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Beijing Weather in December

beijing weather in december

Weather: December is the middle of winter in Beijing. It is very chilly, with temperature just rising above freezing during the day, and the air is very dry.

Clothing: In the city, dress for dry winter conditions. If you visit the Great Wall you need to dress like an Eskimo as it is freezing due to the elevation and exposure.

Beijing December 2013 Weather Data Graphs

beijing weather december graphs

Things To Do In Beijing In December

the great wallThe Great Wall

During the season of giving many tourist like to receive a once in lifetime gift, the opportunity to see a land beyond their borders, China. Why not spend the most wonderful time of the year in the gem of the orient.

The Great Wall sees few visitors during this time of the year and the scenery is amazing with the snowy mountains. See "What is the best time to visit the Great Wall" and "10 Best Places to See Snow in Beijing" for more.

Chaoyang Acrobatics Theater: If the weather outside is frightful then experience the most mind-blowing theatrical experience anywhere in the world. The acts performed in the Chaoyang Acrobatics Theater are hard to believe, even when you’re staring right at these daring performers. The human bike pyramid, the chain tower and acrobatics galore leave audiences with their jaw wide open and drooling for more; it is a must see at any time of the year. Chinese acrobats are the best in the world and Beijing is its epicenter of it all; this is what they do.

798 photo gallery798 Art Zone

Feel Free to Ski: Beijing’s northern positioning, its elevation and mountain ranges beckon skiers. Even beginners should give it a try because there is no better way to view the natural settings of Beijing’s outskirts; See Beijing's top 10 ski resorts

798: The 798 Art District is 600,000 square meters of the sculptures, portraits and crafts that represent Beijing, Chinese and Oriental culture. The galleries burst with artists hailing from every corner of the globe. In December the Christmas Spirit lights up the 798 Art Gallery with Christmas tree displays, caroling and Chinese artistic takes on the holiday. Find this artistic paradise on Jiuxianqiao Road in the north of Chaoyang district.

Low Travel Season: December is not the best time to visit Beijing given the not so pleasant weather conditions. On the plus side however, it is low travel season, and good discounts on hotels and flights can be easily found.

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