The Best Seafood Restaurants in Hong Kong
Hong Kong

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Hong Kong

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
sea foodHong Kong has world class seafood!

Hong Kong is one of the world's biggest port cities and fishing and Cantonese-style seafood are Hong Kong traditions. Some of Hong Kong's top seafood restaurants are classy and known around the world; others are lesser-known but still special travel highlights.

Hong Kong has some of the world's best seafood restaurants for:

These 10 seafood restaurant recommendations and are arranged by price, most expensive first. Look for a restaurant that matches your tastes, mood, and budget...

1. Sushi Shikon for Gourmet Japanese

This Tokyo style sushi seafood restaurant received three Michelin stars in 2014 and every year since including 2019. Sushi connoisseurs who expect the best flown direct from Japan can get it at this small restaurant, but the price is very high: about 400 to 600 USD for a meal.

For most tourists, a meal will be an education on what the best Japanese style of seafood is like. Expect eating delicious things from the sea you have never heard of and maybe the best meal of your life.

2. Sky High Tenku Ryu Gin Japanese

The Ritz-Carlton Hong KongTenku Ryu Gin has panoramic views on the 101st floor of the ICC Tower.

Very good seafood, the location on the 101st floor of the ICC Tower like the Sky100 observation deck, and 2 Michelin stars in 2019 all make this a tourist dining highlight.

It is expensive, but considering that the ticket for the Sky100 is about 150 or 200 HKD depending on the day, you may find that the excellent dining experience is a deal for tourists. It is about the best Japanese food available locally.

3. Ming Court for Gourmet Cantonese Seafood

Ming Court was selected as a Michelin 2-star restaurant for 2010, retained it in 2016, but in 2018 and 2019, it is rated 1 star. It features Cantonese cuisine and is in the 5-star Cordis Hotel. The exquisite traditional Chinese decoration provides relaxing atmosphere. It has had a long and successful career.

4. Jumbo and Tai Pak - Landmark Cantonese Restaurants in Aberdeen Harbour

AberdeenBoats in Aberdeen Harbour

Jumbo: Hong Kong's best known seafood restaurants are next to each other in the Aberdeen harbor and called Jumbo and Tai Pak. They are recognized around the world as a Hong Kong landmark and are owned by the same company.

You’ve probably seen the two ships already in James Bond, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movies. Famous visitors include John Wayne, Queen Elizabeth, and Tom Cruise. Tai Pak seats 400, and Jumbo seats 2,000.

Scenery and activities: People enjoy the scenery, a variety of food and decor, and the bright lights and color. Victoria Peak is part of the backdrop, and Ocean Park is nearby. Part of the fun is the short free boat ride to the restaurants. There are also sampan rides for an additional charge (~70 HKD, ~30 minutes).

Tourist spot: Expect high prices and tourist crowds, but less than high quality food and service compared to the others on this page. People go mainly for the novelty and scenery.

5. Lei Garden for Cantonese Dim Sum and Great Imported Seafood

The Lei Garden in the IFC MallThe Lei Garden in the IFC

Lei Garden isn't specifically a seafood restaurant, but one of their specialties is seafood. It is a dim sum chain known for being one of the world's lowest priced Michelin restaurants. In 2019, a total of 3 branches received 1 star ratings: the Mong Kok, Kwun Tong, and North Point branches. This one in the IFC didn't make it on the list this year. The dishes are so exquisite that they look like artworks.

Signature seafood dishes include items flown in from around the world such as Australian Lobster, Australian Abalone, and Canadian Geo-Duck.

See How to Have Dim Sum and Yum Cha in Hong Kong.

6. Loaf On for Low Priced Cantonese Gourmet Seafood

Loaf On has been a Michelin starred restaurant for years and received one for 2019 too. It is special for tourists because not only is the seafood unusually good and fresh, but the prices are very low for a starred restaurant. You can enjoy a meal for the equivalent of what you'd pay in the city for even a low priced common restaurant dinner.

Reputation: The quality of the food is very good, but the restaurant’s décor isn’t ritzy. It’s simple, and the food is fresh. Many selections are swimming in tanks.

Activities: It is in Sai Kung near some favorite beaches and natural country parks with hiking paths that hikers and campers like.

7. Under Bridge (Qiao Tei) Spicy Crab Cantonese Seafood

This restaurant is well known in Kong Kong and gets many tourists. It is known for its seafood as per its name. Tourists want their spicy, burning crab and lobster dishes. But the restaurant is also popular for dim sum, both seafood and non seafood. The seafood is a little pricey.

Convenient for shoppers: It is in a good location for tourists who want to shop in that it is in between the Causeway Bay and Wanchai retail centers near Wanchai Station. There are actually three venues near each other, so you have a choice.

8. Harvest Seafood Buffet in Noah's Ark Theme Park

Excellent food in an interesting scenic environment

Harvest Restaurant stands out as interesting. The sea scenery is excellent, and it has a public beachfront all to itself at the region's newest theme park called Noah's Ark. It is a special treat for children and tourists. You’ll find an excellent selection of good quality food, good views, a pleasant environment on a public beach, and a relatively low dinner price.

Scenic setting and activities: The scenery is unusually beautiful and epic. It is right on Tung Wan beach next to the free Ma Wan Park and in the ark in Noah's Ark theme park on Ma Wan Island. Guests may dine "under the stars" as special outdoor "Al Fresco" dining on the beach.

There is a wonderful view of the water and islands. It is under Tsing Ma Bridge, and Ting Kau Bridge and more beautiful scenery is a short walk away. Ma Wan Park has a free historical museum that would make for a fun family outing as does the excellent public beach.

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9. Bubba Gump American Seafood Restaurant in the High Peak Tower

This isn't at all a Michelin star restaurant, and it doesn't aim to be. But it is a fun tourist restaurant for tourists who want to visit something like an American bayou country restaurant. It has one of Hong Kong's best views from the top of Victoria Peak It is a theme restaurant based on Forrest Gump.

Variety of food: Shrimp take the “leading role” there. Other non-seafood American food is served too such as steak, salad, bread, and red wine.

Tourist favorite: It overlooks Victoria Harbour with an amazing view of the colorful nighttime skyline. These are Hong Kong' favorite tourist spots.

Sightseeing: There are walking paths and sightseeing overlooks on top of the peak. So this is a place to stop in for refreshments or a meal after a walk.

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10. The London Restaurant for Old-Style

If you want to experience a noisy, crowded restaurant popular with locals, this is the place to go. The large dining area holds masses of people, and so prices are kept down. During the day, the restaurant is crowded with people who want their good dim sum, and there is a big variety of choices.

Seafood: The restaurant specializes in seafood dinners, but they also serve good seafood dim sum.

It is convenient for tourists: It is near Mong Kok Station. It is a little bit up Nathan Road from the shopping and sightseeing section of Nathan Road Golden Mile.

If you are in Mong Kok or Tsim Sha Tsui, you might consider going there for an "old fashioned" Cantonese experience. They have an English menu. But don't expect high class service.

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