

The special MTR line is distinctive because there are only two stations on it, at Sunny Bay and the resort, and because the cars have Disney décor with Mickey Mouse windows.

The special line makes traveling both convenient and quick. Passengers taking the Airport Express can access the Disneyland resort by changing to the Tung Chung line at Tsing Yi Station, and alighting at Sunny Bay Station for the Disneyland resort line.

From Hong Kong Station, under the tall International Finance Centre that is between Man Cheung Street and Harbour View Street, take the Tung Chung MTR and get off at Tung Chung Station. The journey takes about 35 or 40 minutes. Then walk over to Sunny Bay Station and get on the Disney line.

Opening Hours

10:30am to 8:30pm. During holidays, the park hours may vary.


Ticket General Admission (ages 12–64) Child (ages 3–11) Senior (ages 65+)
1-Day HK$539 HK$385 HK$100
2-Day HK$739 HK$525 HK$170

What You Should Know

Travel Brochures

Before entering the park, you can take some travel brochures, such as Park Guidance and Activity Arrangements, from the customer service center at the left side of the entrance, which may help you to arrange your time and activities.


Hong Kong dollars and renminbi are accepted in the park, and if you need to change some money you can do it at the customer service center. VISA, American Express, MasterCard, JCB, and UnionPay cards are also accepted in the park.

Sun Protection

You'd better take a sun umbrella, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the UV rays as there are only a few places offering shade in the park.


There are smoking areas and non-smoking areas in the park — you should ensure you use the right ones because the fine may be as high as HK$5,000.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lantau Island: It is Hong Kong's biggest island and is sparsely populated, and it has some of the most popular trails in Hong Kong including one nearby called Lantau Trail that goes to the top of Lantau Peak.
  • Ocean Park: It is on the southern shore of Hong Kong Island, and it is the most popular theme park in Hong Kong.
  • Victoria Peak: As the highest peak on Hong Kong Island, it is the best spot to have a bird's-eye view of Victoria Harbour.

Tour Disneyland Park with China Highlights

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