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City Transportation

The bus routes in South Gan are rather complete and perfect. They can lead you to everywhere you want to head for inside the city.


There are twenty-two highways across the city among which Ganxin Highway and Ganqing Highway are the main ones. No. 312 National Highway and No.227 National Highway also pass through Zhangye City.


There are about 10,000 taxi cars in Zhangye city. You are advised to go to the scenic spots where special tour lines are not opened by taking a taxi together with several other tourists. Here are the prices for reference: the starting price is 4 yuan for cars as Lingyang, Qianlima and Xiali and 3 yuan for micro buses. One yuan is added per km beyond 3 kilometers and 1.5yuan is added per km beyond 10 kilometers.


The Lanxin Railroad goes through the whole city starting from the Dongle Town of Shandan County in the east to the Shahe Town of Linze County in the west. There are trains to places as Beijing, Urumqi, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an and Jinan every day. The Zhangye Railway Station locates in the north-east of the city.