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Wuyuan Travel Guide

Wuyuan is a county in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, reachable by a 3-hour bullet train from Shanghai or Hangzhou. It is often called 'the most beautiful countryside in China' because of its incredibly picturesque views.

Established during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), Wuyuan has a history of more than 1,000 years. Due to its remote location, Wuyuan has retained its original characteristics over the centuries. Its ancient villages, pastoral environment, and traditional lifestyle are now well-protected.

March and October are the most pleasant times. The mountains are decorated with red azaleas and the hills are covered by green tea plants and golden blooming rape flowers in March. In October, the yellow fall hues once again draw photography lovers.

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Best Times to Visit Wuyuan

Wuyuan's weather is moderate and moist. It features four distinct seasons and has foggy periods on most days.

Spring (mid-March to early April) is the best time to immerse yourself in the seas of rape flowers in Wuyuan, while Autumn (mid-September to late October) is the best time to see its yellow leaves and crops.

These two periods of time are considered Wuyuan's high seasons. Hotel prices rise considerably. Contact us for recommendations regarding the most suitable itinerary for you and to reserve your rooms in advance.

The Top 4 Things to Do in Wuyaun

Wuyuan not only is a nationally-famed cultural and ecological tourist county, but has also long been known as 'Hometown of Books', 'Hometown of Tea', and even 'the most picturesque village of China'.

Wuyuan's Huangling Village even earned the honor of 'Sino-Foreign Most Beautiful Shooting Location' at the 74th Venice International Film Festival in 2017.

These four top things for you to do in Wuyuan are related to its celebrated views and culture.

1. View the Seas of Rapeseed Flowers in Spring

Seas of Rapeseed Flowers

All Wuyuan's local farmers plant rapeseed in their fields to enrich the soil, and this has become a symbol of spring. In Wuyuan, you can see endless flowery seas in spring. Make the most of the scenery!

Have a walk between the sea of flowers and prepare enough memory space for eye-catching photos.

If you like adventurous ways to see the sights, a hot air balloon could bring you up to about 30 meters (about 100 feet) above the ground for a bird's-eye view. Get some great shots while enjoying a floating sensation!

The best place to enjoy the flowery views is Jiangling Village, which is about 50 km (30 miles) or a 1-hour drive from Wuyuan County Town.

2. Admire Hui-Style Architecture

Hui-style buildings

Wuyuan is also known as an 'ancient architecture museum', as it has some of the best-preserved ancient Hui-style architecture. Its distinctively styled residential buildings stand out in the countryside in Anhui Province.

Its buildings have white walls, black tiles, and exquisite stone, wood, and brick carvings, which combine to give them an elegant appearance. Wandering among the Hui-style buildings feels like you are walking inside a classical Chinese ink painting.

There are hundreds of well-protected ancient villages, and we have listed the most spectacular ones below. They are on a travel route from west to east with only a 10-minuets drive between each other, so you can visit all of them in one day.  

  • Likeng Village is famous for its harmony of little bridges, flowing brooks, and cottages.
  • Wangkou Village is renowned for its well-designed ancestral halls.
  • Jiangwan Village boasts the largest Hui-style architecture group, and it is the hometown of China's former president, Jiang Zemin.
  • Xiaoqi Village is a special ecological area known for its tea culture and exquisite wood carvings on its architecture.

3. Take Photos of 'Crop-Drying' Scenery in Huangling Village in Autumn

Crop-Drying Scenery

Huangling Village is a must-go place for people who love to take scenic photos of shaiqiu scenery in autumn.

Shai means 'dry (crops)' and qiu means 'autumn'. People like to dry their crops every autumn to protect them from the moist and drizzly climate. Crops like corn or chilies are laid on the roofs of these ancient residences to dry.

You can take a cable car to tour the village. A 300-meter (984-foot) altitude viewpoint brings you an amazing viewing experience.

If you don't come in autumn, there are still highlights waiting for you to discover, such as the well-preserved Hui-style buildings of the Ming (1367–1644) and Qing (1644–1912) dynasties, which are quaint and elegant.

4. Catch the Smell of a Tea Plantation and Learn about Tea Culture

Tea Plantation

Wuyuan is widely regarded as having some of the most beautiful countryside in China and plans to expand the planting of organic green tea there should enhance rather than detract from this.

These plans are to meet growing demand from overseas orders and domestic customers who are becoming more aware of food safety at home.

You could visit the famous tea plantation base in Jinzhu Village, which is more than 240 hectares (600 acres), where you would see tea farmers carrying tools and scuttling among the tea trees, busy picking tea leaves if you were lucky.

Learning some tea culture would be a nice bonus experience for your trip.

How to Get to Wuyuan

Wuyuan can be fairly easily accessed by train, flight, or private vehicle.

No matter which transportation you take to Wuyuan, please bear in mind that private transfers (which would be part of our tours) are highly recommended while shuttling between the villages, otherwise you will waste a lot of time looking for a cab or standing in a queue for the public buses.

How to Get to Wuyuan

By Train

High-speed trains are available to Wuyuan from major cities in China, such as from Beijing (7 hours), Shanghai (3 hours), and Hangzhou (2 hours).  

If there is no direct train to Wuyuan, you may consider taking a bullet train to Shangrao City, which is a large city near Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province with frequent trains to most cities in China.

It is very convenient to travel from Shangrao City to Wuyuan by public bus or taxi, which takes about 2 hours.

A private transfer is advocated to save your valuable time, instead of waiting for a bus or taxi and possibly getting lost at the bus station or ending up in the wrong places.

By Air

There are three airports near Wuyuan. Travelers can take flights to the airport in Shangrao, Huangshan, or Jingdezhen, then connect with a land transfer to get to Wuyuan.

Flights frequently depart to the three airports from major cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.

Our private transfers can save you time in a taxi queue. There is very little English is spoken at the airports. Here are the driving times from the airports to Wuyuan:

  • Shangrao Airport – Wuyuan: 2½ hours
  • Jingdezhen Airport — Wuyuan: 1 hour
  • Huangshan Airport — Wuyuan: 1½ hours

By Land Transfer

If your travel itinerary cannot be matched with scheduled trains or flights, Wuyuan can be easily reached by land transfer from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, and Nanjing, among other cities in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces.

The best way to get there is via a private transfer picking you up from your home. Our private driver and English-speaking tour guide will regale you with local knowledge and history about what you are passing on the way. 

Here we list the estimated driving times to give you a general idea:

  • Shanghai – Wuyuan: 5½ hours
  • Hangzhou – Wuyuan: 4 hours
  • Suzhou/Ningbo/Nanjing/Wuxi – Wuyuan: 5 hours

How Many Days for a Wuyuan Trip? (At Least 3)

Top Attractions in Wuyuan

When we recommend how many days to stay, we mean the number of days needed to ensure you have a fulfilling experience of Wuyuan. Traveling Wuyuan should not be a rush to catch the last bus — it should be about enjoyment, escape, and discovery.

We recommend you allow at least 3 full days for a trip to Wuyuan. The best way of traveling around Wuyuan is to travel with a private tour to smartly maximize your time.

Here is a suggested itinerary to give you some ideas:

  • Day 1: Arrive in Wuyuan, and visit Likeng, Wangkou, and Jiangwan
  • Day 2: Get up early in the morning to wander around Xiaoqi Village, then go on to visit Jiangling Village to have a fantastic view of yellow rape flowers in spring. If you come in autumn, go to Huangling Village for great views of 'crop-drying' scenes.
  • Day 3: Have a cup of tea in Jinzhu Village and appreciate the tea plantation and tea culture. Then leave Wuyuan.

Check out our 3-day Wuyuan Spring Tour for inspiration.

Wuyuan's onward transportation to several nearby destinations is very convenient. Based on our experience, travelers who visit Wuyuan often spend a further 2 days visiting Jingdezhen or Huangshan.

Send us an inquiry and we'll tailor-make your itinerary.

Traveling with a private tour you can explore at your own pace, with a totally flexible itinerary. You can stay longer for great photos, no matter whether it's in the seas of yellow flower fields or soaking yourselves in the villages' quaint architecture.

Where to Stay in Wuyuan

Hotels with the same star rating in Wuyuan may not have the same comfort level as hotels in big Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

There are two options for accommodation in Wuyuan. One is to stay in Wuyuan County Town, which is about 30 km (35 minutes' drive) from the acclaimed villages, and the other option is to stay in the villages themselves.

Hotels in the Villages — Convenient for Sightseeing 

All Wuyuan's most scenic spots are located in the villages of northern Wuyuan County. Most travelers prefer to arrange their accommodation in the villages rather than in Wuyuan Town.

Most of these hotels are not really star-rated, but are clean and comfortable.

Recommended hotels in the villages:

  • Villa Vila Masva
  • Huangling Shaiqiu Meisu Hotel
  • Yunshuiyao Hotel

Hotels in Wuyuan Town — Convenient for Flights/Trains

Hotels in the town of Wuyuan are good for travelers who arrive in Wuyuan on the first night, or who have finished their trip and are going to catch a flight or train the following morning.

Recommended hotel:

  • Ruiyi Qinghuawu Hotel

Send us an inquiry and let us know your requirements, and we will select the best hotel for you.

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