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Visa-Free Chinese Cities

Getting a visa to go to China can be a hassle. Now you can go to several of China's biggest cities and popular tourist destinations, travel around them, and leave within 72/144 hours without a visa. If you just want to visit a friend or see sights in one city for a couple of days, this is an ideal way to go. 

Good news: Travellers enter China at selected cities with China Highlights can benefit from our "Hassle-Free Visa". Provide us a photo of your passport and we will handle your visas. Click to see details

Cities with 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit Policy

[Since December 1, 2019, the visa-free stay for eligible foreigners at Xi’an and Chongqing has extended from 72 hours to 144 hours.] There are links below for visa-free travel in these cities.

China Cities with 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit PolicyClick to enlarge.
  • Beijing
  • Xi'an 
  • Shanghai
  • Hangzhou (Zhejiang) 
  • Nanjing (Jiangsu) 
  • Tianjin
  • Xiamen
  • Liaoning (Dalian & Shenyang) 
  • Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Jieyang (Guangdong)
  • Kunming
  • Chengdu
  • Chongqing
  • Wuhan
  • Qingdao
  • Hebei (Shijiazhuang & Qinhuangdao) 

See details about 144-hour visa-free transit policy.

Cities with 72-Hour Visa-Free Transit Policy

Cities with 72-Hour Visa-Free Transit PolicyClick to enlarge.
  • Harbin
  • Changsha
  • Guilin 

See details about 72-hour visa-free transit policy.

Use your visa-free time well! What might you be able to do in up to three days? The possibilities are endless. Here we first feature the top seven visa-free cities in China for business/tourism with recommendations for tourists and business people.

1. Beijing

Tiananmen Square in BeijingTian'anmen Square in Beijing

Historic capital of recent empires and the modern capital Beijing has the best historical sights in China: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and many more.

2. Shanghai

Skyline in ShanghaiThe skyline of Shanghai

Mainland China's financial and trade capital was once a foreign colonial enclave.

You can see both modern attractions in Pudong like the world's second-tallest building, and charming old-Shanghai areas, like the Bund and the French Concession.

3. Xi'an

The Terracotta ArmyThe Terracotta Army

Probably China's greatest ancient capital, Xi'an served the Qin, Han, and Tang dynasties in China's golden days, from over two millennia ago. 

The Terracotta Army is a must-see, and the city is full of ancient architecture. 

See more on Xi'an 144-Hour Visa-Free Travel.

4. Guilin

The Li RiverThe Li River

There's so much to do in Guilin that a 6-day visa-free policy is in the pipeline!

Take a day or two in resort-like Yangshuo or the Longji Rice Terraces, see (and climb) the startling hills and scenery of the city, see ancient towns, and don't forget to cruise down the idyllic Li River.

5. Chengdu

Giant Pandas, Chengdu Giant pandas in Chengdu

Chengdu is the gateway to China's southwest, and tourists enjoy the pandas and the historical sites. For history buffs, there are new museums about a once forgotten and recently discovered ancient civilization at Sanxingdui.

6. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is more of a business area than a tourist city. You might like to take an evening river cruise, or escape the city confines on White Cloud Mountain.

Guangzhou night viewThe night view of Guangzhou

The Guangzhou visa-free policy includes all of Guangdong Province, so, for example, you could also travel to Shenzhen or Zhuhai for beaches. 

7. Chongqing

On a visa-free stay in Chongqing, you won't be able to go on a Yangtze cruise ship outside the city limits, but you can shop and dine and see the river at Ciqikou Old Town. See more on Chongqing 144-Hour Visa-Free Travel.

Take a Visa-Free Transit Tour with Us

Touring Shanghai with China HighlightsTouring Shanghai with China Highlights

A 144-hour visa-free tour to China has become a reality. We can customize a tour for you to make the most of your time. Just let us know your interests and requirements.

Here are our most popular Shanghai and Beijing area tours, for inspiration:

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