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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Apr. 2, 2024

Like astrology matching, Chinese people use Chinese zodiac compatibility for marriage or romantic relationships.

The Chinese zodiac is a cycle of 12 animal signs. Your birth year sign's attributes are believed to determine compatibility with other signs.

Want to know if she/he is compatible with you? Use our zodiac love compatibility calculator below and see...

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Calculator

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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Check the following chart to see the compatibility rating between different Chinese Zodiacs.

Chinese Zodiac CompatibilityBest Matches for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility for 12 Signs

The Rat's Love Compatibility

The Rat's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Rat, Ox, Dragon, or Monkey

The Rat and the Rat: Both of you are committed to your relationship and feel deeply attached to family life. You know each other so well that you might feel a lack of mystery. You are a shrewd couple with constant calculation.

The Rat and the Ox: You're a happy couple with willingness to share family responsibility. You have complementary characters and will help each other in your work and home lives.

The Rat and the Dragon: You are both mature and confident, which enables you to trust and give privacy to each other. You have a bright future ahead, because you are both optimistic and aspiring in looking for joy in marriage life.

The Rat and the Monkey: Both of you can understand and tolerate each other. You are able to work together and support each other. Understanding and care is the best solution when divisions come up.

Least compatible: Rabbit, Horse, or Rooster

The Rat and the Rabbit: Both have good qualities, but you are not a perfect couple, because you each love yourself too much to spare love for the other. You are true to each other, but the monotonous daily life makes you feel bored.

The Rat and the Horse: You are both aggressive and take the initiative, which can result in a divergence of opinion.

The Rat and the Rooster: Your compatibility is not very strong because you don't quite understand each other.

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The Ox's Love Compatibility

The Ox's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Rat, Snake, or Rooster

The Ox and the Rat: You will be a happy couple with willingness to share family responsibility.

The Ox and the Snake: You are an ideal couple. Both share the same aspirations for life and head in the same direction.

The Ox and the Rooster: Without a doubt you are a happy and harmonious couple. You are both talented and competent in their careers and fields, with down-to-earth and responsible approaches to life.

Least compatible: Tiger, Horse, Goat, or Monkey

The Ox and the Tiger: You are a couple with little in common. It is possible that you get together out of novelty. Though you both make efforts, you might not be able to reach a true and deeper understanding of each other.

The Ox and the Horse: Your tempos and personalities are quite different, so you find it difficult to coordinate with each other.

The Ox and the Goat: You are a quarrelsome couple, and your relationship is full of ups and downs. You are not prepared for differences in opinion, which makes you feel disappointed about your relationship.

The Ox and the Monkey: You have common goals, but your opinions differ. You are two independent people with your own opinions, and you don't trust each other whole-heartedly.

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The Tiger's Love Compatibility

The Tiger's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Horse, Dog, or Pig

The Tiger and the Horse: Both of you are outgoing and sociable, which makes you a lively and suited couple.

The Tiger and the Dog: You are a loving couple with genial and charming personalities. You understand and support each other and know how to give each other personal space.

The Tiger and the Pig: You are an ideal and devoted couple, always encouraging each other. Both of you are lively and place importance on the other's well-being. You trust each other, have common pursuits, and feel free and relaxed when together.

Least compatible: Ox, Snake, Goat, or Monkey

The Tiger and the Ox: Both are stubborn. You are a couple with much inconsistency. There is a long way to go before you can find common ground in your relationship.

The Tiger and the Snake: You are not frank with each other. Both of you are observant and want private space for themselves. The relationship cannot go further if you don't try to open up and discover each other's positive sides.

The Tiger and the Goat: You are a couple with quite different personalities, which means that it takes much effort for you to understand and tolerate each other.

The Tiger and the Monkey: You are not on the same wavelength. Though genial, outgoing and lively, you don't have common values.

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The Rabbit's Love Compatibility

The Rabbit's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Goat, Dog, or Pig

The Rabbit and the Goat: Both are gentle. You are good at resolving disputes. Your marriage is predicted to be happy without much conflict.

The Rabbit and the Dog: The Dog is the best zodiac sign for the Rabbit. Both of you love life, love family, and are good at socializing. You have many things in common. You don't rely on each other, but care a lot about each other' feelings. A happy married life is predicted.

The Rabbit and the Pig: Easily satisfied, the Rabbit and the Pig are usually happy with each other. Both of you are not picky about life and would feel fulfilled in their marriage.

Least compatible: Rat or Rooster

The Rabbit and the Rat: The Rabbit is usually not happy with the Rat's irresponsibility and the Rat complains about Rabbits' being too concerned with details. Arguments are common in your marriage.

The Rabbit and the Rooster: You don't seem to please each other. You are full of complaints. A couple made up of a Rabbit and a Rooster usually don't have luck in making money.

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The Dragon's Love Compatibility

The Dragon's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Rat, Monkey, or Rooster

The Dragon and the Rat: You are a financially wise couple who will establish a steady and fairly well-off family.

The Dragon and the Monkey: You are an ideal couple. Both are romantic while still being sensible. You have good interpersonal skills and are popular amongst your friends. You admire each other and strive for common goals together.

The Dragon and the Rooster: Both of you are clever, capable, and independent people. You need to make further communication, try to understand each other and seek common ground.

Least compatible: Dog

The Dragon and the Dog: You are a couple full of conflicts. Both of you are vain, temperamental and aggressive. Though you have common goals, you don't have good understanding towards each other. To make the relationship work, both of you need to make extra efforts, and make a change in your personalities to suit each other.

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The Snake's Love Compatibility

The Snake's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Ox or Rooster

The Snake and the Ox: You are a couple deeply attached to and reliant on each other. Both of you are prudent, realistic and diligent.

The Snake and the Rooster: You are a complementary couple who feel content with each other. Your relationship has positive effects on both of you and makes your life better. You understand each other quite well, and are willing to provide full support for one another.

Least compatible: Tiger, Horse, or Pig

The Snake and the Tiger: You are not a well-suited couple. You are both impulsive, suspicious and harsh, which makes it hard for you to get along well. It is not easy for you to build deep trust and understanding towards each other.

The Snake and the Horse: You are not very deeply attached to each other. Your values for life do not seem to agree.

The Snake and the Pig: You have quite different personalities, which makes you an unsuited couple.

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The Horse's Love Compatibility

The Horse's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Tiger, Goat, or Dog

The Horse and the Tiger: You are a couple with a lot in common and strive for the same goals. Both of you are energetic, which brings much happiness to the relationship. In terms of family duties, you understand each other and have smooth cooperation.

The Horse and the Goat: You are a complementary and happy couple. You have different talents and personalities, but you share common goals and values. Your relationship brings out the best in you both and offsets your shortcomings.

The Horse and the Dog: You will have a lasting relationship and grow old together. Both of you are outgoing, energetic, and coordinated, which will help you build a family full of joy.

Least compatible: Rat, Ox, or Snake

The Horse and the Rat: You are not deeply attached to each other. Both of you are very talented people with your own opinions.

The Horse and the Ox: You have very different personalities, and lack common interests and habits. Your relationship usually lacks laughter and romance.

The Horse and the Snake: You are both talented and efficient people. It is not easy for you to develop a sense of reliance towards each other. You should be willing to compromise and make more efforts to make the relationship better.

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The Goat's Love Compatibility

The Goat's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Rabbit, Horse, Goat, or Pig

The Goat and the Rabbit: You are an ideal couple. Both of you are attentive and caring, which makes your relationship smooth and joyous.

The Goat and the Horse: You are closely attached to each other and supportive of one another, which makes your relationship smooth and steady.

The Goat and the Goat: You are closely attached to each other and reliant on one another. You input much emotion and effort into your relationship, and deeply love each other. The male goat works hard to feed the family, and the female goat is very supportive and encouraging.

The Goat and the Pig: You are a sweet couple. Both of you are deeply attached to family life and are willing to compromise. There are rarely any conflicts in your relationship.

Least compatible: Ox, Tiger, or Dog

The Goat and the Ox: You both need to make joint efforts and changes to make your relationship go smoothly.

The Goat and the Tiger: You are not a well-suited couple. The goat is gentle and romantic, while the tiger is strong, full of enthusiasm and unrestraint. Neither of you can act your part well as husband or wife.

The Goat and the Dog: You are not a well-suited couple. Both of you are willing to make efforts, but the results often turn out contrary to your expectations.

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The Monkey's Love Compatibility

The Monkey's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Rat, Dragon, or Dog

The Monkey and the Rat: You are a couple capable of building a well-off family. You have common goals and are supportive of one another. .

The Monkey and the Dragon: You can bond with each other in a perfect way. Both of you are ambitious and positive, and have objective thoughts. Marriage would create the same angles for you both, and your family would display good orderliness, that you produce by learning from and helping each other. You both know the importance of cherishing and understanding one another. Meanwhile, you love to excavate the other's advantages, and inspire vitality, making your life endlessly colorful.

The Monkey and the Dog: You treat each other in an appreciative way and know each other's needs. Both of you will become more mature through marriage.

Least compatible: Ox or Tiger

The Monkey and the Ox: Both being stubborn, self-centered, and unwilling to compromise, you lack mutual understanding and don't get along very well.

The Monkey and the Tiger: You are both self-centered and calculating, unwilling to compromise. You pay much attention to your own interests and success, and try to avoid family responsibilities. If you are willing to open up, make frank communication and compromise, your relationship will get much better.

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The Rooster's Love Compatibility

The Rooster's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Ox, Dragon, or Snake

The Rooster and the Ox: You are a couple who wins admiration from everyone, and will live to old age in great bliss. Both of you are responsible towards your family and devote the best of yourselves to it. Your marriage will be an ideal example to others.

The Rooster and the Dragon: Your marriage will get much applause from others and you will have endless bliss. Due to your personalities and abilities, you match each other perfectly. You can understand and help each other well, and are a good example of an affectionate couple.

The Rooster and the Snake: You are both sensible and reasonable, which can help ease your differences. You support each other, which can bring positive effects to your careers and family life.

Least compatible: Rat, or Rabbit

The Rooster and the Rat: You have a lot of things to argue about. Both of you have clear-cut personalities, and don't compromise for each other.

The Rooster and the Rabbit: You are a couple that has difficulties in enjoying love. Your personalities can't be together in a harmonious way, and marriage doesn't inspire your potential, which leads to family disputes.

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The Dog's Love Compatibility

The Dog's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, or Monkey

The Dog and the Tiger: You were born a couple. You are both idealists who are optimistic, kindhearted, and generous. Your relationship is quite successful.

The Dog and the Rabbit: You are both zealous for life and good at interpersonal skills. You are frank to each other, and your relationship is happy and harmonious. In your relationship you can show your true colors, but that does not put you into conflicts.

The Dog and the Horse: Though you lack comprehensive and deep communication and understanding towards each other, you both are willing to commit to improvement and make efforts. You can establish a happy lively family through mutual effort.

The Dog and the Monkey: Your marriage will last long and help you achieve your common goals, as long as you are generous and tolerant towards each other.

Least compatible: Dragon or Goat

The Dog and the Dragon: You are not true to each other. You are both vigilant and want to steer the family. If you want the relationship to work out, you need to cherish and show appreciation to each other.

The Dog and the Goat: Both of you are used to single life and need to learn how to go on as a couple. You have very different personalities and often face conflicts.

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The Pig's Love Compatibility

The Pig's Love Compatibility

Most compatible: Tiger, Rabbit, or Goat

The Pig and the Tiger: You are a couple strongly attracted to each other and know how to please one another. Both of you are motivated and dynamic, and your shared merits and goals often offset possible conflicts.

The Pig and the Rabbit: You are a committed couple and are satisfied with each other. You both admire each other's merits and are willing to make efforts for the family.

The Pig and the Goat: You are an adorable and inseparable couple, who are deeply in love with each other, and are willing to compromise.

Least compatible: Snake

The Pig and the Snake: You both should cherish and learn to discover the merits in each other, otherwise your marriage might not end up in a satisfactory state.

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