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Avenue of Stars — New and Improved, To Reopen in 2019

One of Hong Kong's most popular places is the Avenue of Stars promenade (星光大道) on Victoria Harbor. With the best waterfront view of the harbor and convenient transportation, millions come every year for the skyline, harbor and mountain scenery, to watch the daily Symphony of Lights, and catch the fireworks shows on various holidays such as New Years.

As of 2018, the Avenue of Stars is temporarily closed for a makeover expected to last until the spring of 2019. When it reopens, the government expects an increase of visitors, so additional passageways to the promenade are being created as well.

Temporary Garden of Stars: Note that some of the statues such as the Bruce Lee statue below and other memorabilia were moved to a small plaza and garden area on the corner of Chatham Road and Salisbury Road above the Tsim Sha Tsui East MTR station close to the Avenue of Stars.


avenue of starsBruce Lee at the Avenue of Stars

The new Avenue of Stars is basically a promenade with landscaped gardens and greenery on the shore of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor that is modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The main Avenue of Stars stretches a total length of 440 meters (1,440 feet) from Hong Kong Museum of Art to New World Center.

The shoreline walkway extends westwards an additional three hundred meters to the Star Ferry terminal. This part of the promenade is generally considered to be a part of the Avenue of Stars as well. It presents the best harbor sightseeing and light show views.

New Details for 2019

The Symphony of LightsThe Symphony of Lights features choreographed building lights.

When the revamped promenade area reopens in 2019, it will have 8 times more green space, 7 times more shady space, and much more seating than was available in the past to handle the increased crowds.

It is expected that the crowds, especially of mainland tourists, will increase to enjoy its new features, the recently improved Symphony of Light show, and the 3D pulse light show. Also, the bullet train direct from China is scheduled to begin operation in late 2018 or early 2019 bringing additional tens of thousands of Chinese visitors to the harbor area.

What to See

The names and hand prints of about 110 distinguished Hong Kong film stars such as Jackie Chan and Andy Lau are embedded in special plaques that are arranged chronologically on the promenade in order to commemorate the history of the film industry in Hong Kong. There are also metal sculptures of Hong Kong actors or film industry figures such as Bruce Lee. The balustrades will be installed with LED lighting.

Hong Kong skyline: Seeing the famous Hong Kong skyline with the Victoria Peak backdrop is rated number two of all the Things to Do on TripAdvisor. The Avenue of Stars is the best place to catch the view, and at 8 pm, as part of the Symphony of Lights show, music and dialogue are played.

Symphony of Lights

The Symphony of LightsThe Symphony of Lights in Victoria Harbor seen from the Avenue of Stars

The Symphony of Lights (幻彩詠香江) has been improved substantially with new version appearing in December of 2017. Unfortunately, the promenade renovation has kept visitors from fully appreciating the improved symphonic music track, the less blaring dialogue, and the much brighter lightning and enhanced LED effects.

Once the promenade is open, the crowds will better appreciate the new light show. The stands to the west of the Avenue of Stars are a good place to relax and watch the show, but get there by 7 pm or so to enjoy a good seat.

The 3D Pulse light show fills up the side of the Hong Kong Cultural Center with colorful animation, video and laser light effects turning the huge 200 meter-long featureless concave facade into a super-wide screen theater. The light show runs during holiday periods such as Chinese New Year and Christmas and Hong Kong Winter Fest seasons.

To watch this, try to get a place in the plaza between the Cultural Center and the Star Ferry around the old English-style Clock Tower. For information and times for the 3D Pulse show (times change every year) and the New Year fireworks, see our annual Christmas in Hong Kong for details.


Hong Kong New Year fireworks displayHong Kong Chinese New Year fireworks

In order to promote tourism and the large Hong Kong film industry that is influential in Asia, the Hong Kong Tourism Board and some branches of the Hong Kong government built this pedestrian area.

The opening ceremony was held on April 27, 2004. The project cost about 5,000,000 USD. Actors, singers, directors and other stars put their handprints in cement, and these cement blocks are inlaid in the sidewalk.

In August 2015, the Hong Kong government announced that they would redevelop and expand the walkway and that it would be closed off for three years. The renovation is controversial, but it was originally expected to cost 100 million HKD (12 million USD).

Travel Information

  • Best time to visit: Hong Kong is still fairly warm, sunny and drier in from September to December as the weather in the rest of China turns blustery and colder.
  • Hours: It is an open sidewalk, but generally people come between dawn and 10 PM. To avoid crowds, come before 10 am in the morning.
  • Cost: There is no admission fee.

How to Get There

By MTR: Get off at East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, and then follow the sign to the Avenue of Stars or get off at Tsim Sha Tsui Station, walk down Nathan Road, and take the pedestrian underpass.

By bus: Take bus no 1, 2, 6, 7, 8A, or 9 and others and get off by the Hong Kong Cultural Center/Star Ferry bus stop and walk to the promenade.

By ferry: Take the Star Ferry and get off at the Star Ferry pier.

From the West Kowloon Station: This is the end station of the Kowloon to China bullet trains. Travel is somewhat difficult from this area, so the best way to get to the Avenue of Stars is via taxi. Alternatively, you could walk over to the Austin Station in a few minutes and take the MTR to East Tsim Sha Tsui.

Nearby Attractions

The ICC Tower in Hong KongThe ICC Tower, a big part of the light show, dominates the skyline in Kowloon.

Visiting the Avenue of Stars puts you in the center of some amazing and popular tourist attractions such as the biggest mall in Hong Kong, Bay Harbour Mall, the Star Ferry, a top regional highlight in it own right, very tall towers such as the ICC, as well as:

  • The Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Cultural Center mentioned above,
  • the Space Museum where you can catch an OMNIMAX-style movie in their IMAX Theater,
  • and about a twenty-five minute walk away from the Avenue of the Stars, the adjacent Hong Kong Museum of History and the Science Museum.

Touring Hong Kong Your Way

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