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12 Top Things to Do in Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the busiest and most touristy districts in Hong Kong. It is located at the south end of Kowloon, with Central and Wan Chai opposite across Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island.

In this district, you can visit famous attractions, shop in duty-free shops and skyscraper malls, eat local snacks and dishes, or visit interesting museums with your kids. Here, we have listed the top experiences for you to enjoy when you visit Tsim Sha Tsui.

1. Ride the Star Ferry

The Star Ferry boat ride is a popular and widely praised experience in Hong Kong. The ferry can take you on a trip between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui (12 minutes), or you can travel around Victoria Harbour (1 hour).

In Tsim Sha Tsui, passengers get on and off the ferry at Star Ferry Pier. The ferry boat takes you out of the busy metropolis for a short while, offering a relaxing time with good views of the sea, mountains, and skyline.

Check everything you need to know about the Star Ferry, including where to get on board, the routes, and why it is popular.

2. Walk Along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Victoria HarbourVictoria Harbour

The most iconic buildings and sceneries of Hong Kong are concentrated in Victoria Harbour, and Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is the best place to enjoy the views. Don't miss this when you visit Hong Kong!

You can start from the Star Ferry Pier and see famous landmarks and attractions in turn: the Clock Tower, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Avenue of Stars.

If you have enough time, it is possible to enjoy a leisurely day in Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. Avoid the busy morning rush hours and arrive at about 10am, then walk at your own pace to visit the attractions along the way. In the evening, you can sit on a bench watching the sun sink over the harbor and see the lights as they gradually light up.

3. Visit the Avenue of Stars

Bruce Lee's statue in Avenue of StarsBruce Lee's statue in Avenue of Stars

Renewed and reopened in January 2019, the Avenue of Stars has been upgraded to a garden themed around Hong Kong's history and Hong Kong movies.

There are over 100 plaques of hand prints by famous Hong Kong movie stars and directors on the handrails. You can try to find the hand prints belonging to Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, and John Woo, or take a photo with the bronze statue of Bruce Lee.

The Avenue of Stars is also a good place to admire the characteristic buildings along the coast of Hong Kong Island and the night scenery of Victoria Harbour.

4. Go Shopping Along Nathan Road

Nathan RoadNathan Road

Nathan Road is the main artery across the north and south of Tsim Sha Tsui and is the most bustling street, with crowds of shoppers there all day long. The 3.6 kilometer street is filled with world-famous brand stores, shopping malls, and restaurants.

You may also have the chance to enjoy some live music played by bands at the side of the road.

As well as Nathan Road, there are more large shopping malls in Canton Road, Salisbury Road, and Kowloon Park Drive. Are you ready to experience the city of shopping?

5. Discover the Small Alleys

Besides the resplendent stores and malls, the small alleys on both sides of the venues are absolutely worth discovering. There are no famous brand boutiques but you'll find interesting objects liked by local people. Some restaurants offering authentic local food are more likely to be found in these alleys.

6. Taste Local Dishes in Ashley Road

Hong Kong dim sumHong Kong dim sum

If you are feeling tired while shopping, Ashley Road is located between Nathan Road and Canton Road, and this is a good place to have a rest and enjoy some food. You can find some of the best Hong Kong dim sum there as well as traditional Chinese food, European delicacies, and Japanese and Korean dishes.

You are also welcomed at night in Ashley Road as some restaurants and bars operate late at night.

Besides Ashley Road, you can discover more things to eat in Knutsford Terrace, Hillwood Road, and Kimberley Street.

7. Admire the Night View of Victoria Harbour

The dark night never fades the brightness of Hong Kong city because the city is lit up again by colorful lights. The night view of Victoria Harbour ranks at the top of most travelers' must-see lists. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is one of the best places to admire the night view.

A Symphony of Lights (幻彩詠香江) is a light and sound show that is performed every night at 8pm. This is a spectacular show with 47 buildings participating in it on the coast of Victoria Harbour. With a symphony played by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, searchlights, lasers, and wide screens, this is a show you should not miss.

8. Visit Museums of History or Science

Tsim Sha Tsui has some of the best museums in Hong Kong:

  • Located at 100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, the Hong Kong Museum of History instructs on the whole of Hong Kong's history, from prehistoric times to the present.
  • The Hong Kong Science Museum is located next to the history museum. This is a more interesting place for your kids due to the interactive exhibits.
  • The egg-shaped architecture of the Hong Kong Space Museum is one of the landmarks in Salisbury Road. It is based on astronomy and space science with some of the most advanced facilities in the world.

9. Visit Characteristic Architectures

Hong KongHong Kong

Its colonial history has left Hong Kong with a lot of characteristic architectural structures, some of which may have a history dating back to a century ago. If you are traveling with us, your guide will tell you the stories and history behind the buildings you see. This is a good chance to learn about some of Hong Kong's history.

Famous buildings in Tsim Sha Tsui:

  • The Clock Tower is a landmark, which was built about 100 years ago and is still functioning today. When you get off from the Star Ferry, you will see the tower standing at the side of the pier.
  • The former Marine Police Headquarters is located at the junction of Canton Road and Salisbury Road. This Victorian building was the headquarters of the Marine Police from 1884 to 1997 and has now been reformed as a cultural hotel.

10. Enjoy Festivals in Victoria Harbour

Celebrate festivals in Hong KongCelebrate festivals in Hong Kong

Tsim Sha Tsui is a popular place for Hong Kong people to celebrate festivals. Every Christmas and New Year's Eve, the shopping malls near Victoria Harbour are decorated with festive decorations.

Ocean Terminal will have stereo decorations and music shows - this is also a good place to go for the New Year countdown event.

During Chinese New Year and important memorial days, Victoria Harbour will have firework shows at night. Some local people may arrive there in the afternoon in order to have a good place for the show.

11. Experience a Multicultural Makeup in Chungking Mansions

Chungking Mansions is a series of buildings located in Nathan Road. Nowadays, residents from over 100 countries live there. Most of them come from South Asia, some are from Africa and the Middle East, and others are from Western countries. It can be said to be a tiny United Nations.

Time magazine once commented that Chungking Mansions is the best place to reflect globalization and the multicultural characteristics of Hong Kong. It is also one of the top accommodation choices for young backpackers.

The environment and security in Chungking Mansions used to be in chaos, but things have changed in the last decade. However, you are still recommended to visit there with a guide.

12. Enjoy Some Leisure Time in Kowloon Park

Kowloon ParkKowloon Park

Kowloon Park is the largest park in Tsim Sha Tsui with over 20 sections. Located in the busy Nathan Road, it is a wonderful place to have some rest when you feel tired after lots of walking.

The north part of the park is for your kids: there are cartoon-style statues, a house with giant parrots, and a maze-like garden. In the southern part of the park, you can see the rose garden, modern statues, and a bird lake.

Visit Tsim Sha Tsui with Us

Tsim Sha Tsui is like a treasure chest for travelers. Visit Tsim Sha Tsui with us and you can travel with a local English-speaking guide who will introduce you to the places you might like. No matter what experience you want and how late you wish to stay outside, your guide will be with you and offer you the best advice.

Just tell us your requirements and we'll arrange a private guide for you.

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