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Beijing Weather in March

beijing weather in march

Weather: The weather warms up rapidly from freezing to cool, but it is windy. On average temperature reaches 11 °C (52 °F) during the day, and at night drops to -1 °C (30 °F). Sandstorms are possible.

Clothing: Wearing a sweater and an overcoat is usually enough, but bring gloves and a hat too and maybe windproof trousers, as it can feel much colder with the wind chill. You may be able to wear just a light windproof jacket, if the weather warms up.

Beijing March 2013 Weather Data Graphs

beijing weather march graphs

Things to Do in Beijing in March

beijing botanical gardenFlowers in Beijing Botanic Garden

By mid-March spring is in full swing. Parks are in full bloom (see Top Places to See Flowers in Beijing) and the temperature is inviting for excursions of every sort.What is there to do in Beijing in March? Plenty.

Parks& Recreation: Summer is at times too hot,winter is often too cold but March is “just right” for a visit to the parksthat populate nearly every corner of the city. Watching the floral fireworks,pinks, purples and reds burst round one’s panorama is unique to this month. Yuanmingyuan Park (west of Tsinghua University)and Jingshan Park (opposite the North gate of the forbidden city) are special highlights of the city because of their historical significance. Both are at their best in March.

Tulipor Not Tulip: If weighing the options of whether tosee Jinzhan Tulip Garden, debate no further.Only in March is the magnificence of this manifold soiree for the senses paramount.Blossoms unfurl the eyes; their scent wafts up for the nostrils. Come for the sights and scents, but stay for 21 acres of photo ops. Certain tulips can’t be viewed anywhere else in the world except at Jinzhan Tulip Garden in Chaoyang.

summer palace Summer Palace, Beijing

Temple Season: Spring is often seen as the season of rebirth and renewing in Chinese culture, therein making this time of the year to visit these sacred and architecturally astounding sites. Mystic décor, a mist of incense scented fumesand prayers from chanting monks indulge visitors in an experience like fewothers.

Ancient, mysterious and blooming withculture, no season is better than March for visiting temples. The Temple of Heaven in south west Beijing and the Lama Temple in the hutong center of Chaoyang Districtare both perfect places to discover a spiritual healing.

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