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5 Elements Analysis for Monkey Year People

Five Elements Gold Monkeys Water Monkeys Wood Monkeys Fire Monkeys Earth Monkeys
Year of Birth 1920, 1980 1932, 1992 1944, 2004 1956, 2016 1908, 1968
Personalities smart, confident smart, quick-witted lively, compassionate ambitious, adventurous optimistic, fearless
Monkey - Chinese Zodiac Signs

Gold Monkeys (1920, 1980)

Monkey sign people with the Gold element are smart, quick-witted and confident but also irritable and stubborn, and they have entrepreneurial talents.

They are rather naughty in life, often playing tricks on others to capitalize on their cleverness, and they sometimes become the victims of their own cleverness.

Gold Monkeys are able to deal with issues with high proficiency and are therefore prone to success by making full use of good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations.

Gold element Monkey year people often make themselves unpopular among their communities and, as a result, should improve their interpersonal relationships with their bosses and colleagues. 

They should particularly avoid being too pushy with their colleagues and subordinates, otherwise they will be powerful yet isolated.

Water Monkeys (1932, 1992)

Monkey sign Water element people are smart, quick-witted, fond of being in the limelight, and are born to be leaders.

However, they often humiliate others with their haughty temper, which often results in them being hated by others, causing trouble in their careers.

As far as fortune is concerned, Water Monkeys are blessed with good fortune, so they often make unexpected gains in life. They are highly advised to manage their money rationally and not to get involved in gambling, or they will end up being as poor as a church mouse.

Wood Monkeys (1944, 2004)

People for whom the Wood element and Monkey zodiac sign align for their birth year are lively and compassionate and ready to help their friends. They have a strong sense of timing and responsibility, always trying their best to perfect their work. 

However, they often need support and encouragement from friends due to sometimes having a lack of confidence.

Wood Monkeys are always as busy as bees, making a lot of money in life, just like the saying: "no pain, no gain".

They are highly advised to purchase some immovable properties after making their money instead of wasting it, and then expand their career little by little.

Fire Monkeys (1956, 2016)

People having the Fire element and Monkey sign for their birth year are ambitious and adventurous but irritable. They have a head for business and think much of the ties of friendship, and they go through ups and downs in life due to reaching for what is beyond their grasp.

Fire Monkeys are not content with their current lifestyle and tend to leave their hometown to make their fortune. They have a harmonious family, and are prone to succeed with the help of their wife. 

They have good relationships in society, and are very popular among their friends and partners.

Earth Monkeys (1908, 1968)

People of the Earth element and a Monkey year are frank, optimistic and fearless, often building up their own enterprises from nothing, and seldom getting help from their siblings.

Their tendency for luck is rather bad at an early age, so they are recommended to learn a special job skill in life, ensuring they live a comfortable life at middle age.

Earth Monkeys are rather lucky when it comes to fortune, and the chances are that they will receive unexpected fortune in life; however, they will soon lose it due to their poor management of financial issues.

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