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Kunming Weather in October

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Weather: October is cool and a little rainy but often sunny. It marks the end of both the rainy monsoon season and the high tourist season. The average daily low and high temperatures are respectively 12 °C (54 °F) and 20 °C (68 °F). There is about 80 mm of total rainfall, and it rains about 13 of the days of the month.

Clothing: Shirts with long sleeves, a jacket and long trousers or dresses are appropriate. UV radiation is strong on sunny days, so cover your skin if you go outdoors. On rainy days, you'll need rain gear. Wear waterproof shoes with good traction. Check the current weather and forecast>>

Things to Do in October

See the harvest at Dongchuan: During the harvest time, the plots of white rapeseed flowers contrast strikingly with all the red, green, and brown of the fields and earth. You might see a hillside of white and red stripes or a field of several colors. From September to November, part of the land is ploughed while other plots grow. The multiple colors with the blue sky, white clouds and changing hues create a magnificent scene. October is one of the best months to see the scenery at Dongchuan.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is the second biggest holiday in China, and it falls in early October less than 1/3 of the years on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. It is often combined with the October 1 National Day vacation week called "golden week." You'll be able watch and participate in festivities if you go then. People exchange small fruitcakes called moon cakes and drink flower teas. Cassia tea tastes like cinnamon and chrysanthemum tea is energizing

Places to go during holidays: The local shopping centers at Dongfeng Road, Qingnian Road, and Zhengyi Road are central places to shop. The small shops sell locally produced crafts products, moon cakes, and locally grown Chinese herbal teas and green teas. On the evening of Mid-Autumn, people congregate at Daguan Park to share moon cakes and see the full moon. Music and entertainment is provided. You could also enjoy an authentic Chinese meal at one of the restaurants.

Kunming Tours in October

High Travel Season

October 1 to 7 marks the National Holiday week, and the Mid-Autumn festival may also fall during the month. During these times, more tourists will visit, so the tourist attractions are crowded. The prices for hotel rooms, flight tickets and train tickets are much higher than usual.

Kunming Tour Packages

3-day tour of Kunming: On this local tour, you'll see the highlights around Kunming such as Stone Forest Park and Green Lake Park. You can modify the trip and go to Dongchuan, West Hill or Jiuxiang Caves if you wish.

8-day Shangri-La Tour: On this regional tour, visit old capital cities, one of the world's deepest canyons, and snowy mountain ranges. The tour includes Dali, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, and Jiuxiang Cave and Stone Forest near Kunming.

Most of our clients tailor their tour. The links below contain information that will help you decide about where to go in autumn.

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Kunming Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
October   170 °F21.11 °C55 °F12.78 °C
October   270 °F21.11 °C55 °F12.78 °C
October   370 °F21.11 °C55 °F12.78 °C
October   470 °F21.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
October   570 °F21.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
October   669 °F20.56 °C54 °F12.22 °C
October   769 °F20.56 °C54 °F12.22 °C
October   869 °F20.56 °C54 °F12.22 °C
October   969 °F20.56 °C53 °F11.67 °C
October   1069 °F20.56 °C53 °F11.67 °C
October   1169 °F20.56 °C53 °F11.67 °C
October   1269 °F20.56 °C53 °F11.67 °C
October   1368 °F20 °C53 °F11.67 °C
October   1468 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
October   1568 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
October   1668 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
October   1768 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
October   1868 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
October   1967 °F19.44 °C51 °F10.56 °C
October   2067 °F19.44 °C51 °F10.56 °C
October   2167 °F19.44 °C51 °F10.56 °C
October   2267 °F19.44 °C51 °F10.56 °C
October   2367 °F19.44 °C50 °F10 °C
October   2467 °F19.44 °C50 °F10 °C
October   2566 °F18.89 °C50 °F10 °C
October   2666 °F18.89 °C50 °F10 °C
October   2766 °F18.89 °C49 °F9.44 °C
October   2866 °F18.89 °C49 °F9.44 °C
October   2966 °F18.89 °C49 °F9.44 °C
October   3065 °F18.33 °C48 °F8.89 °C
October   3165 °F18.33 °C48 °F8.89 °C

Kunming Climate Information by Month