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Lanzhou Railway Station

Lanzhou Railway Station

Written by AppleUpdated Jul. 17, 2023
Lanzhou Railway Station

Lanzhou Railway Station

  • Chinese Name: 兰州火车站
  • Address: 393 Huochezhan East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
  • Chinese Address: 兰州市城关区火车站东路393号

Lanzhou Railway Station is about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from Lanzhou West Railway Station and 50 kilometers (35 miles) from Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport.

Lanzhou Railway Station is located on Railway Station East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu Province. There are many railway lines running through it, such as Longhai Railway (from Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province to Lanzhou, Gansu Province), Lanxin Railway (from Lanzhou to Urumqi), Baolan Railway (from Baotou to Lanzhou) and Lanqing Railway (from Lanzhou to Xining, Qinghai Province).

Lanzhou Railway Station Basics

  • Chinese: 兰州站
  • Name on train tickets: 兰州
  • Address: 393 Huochezhan East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou 兰州市城关区火车站东路393号
  • Station size: 6 platforms, 12 platforms

Lanzhou Railway Station Service

  • Guide Service: Passengers can find advanced LED electronic information systems, different signs and electronic information boards in the waiting rooms, at the ticket barriers and at boarding zones. Station staff will take passengers with soft seat tickets to their trains. Station staff will also take those in the waiting room for infants and their mothers to their trains.
  • Retail Services: In the station there are newspaper kiosks and Xinhua Bookshops. Various magazines are also provided for reading free of charge.
  • Hot Water Service: There are places in the station where passengers can get free hot water.
  • Elderly and Disabled Service: In the first floor concourse, there are offices where senior citizens and the disabled can seek help with moving about the station. These offices are equipped with wheelchairs, stretchers and drip stands. Station staff will help the elderly and disabled to get on the trains.
  • Mother and Child Priority Service: There are mother and child rooms in the waiting room. Mothers in these waiting rooms will be taken care of by the station staff. Priority will be given to these passengers when they board a train.
  • English and Sign Language Service: An English language service is provided at the international waiting room, soft seat waiting room and the Central Ticket Checking Area. A sign language service is also provided.
  • Tools and Equipment: There are boxes at the service desk of the waiting room where passengers can find sewing equipment, screwdrivers, pliers and other hand tools.
  • Public Address Service: The Railway Station is equipped with the most advanced automatic public address system. Announcements in different languages, such as Chinese, English, Russian and Korean, will be bradcast when necessary.
  • Inquiry Service: The Inquiry Station has an automated telephone enquiry system. The inquiry line number is 010-51019999. This line can answer 60 calls at the same moment, mainly answering questions related to passengers’ transportation and station services.
  • Luggage Consignment Service: There are luggage/parcel consignment services with passenger services. Cargo transport only runs on industrial lines and accepts no passengers.

Popular Train Routes to Other Cities

Trains Destination Departure Duration Ticket Fares (hard/soft sleeper)
T176, Z22, Z152... Beijing West 15:05 to 21:10 16 to 21 hours USD 50 / USD 80
Z166, Z42, Z218... Shanghai 12:01 to 14:40 23 to 30 hours USD 60 / USD 95
Z274, K596, Z232... Xi'an 01:44 to 23:45 8 to 10.5 hours USD 26 / USD 40
K2637, K1517, K177... xining 04:42 to 18:34 2.5 to 3.5 hours USD 11 / USD 18
T176, Z22 Taiyuan 15:05, 16:30 11.5 to 13.5 hours USD 36 / USD 58
K679, T283, Z135... Urumqi 04:56 to 20:31 16.5 to 25 hours USD 57 / USD 86
Z378, Z274, K1616... Tianshui 01:31 to 23:52 4 to 5 hours USD 14 / USD 23
K9667, Y667, K367 Dunhuang 16:52 to 19:00 12 to 14.5 hours USD 38 / USD 58
K453, K679, K543... Jiayuguan 04:11 to 22:00 7 to 10 hours USD 28 / USD 42
K453, K679, K4351... Wuwei 04:11 to 22:00 3 to 5.5 hours USD 16 / USD 27
K454, K198, K1060... Chengdu 00:04 to 23:35 11 to 11.5 hours USD 30 / USD 46
Lanzhou Railway Station Lanzhou Railway Station

From Lanzhou Railway Station to Lanzhou West Railway Station

Take bus No. 1, 31 or K102 from Lanzhou Railway Station to Lanzhou West Railway Station directly. It takes around an hour for the journey.

A taxi ride between the two train stations takes around 40 minutes, with the cost of 35 CNY (USD 6).

From Lanzhou Railway station to Lanzhou Airport

By train: The most convenient and fastest way of traveling between Lanzhou Railway Station and Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport is taking a bullet train. There are 19 bullet trains in operation departing from 06:22 to 22:13, with the travel time of 47 minutes. A second class ticket cost 20 CNY (USD 3).

By bus: You can take bus No. 12, 33, 114 and 124 from Lanzhou Railway Station to NUA Business Hotel, then take a shuttle bus to the airport. The shuttle buses operate between 05:30 and 19:00. This whole journey takes around an hour and a half.

By Taxi: A taxi ride from the station to the airport takes around an hour with the cost of 150 CNY (USD 25).

Lanzhou Railway Station Special Tips

Phone Numbers

  • Station Inquiry Number: 0931-6218378
  • Station Ticket Booth Number: 0931-8828180
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