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Luoyang National Peony Garden: See the Stunning Peonies

Luoyang National Peony Garden: See the Stunning Peonies

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Feb. 5, 2021
Beautiful PeoniesBeautiful peonies are blooming in the Luoyang National Peony Garden.

Luoyang is renowned as being ‘the city of peonies’. The city has long been famous for its beautiful peonies. A poem states that ’only the peony is really a national beauty with its bloom shocking the capital’.

Luoyang National Peony Garden is the best place to see the national flower of China. It is also the only National Peony Genetic Storehouse in China. We’ve gathered together some information about the peonies in the garden for you here.

  • Chinese: 洛阳国家牡丹园 Luòyáng Guójiā Mǔdān Yuán /lwor-yang gwor-jyah moo-dan ywhen/
  • Popular activities: seeing peonies and other sightseeing
  • Established: 1978
  • Must-sees: different types of peonies
  • Suited to: anyone, especially those who love flowers
  • Time needed: 1–2 hours

5 Numbers Relating to Luoyang National Peony Garden

  • It covers an area of 46 hectares.
  • It includes more than 600 domestic varieties of peony.
  • It has introduced over 100 foreign varieties.
  • It has cultivated more than 70 new breeds.
  • It has over 1 million peony plants of 1,200 different varieties.

3 Features of the Stunning Peonies in Luoyang National Peony Garden

Flamboyant Colors

Peonies in different colors are a big draw to the garden. You can not only enjoy red and pink peonies but can also see many rare colors, such as white, yellow, green, and lilac. Strolling in the garden is like being in a sea of flowers.

The most impressive is the “black peony”, which you shouldn’t miss. The “black peony” has a purple/black color. This is a rare color in flowers and there aren’t as many black peonies as other colors. It is not easy to find this variety in the big garden. If a peony flower is in the shade of its leaves, it may be a black peony.

A Big Flower

Another highlight in Luoyang National Peony Garden is the “peony king”, which is 1,600 years old. The plant reaches a height of 2.5 meters (8 feet) and the flower itself is pretty large, at about 13–20 cm (5–8 inches) in diameter.

Lasting Florescence

The lasting florescence allows visitors to enjoy the peonies for longer. Because the garden is located in the north of Luoyang and the temperature is lower than in the downtown area, the florescence lasts longer.

The first blooms appear from April 5 to 10. Five hundred or so types of rare peonies will be in full bloom from April 11 to 20 and another 200 species usually flower later, from April 21 to May 4.

Archaistic Architectures in Luoyang National Peony Garden

The architectures in the garden have retained the romantic charm of the Sui (581–618) and Tang dynasties (618–907) as well as the private garden styles of the Song (960–1279) and Ming dynasties (1368–1644).

There are more than 10 ancient pavilions, peony cloisters, and sculptures. An artificial lake, waterfall, and landscape water system add dynamic beauty to the park.

PeonyPeony is a symbol of happiness.

Peony (Symbol of Auspiciousness, Happiness, and Prosperity)

The peony has been called the ‘king of flowers’ for its gorgeous charm and unbelievably beauty. The peony is a symbol of grace in China.

Ancient Chinese poets once compared the peony with beautiful, elegant ladies and thought the two were equally pleasant to the eye. Because of its beauty and good symbolic meaning, Chinese people adore it.

Peonies in Luoyang Are the Most Gorgeous

Maybe you have heard the proverb that Luoyang’s peonies are the finest under heaven. Because of the fertile land and good climate, Luoyang is the most suitable region for flowers, especially peonies. Find out about Luoyang’s weather.

Luoyang has a long history of planting peonies, beginning in the ancient Sui Dynasty, over 1,000 years ago. Many famous gardens for peonies were built and peonies were planted on a massive scale.

Luoyang Peony Fair (from April 1 to May 5)

Luoyang’s peonies have been famous for a long time both in China and abroad. Luoyang Peony Fair or Luoyang Peony Culture Festival has become Luoyang's new visiting card. Luoyang National Peony Garden is one of the main venues for Luoyang Peony Fair. Each year, in late spring when the peonies are in full bloom, droves of people swarm there to enjoy the stunningly beautiful flowers.

During the festival, hundreds of peonies from Japan, Europe, and the United States are on display, along with a photo exhibition and a popular science exhibition about peonies. There is also an Asian food festival, a folk arts show, and amusement activities for children.

The Best Time for a Tour

April is a good time to visit, especially mid-April. In late spring, most of the peonies reach their peak bloom. The whole garden is decorated with all kinds of peonies in different sizes and colors.

Travel Essentials for Planning a Tour

  • Time: 6:30am–7pm
  • Transport: It is about 6 km (4 miles) from Luoyang Railway Station, which is 20 minutes’ drive, and 16 km (10 miles) from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station, which is 50 minutes’ drive. Alternatively, you can take bus 51.


During the Luoyang Peony Fair (from April 1 to May 5), many tourists visit Luoyang. We advise you to book a hotel and train tickets in advance.

It will be a bit crowded during the festival. Visiting on a weekday is better. For a better travel experience, we suggest a private tour. Our local guides can prepare tickets in advance and you will be escorted in a private car.

Customers travel with usCustomers travel with us.

Nearby Attraction

Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum: Many typical tombs, vividly painted murals, valuable relics, and a number of pottery figures are on display there. It is about 6 km (4 miles) from Luoyang National Peony Garden.

Start a Wonderful Tour with Us

Luoyang’s peonies are world-famous. If you love peonies, don’t miss the chance to see these graceful flowers in Luoyang. Contact us and we will create an unforgettable trip for you to enjoy the beauty of the peonies and to show you the charm of Luoyang.

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