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Xingping Ancient Town

The painting of the "Yellow Cloth Shoal" hanging on the wall of China's embassy to the UN headquarters is drawn from Xingping Ancient Town. The pattern on the back of a 20 yuan note is also drawn from Xingping Ancient Town, and the fishing village visited by Sun Yat-sen, the first president of the Republic of China, and Bill Clinton, the former US president, is located in Xingping Ancient Town.

Nestling at the foot of the mountains and by the Li River, the time-honored Xingping Ancient Town is celebrated for its natural scenery and ancient cultural heritage in China, and it boasts of being the most beautiful ancient town along the Li River.

Highlights of Xingping Ancient Town

As the essence of Guilin's landscape, Xingping is divided into eight scenic areas, including Natural Mountain and Water Scenic Area, President Fishing Village Scenic Area, Tengjiao Nunnery Religious Scenic Area, Karst Cave Scenic Area, Dayuan Forest Farm Heat-Escape Scenic Area, Xitang Fishing Villa Recreational Scenic Area, Civilian Residence Scenic Area, and Xingping Tourist Service Scenic Area.

Breathtaking Natural Scenery

The Natural Mountain and Water Scenic Area is highlighted by Nine Horses Fresco Hill, Screw Hill, and Five Fingers Peak, where the peaks perfectly complement their reflections in the Li River, and you can often stumble upon buffaloes leisurely grazing on the grass, and overhear birds chirping from bamboo forests on the riverbanks. Karst Cave Scenic Area is represented by the Lotus Cave and the Luotian Cave, where there are strangely-shaped stalactites and stalagmites, and they are like labyrinths under the colorful lights.

Cultural Relics

Xingping The culture relics are also a highlight of Xingping Ancient Town

A number of cultural relics are also available in Xingping Ancient Town, which are mainly concentrated on Xingping Ancient Street and the fishing villages, including ancient ferries, pavilions, temples, bridges and the civilian residences. The civilian residences preserve their original appearances with white walls and blue tiles, and you can fully appreciate their historical senses when you walk into them.

On Xingping Ancient Street stands Guanpang Temple, which was built in the 4th year (1739) of Emperor Qianlong's reign of the Qing Dynasty. In the temple, a performance stage is well retained and is the oldest stage of its kind in Guilin, which is of a high value for conducting the Guilin opera. For those whose are interested in taking photos in Xingping Ancient Town, you are highly recommended to stay in Yangshuo Huanyuan Hotel, where you can overlook the fine views of the Li River, including the pattern on the back of a 20 yuan note.

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One of the Best Places to Take Photos of the Li River

Xingping is one of the best photographic locations in Guilin. Photographers go there to take photos of the Yellow Cloth Shoal, one of the best-known attractions on the Li River, the attraction depicted on the 20 RMB bank note, the karst hills reflected in the crystal clear water of the Li River, the sunset and sunrise over the Li River from Laozhai Hill, and cormorant fishing. The ironic image of Guilin – an old fisherman in his coir raincoat on a bamboo raft with his cormorants – is taken in Xingping.

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Laozhai Hill

Laozhai Hill, on the left of Xingping Dock, is the best place to take photos of the sunset and sunrise over the Li River, as well as the karst landscape of the region. The hill is around 228 meters high. The way to the hilltop is made up of steep stone steps which are quite slippery when it has rained. It takes an hour or so to climb to the hilltop.

Additionally, Laozhai Mountain is also an ideal place to take photos of the undulating peaks and watch the sunrise over the town; standing on the top of it you can overlook the whole of Guilin's landscape.

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Travel Essentials

Location: It is located 25 kilometers from Yangshuo

Transportation: There are buses from Yangshuo Bus Stations to Xingping.

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