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Chengdu Muslim Restaurants

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jan. 14, 2021

Qingyang District

Tianfang Building Restaurant

Located at the center of the city, next to the Tianfu Square and the People's Park, Tianfang Building Restaurant is convenient for travelers. The restaurant primarily offers beef and mutton dishes cooked according to Muslim tradition.

The unique ethnic decorations, the pictures on the walls telling a story about the Hui people, and waiters wearing traditional Hui clothes all show the Muslim tradition.

The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere; it's bright and clean, with white table clothes.

  • Chinese name: 天方楼大饭店 Tianfanglou Dafandian
  • Recommended dishes: Roasted lamb chops (烤羊排), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), fried lamb with cumin (孜然羊肉), and noodles with bean paste/ Zhajiang mian (炸酱面).
  • Average price per person: 45 yuan
  • Opening hours: 24 hours a day
  • Address: Floor 1, Huangcheng Mosque, 108 Xiyu Street, Qingyang District (青羊区西御街108号皇城清真寺1楼)
  • Tel: 028-86144821
  • Transportation: Take bus 13, 30, 43, 47, 64, 78, or 905, and get off at Xiyu Jie (Xiyu Street/西御街).

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Yue Xiang Cun Restaurant

Yue Xiang Cun Restaurant, with a history of more than 60 years, is one of few old Muslim-style restaurants in Chengdu and popular due to its authentically tasty braised, steamed, and roasted Muslim-style dishes.

The restaurant is decorated mostly in green that is used to express gaiety by Muslim people. The ornaments such as the symbol of Star and Moon, paintings of Muslim castles, and classic texts from the Koran create a homely feeling for guests when dining.

  • Chinese name: 粤香村 Yue Xiang Cun
  • Recommended dishes: Beef soup (牛肉汤), steamed beef with rice flour (粉蒸牛肉), ox lungs in chili sauce (肺片), sautéed mutton with onions (洋葱爆羊肉), and beef and onion casserole (铁板牛肉).
  • Average price per person: 31 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9:30-21:00
  • Address: 66 Dongchenggen South Street, Qingyang District (青羊区东城根南街66号)
  • Tel: 028-86134852
  • Transportation: Take bus 30, 57, or 109, and get off at Dongchenggen Nanjie (Dongchenggen South Street/东城根南街).

Jinniu District

Huyanglin Xinjiang Style Restaurant

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Huyanglin Xinjiang Style Restaurant has beautiful scenery because of its location in Double Rivers Urban Forest Park. The restaurant serves Muslim-style delicacies with a great taste.

Mutton kebab is most popular, due to the use of rose willows in the roasting, specially brought in from Xinjiang by air.

The restaurant has the appearance of an ancient building, but the interior decorations are modern with yellow wallpaper and soft lighting, creating a warm atmosphere.

  • Chinese name: 胡杨林新疆私房菜 Huyanglin Xinjiang Sifangcai
  • Recommended dishes: Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), Kazakh-style potatoes (哈萨克洋芋), Xinjiang rice (手抓饭), roasted lamb chops (烤羊排), and roasted leg of lamb (烤羊腿).
  • Average price per person: 68 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11:00-21:00
  • Address: 17 Qingfeng Road, Jinniu District (金牛区清风路17号)
  • Tel: 028-66908566
  • Transportation: Take bus 89, and get off at Qingchunlu (Qingchuan Road/清淳路), or take bus 526, and get off at Feiwuzhi Wenhua Yichan Gongyuan (Intangible Cultural Heritage Park/非物质文化遗产公园).

Wuhou District

Huangchengba Beef Restaurant

Huangchengba Beef Restaurant primarily provides Muslim-style dishes. Its specialty, Huangcheng ox lungs in chili sauce, is highly recommended because of its unique flavor.

The restaurant is popular due to its simple decorations, warm attitude of waiters, and pleasant ambiance, but particularly for the cheap prices.

  • Chinese name: 皇城坝牛肉馆 Huangchengba Niurou Guan
  • Recommended dishes: Steamed beef with rice flour (粉蒸牛肉), beef soup (牛肉汤), Muslim-style ox lungs in chili sauce (清真肺片), beef in potato soup (番茄牛肉汤), special-flavored beef filet (飘香牛柳), double-sautéed beef with pepper and chili (牛肉回锅), ox sweetbread in sauce (凉拌牛杂), ox sweetbread soup (牛杂汤), and ox tripe (毛肚).
  • Average price per person: 30 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11:00-21:00
  • Address: 1 Xiaojiahe Street, Wuhou District (武侯区肖家河街1号)
  • Tel: 028-89657240
  • Transportation: Take bus 11, 51, 52, 111, 139, 801, 805, or 809, and get off at Yongfeng Overpass West (永丰立交桥西).
Chengdu Tour Inquiry

Huangchengba Beef Restaurant Ximian Bridge Branch 皇城坝牛肉馆洗面桥店

  • Average price per person: 114 yuan
  • Address: 27-10 Heng Street, Ximian Bridge, Wuhou District (武侯区洗面桥横街27-10号)
  • Tel: 028-85522918
  • Transportation: Take bus 8, 21, or 306.

Xinjiang Style Braised Chicken Restaurant

Xinjiang Style Braised Chicken Restaurant, a Muslim restaurant, looks like a 'greasy spoon', but the dishes here are tasty and cheap.

As its name implies, the restaurant is famous for its Xinjiang-style braised chicken; the chicken is fresh and tender, and comes with free noodles.

  • Chinese name: 新疆人正宗大盘鸡 Xinjiangren Zhengzong Dapanji
  • Recommended dishes: Hand-cut noodles (手切面), mutton kebab (羊肉串), and special-flavored tripe (风味大盘肚).
  • Average price per person: 28 yuan
  • Opening hours: 09:00-22:00
  • Address: 25 Fanghua Street, Wuhou District (武侯区芳华街25号)
  • Tel: 028-85142720
  • Transportation: Take bus 12, 77, 79, or 114, and get off at Fangcao Dongjie (Fangcao East Street/芳草东街) or take bus 59, 61, 61A, 109, or 115, and get off at Fangcao Dongjiekou (芳草东街口).

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Traditional Xinjiang Rice Restaurant

Traditional Xinjiang Rice Restaurant primarily serves Muslim dishes and snacks.

The simple but elegant decoration, orderly tables and chairs, and folk instruments hung on the walls provide a comfortable dining ambiance. Moreover, the service is good.

  • Chinese name: 新疆传统抓饭 Xinjiangren Chuantong Zhuafan
  • Recommended dishes: Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), Xinjiang rice (手抓饭), mutton kebab (羊肉串), and yogurt (酸奶).
  • Average price per person: 37 yuan
  • Address: Unit B1, Kaiyue New Building, Hongwa Temple, South Section one, 9 Ring One Road, Wuhou District (武侯一环路南一段9号红瓦寺凯悦新城B1楼)
  • Transportation: Take bus 12, 19, 27 or 27A, 34, 34A, 72, or 112, and get off at Hongwa Si (Hongwa Temple/红瓦寺).
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