Guangzhou Muslim Restaurants

Guangzhou Muslim Restaurants

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Long famous for its remarkable Cantonese cuisine, Guangzhou now has a lot more to offer: cuisine being no exception. Muslim cuisine in China ranges from delicious Chinese dishes to appetizing Arab and Turkish cuisine to the spicy and fragrant South Asian dishes. Here are some of the renowned Muslim restaurants offering halal food in Guangzhou.

Chinese Halal Food in Guangzhou

Lanzhou NoodlesLanzhou hand-pulled noodles with beef

There are many restaurants that serve Chinese halal food. The Xinjiang Uighur cuisine is quite popular with the characteristic aroma of the barbequed kebabs being felt from afar. The traditional hand-pulled noodles are another favorite. Lanzhou lamian ('pulled noodles') restaurants can be seen in many places and this makes it easy for Muslims to find a place to dine almost anywhere in the city.

Following are five of the popular Chinese Muslim restaurants in Guangzhou.

1. Xinyue Muslim Restaurant

Xinyue Muslim Restaurant has a great reputation for its Muslim dishes such as Xinjiang-style braised chicken and self-made yogurt. The mutton and other main supplies are flown into Guangzhou ensuring their freshness and better taste. The restaurant is brilliantly furnished with Muslim ornaments, glittery chandeliers, white dining chairs, and is characterized by good service and sanitary conditions. There are singing and dancing performances in Xinjiang style in the evenings to entertain the guests.

Mutton KebabMutton kebab

2. Nur Bostan Restaurant

Roast Lamb Chopsroast lamb chops

Nur Bostan's tasty Muslim cuisine such as mutton kebab and Xinjiang-style braised chicken fascinates travelers. The dishes here maintain their Arabian food style by primarily using lamb, onion, carrot, black pepper and by using cooking methods such as roasting, deep-frying, and boiling. The distinguishing feature of this restaurant is its magnificent Turkish decor. The beautiful mosaics on the floor, the wooden tables and chairs in the garden together with Arabian music create a fine atmosphere for relaxation. The floor show is held at 7:30 PM each night.

Guangta Branch (努尔博斯坦伊斯兰餐厅 光塔路店):

3. Bogda Paradise Restaurant

Xinjiang Style Braised ChickenXinjiang style braised chicken

Its special roast whole lamb is highly recommended for its featured golden color, crispy outside and tender inside, and incredible flavor. The restaurant creates a natural environment that attracts travelers by integrating artificial green leaves suspended from the ceiling with white dining chairs, patterned tablecloths, and soft lighting.

4. Brother Muslim Restaurant

Lamb Chop with Muslim CakeLamb chop with Muslim cake

Brother Muslim Restaurant primarily offers a variety of special delicacies, such as roast whole lamb, yogurt, and Xinjiang braised chicken. The dishes are seasoned with a special ingredient, making them famous and delicious. The restaurant is decorated in a traditional Muslim style and the pendant lamp at the entrance adds glory to the dining hall. In addition, the ethnic decorations, enchanting Uygur music and Uygur waters create a nice environment providing a fine ambiance for a meal.

Brother Muslim Restaurant Dongfeng West Road Branch (兄弟穆斯林餐厅 东风西路店):

5. Hui People Restaurant

Braised Chicken braised chicken

The Hui people (Huimin) are a Chinese Muslim ethnicity. Huimin Restaurant is an old restaurant that is popular with Chinese and foreign Muslim travelers. 

It offers Muslim-style dishes, seafood, and breakfast. Its moderate price and large servings make it an affordable option for diners, and its offerings include tasty dishes and snacks on special offers that guests enjoy. Huimin Fandian is one of the famous restaurants of Guangzhou.

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Turkish

Chicken and Lamb Doner with RiceChicken and lamb doner with rice is a Turkish/Arabic dish that can be found in Guangzhou.

6. Antalya

Located in a line of Muslim restaurants, this is a popular choice for many. It serves a large collection of dishes from starters and salads to a variety of kebabs, main dishes, and desserts. You can have a taste of tabouleh salad, hummus, lahmacun, doner kebabs, kibbeh and Turkish hotpot among many other dishes. There is a separate place for prayer.

Other Arab/Turkish Restaurants in this same area are Bophorus Turkish, Rafidien, Andalus and Shami House

7. Shahrayar Café

Shahrayar Café is an Arabian style coffee shop that offers coffee, special Arabian style food, and Western food. The dishes here are delicious and have a fine color and flavor. 

The shop is decorated with exquisite ornaments such as crystal chandeliers and colored lights in eastern and western styles. The uniqueness of the atmosphere is enhanced by the Arabian music and Middle Eastern television programs.

South Asian

Seekh Kebab with Naan and ChutneySeekh kebab with naan and chutney is a Pakistani/Indian halal dish found in China.

Some smaller restaurants offer Pakistani/Indian halal food which is loved by many for its unique cuisine full of spice and flavor. The delicious karahi (meat curry), pulao and biryani (rice cooked with meat), kebabs and spicy daal (lentils) are famous dishes unique to this cuisine.

8. Al Madina

Al Madina restaurant located in a busy trading area is one such restaurant. It is quite small and crowded but is popular among Pakistani, Indian, African and Chinese people.

Another branch is in Deng Feng hotel at Xiatang, Xiaobei.

Other Muslim restaurants in the vicinity (Sanyuanli area) are Ka Shiteshi, Qinghai Muslim restaurant, and Makkah Restaurant.

Touring Guangzhou with Us

Guangzhou's Chimelong CircusThe Chimelong Circus is one of Guangzhou's main tourist highlights.

Once Guangzhou was a dreary business city for wholesale shoppers, now it is a tourist destination in it own right with megascale Chimelong multi-them-park resort, Canton Tower, and some of the world's tallest observation decks/tower/mall complexes.

We can help you discover the new Guangzhou.

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