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5 Elements Analysis for Snake Year People

Five Elements Water Snakes Wood Snakes Fire Snakes Earth Snakes Gold Snakes
Year of Birth 1953, 2013 1905, 1965 1917, 1977 1929, 1989 1941, 2001
Personalities clever, creative self-consistent, tasteful active, wise reasoning, independent determined, courageous
Snake - Chinese Zodiac Signs

Water Snakes (1953, 2013)

People born in the Year of the Snake with the Water element agreeing are clever, creative, and lively but sentimental. The young people always change their mind. Some even leave their hometowns for development at an early age, and they have to build up from nothing due to their poor family background.

They know how to cherish each opportunity, and should be able to develop in business due to their adventurous characters. They will live a steady life at middle age after going through some ups and downs.

As far as their career is concerned, Water Snakes should know how the wind blows before deciding whether to invest or not.

They are very communicative in various situations; therefore, they have lots of chances to meet many friends of the opposite sex.

If they smarten themselves up a little bit, they will be very desirable to friends of the opposite sex due to their natural temperament.

Wood Snakes (1905, 1965)

People born in a Snake year corresponding to the Wood element attach great importance to orderliness, and like to live in an orderly and well-decorated environment.

Wood Snakes have a gift for appreciating the arts and are brimming with great creativity. They also have a refined taste, and know how to distinguish the good works of art from the bad ones.

They are fascinated with collecting delicate antiques and fine musical instruments, and know how to take care of them. Wood element Snake year people always return items that they have borrowed from others.

Fire Snakes (1917, 1977)

People for whom the Snake sign and Fire element overlap have wisdom and insight, being able to think faster and see more clearly than others, and are also very communicative.

They are very active and fond of the limelight, and are born to be performers and dancers. They know how to fully express their feelings in tales, although they seldom tell any.

Fire Snakes should not be too venturous in life; instead, they should take the surest way to do things in order to achieve more success.

Earth Snakes (1929, 1989)

People born in an Earth element and Snake sign year know how to control their sentiments with calm reasoning, but their romances are not smooth, and it's very likely for them to be left without love. They can recover quickly, however, due to their calm reasoning.

Earth Snakes don't like to be controlled by any other people; therefore, they should not be asked their whereabouts when they have been absent. They have lots of opportunities to earn money; however, it's very hard for them to grasp them.

Even though the opportunities are given to them, they will lose them due to dreadful errors. As a result, they should be more steadfast and more diligent at work.

Gold Snakes (1941, 2001)

People of the Gold element and Snake sign have self-respect, are determined, courageous and able, and they are born to be leaders, being surrounded by lots of followers from all walks of life.

Most of them have a majestic appearance with thick curled hair, and are elegant in both sitting and standing positions.

Gold element Snake year people are so confident about themselves that they give an impression of slight arrogance to others, which is not easy to tell from their eyes and gait.

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