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How to Spend a Night in Kunming

In the daytime, you will feast your eyes on Kunming's fascinating scenery. At night, the most exciting thing should be immersing yourself into the vibrant nightlife. Kunming's nightlife is fairly lively with busy night markets, soft rock style bars, theme clubs, and theaters.

Kunming Night MarketKunming Night Market

Top Night Markets

The epicenter of Kunming's nightlife is Kundu Night Market. It is a nice place for leisure and entertainment, eating, drinking, and shopping. There you can find snack shops, cafés, tea houses, souvenir shops, bars, and KTVs (karaoke). When night falls, Kundu is crowded with local people and tourists.
Address: 78 Xinwen Road, downtown Kunming

Wenhua Street is another place to go for nightlife. Being adjacent to three colleges, this street is lined with restaurants, dessert shops, cafés, clothing stores, and so on. You can taste all kinds of local food from Yunnan, and do some shopping there. It is not only a place for students and local people, but also attracts many foreigners.
Address: Wenhua Street, Wuhua District

Also, the streets around Green Lake Park are ideal places for enjoying some nightlife. You can take a stroll in the park, order a cup of coffee and chat with your friends in a café, or look for excitement in a karaoke establishment.

Top Show

Yunnan Impression ShowYunnan Impression Show

The fantastic Yunnan ethnic folk dance performances are one of the most wonderful nightlife activities.

Yunnan Impression Show, also called Dynamic Yunnan, is an impressive song and dance performance featuring Yunnan ethnic minorities. It was directed by China’s famous dancer, Yang Liping, who was hailed as the "Peacock Princess". The highlight of this show is the peacock dance, which is performed by female dancers inspired by the movements of a peafowl.

Address: Yunnan Art Theater, 132–134 Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District
Time: 8pm–9:30pm (Monday–Sunday)
How to get there: Take bus K3, 5, 10, K13, 26, 52, 82, 84, 116, 207, 919, or B1, and get off at the station for Yunnan Art Theater.

Bars and Pubs

After a whole day's sightseeing, it is a good idea to spend some time in a bar or pub where you can relax and have close contact with local people. Here are some famous bars and pubs in Kunming:

O'Reilly's Irish Pub: The pub is decorated in an Irish style and offers a taste of real Ireland. It is said that it was the first Irish pub in southern China and the most authentic Irish pub in the whole of China.
Address: Beichen Pedestrian Street B13, Kunming

Hump Pub: This is one of the most famous pubs in Kunming and provides food, wine, beer, and an Internet service.
Address: Jinbi Plaza, Wuhua District

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