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Top 10 Ski Resorts near Beijing [Full Guide of Skiing in Beijing]

Top 10 Ski Resorts near Beijing [Full Guide of Skiing in Beijing]

Written by Sunny XieUpdated Jan. 27, 2022

Beijing, the capital of China, is known for its countless world-famous historical sites. In winter, there's even more to do! Beijing has also become a popular place for skiing enthusiasts, due to the number of high-quality ski resorts in the area, especially after Beijing was selected to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Near Beijing, you can fully experience superior snow quality, first-class facilities, and some trendy snow activities. Spending time with your kids, taking part in winter activities such as snowball fights and snow sculpturing, and enjoying nature can provide a unique and wonderful experience within only a short trip from Beijing.

We have carefully selected the top 10 resorts around Beijing for their locations, features, trails, and facilities, including some with family-friendly activities. Follow our brief introductions and choose from the most suitable ski resorts.

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1. Nanshan Ski Resort (南山滑雪场)

Location: Miyun County, 1½ hours' drive from Beijing

Trails: 26

  The largest ski resort of its kind in northern China
Various skiing activities: different mogul ski tracks, X-chute, German toboggan run, off-piste tree run, wave slope, Canadian sledding, snowmobile tracks for children, China's first snow football field, and more.
√  Snowboarding specialized: Nanshan Mellow Park with halfpipe and freestyle jumping trail
×  Intermediate and advanced level routes are comparatively narrow

Facilities: 3 quadruple chair lifts, 13 drag lifts, and 9 magic carpets

Family-friendly: mini park with kids' ski learning and practice trail plus a children's playground

Accommodation: 3 wooden villas and 2 Norwegian villas

Dining: Nanshan Alps Coffee Corner, The Terrace Restaurant & Pub, and Nanshan Chalet Plaza all offer both Western and Chinese meals

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2. Huaibei Ski Resort (怀北国际滑雪场)

Location: Huairou District, 1 hour's drive from Beijing

Trails: 11

√  The ski resort is surrounded by the Great Wall  
  Ski slopes meet international standards with lengths of 3,800 meters
  The cost for skiing and equipment rental is comparatively cheap
×  Speed of the chair lifts is slow

Facilities: 3 chair lifts, 1 drag lift, and 5 magic carpets

Family-friendly: Snowmobiling and snow climbing

Accommodation: 11 brand new wooden houses and villas imported from Finland and the United States, which you can slide in and out of like in a European ski resort

Dining: Chinese cuisine, Western food, and Korean cuisine

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Nearby Attractions
Both Nanshan Ski Resort and Huaibei Ski Resort are quite close to our most-recommended Mutianyu Great Wall section, take our Essence of Beijing and Nanshan Ski Resort tour to see the best of Beijing with a skiing experience (Nanshan Ski Resort can be substituted for Huaibei Ski Resort plus any other custom changes you'd like).

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3. Jundushan Ski Resort (军都山滑雪场)

Location: Changping District, 1 hour's drive from Beijing

Trails: 7

Popular among experienced skiing lovers, wide intermediate trails, advanced trails (trail 7 is the highest degree of difficulty)
Barrier-free communication system
× Small snowboarding areas
× Trails are comparatively short

Facilities: 3 chair lifts (including one for the beginners trail), 4 drag lifts, and 1 magic carpet

Family-friendly: A mini ski park with jumping trail, Rainbow Bridge, Gusto Slide, and Children's Paradise

Accommodation: European style villas and youth hostel

Dining: Chinese meals (especially noodles) and Western fast food

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Nearby Attractions:   
Jundushan Ski Resort is perfectly located close to three popular hot springs: Xiaotangshan Hot Spring, Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort, and Jiuhua Hot Spring Resort. Contact us to customize a special skiing tour with a trip to relax in a hot spring.

Read more on Top 5 Hot Spring Resorts near Beijing.

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4. Wanlongbayi Ski Resort (北京万龙八易滑雪场)

Location: Fengtai District, 45 minutes' drive from Beijing

Trails: 8

  Closest ski resort to Beijing 
  Great resort for night skiing with dreamlike lights
  Possible free skiing skills learning opportunities

Facilities: 2 chair lifts and 5 magic carpets

Family-friendly: mini-park for children

Dining: Western and Chinese buffet

Nearby Attractions:  
Among these 10 ski resorts, Wanlongbayi Ski Resort is the nearest one to Beijing and can be combined in a day trip with the must-see attractions in Beijing. It is suitable for those having a short stay in Beijing who would still like to experience skiing. Below are two tour recommendations that could be customized to include a Wanlongbayi skiing experience.

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Ski Sites

5. Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort (万科石京龙滑雪场)

Location: Yanqing County, 2 hour's drive from Beijing

Trails: 10

  Widest intermediate and international-standard trails near Beijing
√  Appreciate the local ice festival (mid-January to February
  Training zone for handicapped skiers
×  Intermediate and advanced trails must be combined together to make the routes long enough

Facilities: 2 chair lifts, 1 drag lift, and 5 magic carpets

Family-friendly: Children's amusement park and natural snow area with snowmobiling, horse riding, archery, and more.

Accommodation: Jinglong Hotel near the resort or hotels in Yanqing County

Dining: Chinese cuisine, Italian food, and local homestay dishes

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Nearby Attractions:

Shijinglong Ski Resort is perfectly located close to the Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Pass, the Ming Tombs, and Longqing Gorge, which hosts an ice festival from mid-January to February.

Let us customize a skiing tour for you with a Great Wall visit and a Longqing Gorge visit to admire the ice and snow sculptures.

And for sure, for the hugest experience of ice and snow sculptures and a top skiing resort, you may consider our Harbin Ice Experience and Yabuli Club Med Tour.

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6. Yunju Ski Resort (云居滑雪场)

Location: Fangshan district, 1½ hours' drive from Beijing

Trails: 8

  Ideal place for beginners or intermediate skiers to progress to a higher level
√  Various skiing activities: cable hang-glider, Germany toboggan run, and Canadian sledding
  The cost for skiing and equipment rental is comparatively cheap
×  Only 1 chair lift

Facilities: 1 chair lift, 5 drag lifts, and 3 magic carpets

Family-friendly: N/A

Accommodation: Yunju OMG Private Yard Beijing (hot spring), youth hostels

Dining: Chinese cuisine, BBQ, and local rural-flavor dishes

Nearby Attractions:

Shijinglong Ski Resort is located southwest of Beijing, with the Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian on the way. And the world's largest collection of stone Buddhist sutra steles at Yunju Temple is only 3 minutes' drive from the ski resort. Combined with other attractions they make up the Fangshan geopark. Contact us for a skiing tour with Fangshan World Geopark.

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7. Thaiwoo Ski Resort (崇礼太舞滑雪小镇)

Location: Chongli County, Zhangjiakou — 3 hours' drive from Beijing

Trails: 31

A golden zone for alpine sports 
Various skiing activities: freestyle ski moguls, Rave Terrain Park, Extreme Ski Zone, and more
A fully-functioning “ski town” with entrainment, spa, shopping, dining, and accommodation
International skiing coaches to get over any language barriers

Facilities: 6 chairlifts/gondolas, 13 magic carpets

Family-friendly: Ski school, snow park, and snow tubing for kids

Accommodation: Thaiwoo Hotel, Hyatt Place Chongli, Element by Westin, Eagles Nest Youth Hostel, and Hyatt Regency (soon to be opened)

Dining: Chinese, Western, Japanese, and Korean restaurants, bars, kids' restaurant, and ballroom

As the main region hosting snow sport venues for the 2022 Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou hosts a selection of high-quality ski resorts, with Thaiwoo being a notch above the following three.

Zhangjiakou Thaiwoo Ski ResortZhangjiakou Thaiwoo Ski Resort

8. Genting Resort Secret Garden (云顶滑雪场)

Location: Chongli County, Zhangjiakou — 3 hours' drive from Beijing

Trails: 41

  One of the venues for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games 
  World-class snow parks, luxury experience
√  Get close to and view the daily training of China's national team

Facilities: 5 world-class high-speed cable cars with heated seats, 3 magic carpets

Family-friendly: kids' skiing area

Accommodation: Genting Grand

Dining: Chinese and Western buffet, Sichuan cuisine, Old Beijing Restaurant, Japanese food, KFC, AI Restaurant

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9. Wanlong Ski Resort (万龙滑雪场)

Location: Chongli County, Zhangjiakou — 3½ hours' drive from Beijing

Trails: 32

√  A paradise of powder snow
√  Various skiing activities: freestyle ski moguls, Rave Terrain Park, and Extreme Ski Zone, and more
√  6 of the trails have been accredited by the International Ski Federation
×  Fewer beginner and intermediate trails

Facilities: 7 chair lifts, and 3 magic carpets

Family-friendly: children's palace, kids' skiing trail

Accommodation: 5 hotels with 600 rooms of different styles

Dining: Sichuan hotpot, Cantonese cuisine, BBQ, Xinjiang food, Chinese and Western buffet, and a children's themed restaurant

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10. Fulong Snow Park (富龙滑雪场)

Location: Chongli County, Zhangjiakou — 3½ hours' drive from Beijing

Trails: 25

  Currently the only available resort for night skiing in Chongli County 
√  Warm and sheltered from strong winds, it focuses on family-friendly skiing
×  Intermediate and advanced level routes are comparatively short

Facilities: 6 chair lifts, and 9 magic carpets

Family-friendly: BrickLive Centre (Lego fun), training area with childcare, parent-child playground area

Accommodation: Holiday Inn Resort Zhangjiakou, Tang Inn Hot Spring Holiday Hotel

Dining: Southeast Asian themed restaurant, Chinese restaurant, and café

Recommended Ski Tour in Zhangjiakou

We have specially designed our 6-Day Beijing Winter Tour with Skiing for those who would like an in-depth Beijing discovery while feeling winter's charm with skiing in a 2022 Olympic Winter Games venue.

Guilin Hotel upgrade

Due to their being in one of the three competition clusters for the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the popular ski resorts in Zhangjiakou will only open to visitors for two months in 2021, from early November to late December.

For those who want to experience the Olympic venues in advance of the Games, take your opportunity while you can and contact us to make a reservation.

Beijing Skiing Facts

Climate and Snow Conditions

It is very cold and dry around Beijing in winter and average temperatures in the ski resorts are around -10°C (14°F) and might frequently drop below -20°C (-4°F). However, weather conditions normally remain stable and you shouldn't expect frequent snowstorms to affect your skiing plans.

Because of the dry weather, you can rarely find a thick layer of powder snow in the natural ski resorts, and the snow depth is normally less than 1 meter. Most Beijing ski resorts would use snow cannons to keep the snow cover through the season.

Open Season/Hours

Most ski resorts open from December until the end of March. Opening hours are typically 08:30–17:30 and for night skiing 17:00–22:00.

Skiing Costs

Prices in ski resorts around Beijing vary according to location and dates. Prices for weekends and holidays are higher than for normal days. Below is a brief idea of the average costs of skiing around Beijing:

Ski lifts: CN¥250–500 per full day (CN¥800–1,000 for some luxury resorts like Thaiwoo and Genting)
Equipment rental: CN¥100–150 per suit
Snowmobile: CN¥150 per hour per vehicle
VIP room for resting: around CN¥150–300 per hour per room
Accommodation: from CN¥400–1,200 per room per night
Meals: average CN¥50–100 per person

Note: These costs are just previous figures for your reference. Please double-check with the resort. Or contact us for a tailored skiing tour — only pay for what you want to be included.

Avoiding Crowds

Skiing is in its boom time in China. You may find the beginner trails are exceptionally crowded, especially during weekends or the holidays (New Year holidays, particularly the Spring Festival). Try to get to the ski resort early or ski during lunchtime for less busy slopes.

However, if you are an intermediate or advanced skier, the trails are usually yours alone! It's a great time to fully enjoy skiing/snowboarding. 

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Quick Guide to Choosing a Beijing Ski Resort

1. Family Vacationers

For a family trip, scenery and entertainment may be your priority for consideration. For a low-stress trip, choose a resort with a comfortable hotel, kids' food, maybe with hot springs to relax in, and children-friendly skiing trails.

Recommended (best first):

  • Thaiwoo Ski Resort
  • Fulong Snow Park
  • Nanshan Ski Resort

2. First-Time Skiers

Choose somewhere with an affordable ski resort nearby but with good service. After all, your first-time experience of skiing is very important and a poorly equipped ski resort may give you a negative impression of skiing.
Spacious and less-crowded trails for beginners are also important to avoid collisions. 

Recommended (best first):

  • Wanlongbayi Ski Resort
  • Jundushan Ski Resort
  • Nanshan Ski Resort
  • Yunju Ski Resort
Ski Sites

3. Beginners

Already learned about wedge turns and braking? You may want to go to a wider place to develop your skiing. The top 10 ski resorts are all suitable for you with plenty of choices of beginner trails. You could just pick the one you like the intro for, or choose according to your budget, degree of crowding, or quality of ski resort.

Recommended (best first):

  • Nanshan Ski Resort
  • Jundushan Ski Resort
  • Huaibei Ski Resort
Recommended Tours:

4. Intermediate Skiers

The diversity of slopes and terrains are important for this stage of a skier's development, and the trails should be as wide as possible.  

Recommended (best first):

  • Jundushan Ski Resort
  • Huaibei Ski Resort
  • Nanshan Ski Resort
  • Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort

5. Advanced Skiers

Your main considerations might be the quality of ski equipment and facilities in the ski resort. Also, the scale of the ski resort (slopes, skiing areas), natural conditions (vertical drop, snowfall, snowmaking capacity, average temperature, altitude, wind speed), and other technical factors will affect the experience of advanced skiers.

Recommended (best first):

  • Genting Resort Secret Garden
  • Wanlong Ski Resort
  • Thaiwoo Ski Resort
  • Nanshan Ski Resort

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You may want to see our most popular ski tours for inspiration:

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