Shenzhen Restaurants - 10 Recommendations for Tourists

Shenzhen Restaurants - 10 Recommendations for Tourists

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
Eating Chinese Food in a Local RestaurantEnjoying Chinese food in a local restaurant

The migration of large numbers of people from all over China means you’ll find cuisines from all over the country in Shenzhen. Additionally, there are other Asian restaurants and Western-style restaurants in the city.

Here is our selection of the best Chinese, Western, vegetarian, Muslim, Southeast Asian, and Indian restaurants.

Chinese Restaurants

The most common Chinese restaurants are the local Cantonese restaurants. Tourists especially like the dim sum and noodle dishes. You'll find restaurants from every region of China.

1. Jin Yue Xuan in Futian District - Cantonese Dim Sum

Dim SumCantonese dim sum

Of all the Cantonese foods, dim sum is the favorite for foreigners. The dim sum and good air-conditioning both make Jin Yue Xuan a popular venue with foreigners. Dim sum are served from 8am to 2pm, and elegant dinners including seafood dishes are served in the evenings.

Best dishes you should try: crystal dumplings, all kinds of seafood

2. Haidilao Hot Pot

Haidilao Hot Pot RestaurantHaidilao Hot Pot Restaurant

This is a popular hot pot restaurant chain that is liked by local people. You should try the tasty cuisine served there and enjoy the excellent service. There are eight branches in Shenzhen. Search for “Haidilao” on your smartphone’s map to find out where the nearest one is.

Best dishes you should try: tomato hot pot, spicy beef hot pot, mushroom hot pot

3. Shang Palace

Decorated in an elegant style, Shang Palace provides both traditional and creative local dishes. The Cantonese dim sum provided at lunchtime are recommended.

Best dishes you should try: mushroom and chicken soup, crispy skin pork

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Western Restaurants

As one of China's richest cities with Westerners passing through by the tens of thousands daily, there are many good Western restaurants to choose from in many styles. Here is our recommended list for tourists/travelers.

4. Trattoria d'Angelo - Sea World

Sea WorldSea World has a lot of popular restaurants and has this big restaurant/hotel boat.

For fine dining and authentic Italian food, this rates very highly with a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. There is an Italian chef and the restaurant has European management but the staff members are Chinese.

Best dishes you should try: lamb chop with vegetables, lasagna, seafood pizza

5. Feast Signature Restaurant

This restaurant provides a great seaside view and an impressive buffet. Besides the usual Western types of food, such as bread, sausage, salad, and juice, the restaurant also provides characteristic local food for you to discover.

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Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Muslim Restaurants

6. Yes Thai - COCO Park in Futian District

Thailand CuisineEnjoy Thailand cuisine in Shenzhen

Yes Thai is in a mall area that is popular with foreigners and expats (购物公园 in Chinese). It is a large restaurant with tables both inside and outside. The restaurant mainly serves Thai dishes and specializes in curries that are popular with foreigners, such as crab curry, beef curry, and stir-fried shrimp curry.

Best dishes you should try: tom yam goong soup, beef curry, shrimp curry

Shenzhen has numerous Muslim restaurants. Most of these serve cheap Lanzhou noodles made by hand and are not particularly noteworthy. There are some Southeast Asian and Indian restaurants too.

See more information about Muslim restaurants in Shenzhen.

Luxury Restaurants

In Shenzhen, you can not only find affordable restaurants but also luxury restaurants using the best ingredients and applying both historical and traditional cooking methods as well as providing a top-level service.

7. Longteng Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant

Enjoy a Large Seafood Feast in ShenzhenEnjoy a large seafood feast in Shenzhen

This is said to be the most expensive seafood restaurant in Shenzhen, offering rare seafood dishes and traditional local cuisines.

Best dishes you should try: oyster juice with chicken feet, rice soup

8. Decanter

You Can Have By-spoken Menu here.You can have by-spoken menu here.

Located 430 meters above the city, guests can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Shenzhen while tasting the dishes. There are no menus so you can simply telephone the restaurant to let the staff members know what you’d like to eat in advance, and they will try their best to prepare whatever you want.

Best dishes you should try: There is no menu so call the restaurant in advance to choose whatever you would like to eat.

Romantic Restaurants for Couples

Besides being a fast-developing metropolis, Shenzhen is also a place to seek some romance. Some themed restaurants there can be the top choices for couples.

9. Happy Train Restaurant

This is a nostalgic restaurant. Little model trains run on rails carrying dishes of food. You pick the food you want from the train and then cook it in a hot pot, which is an interesting and romantic experience.

Best dishes you should try: fatty beef, green orange juice

Vegetarian Restaurants

Soybean and TofuChinese like to make vegetarian dishes that look like meat.

Shenzhen has many vegetarian restaurants.

10. Yunlaiju, Dongmen Branch

This restaurant is notable for tourists/travelers since it is in the Dongmen pedestrian shopping area. It is easy to reach via the metro.

Best dishes you should try: walnut bun, fried tofu bulb

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Tour Shenzhen with Us

Taste Shenzhen Food with us!Taste Shenzhen food with us!

Since dining well is an important part of touring, it would be helpful to have a local guide who can give you some insider recommendations on where and what to eat. Our guides ensure that you order only the best Chinese cuisine or other styles specifically suited to your tastes. See our most popular tours:

We can modify these suggestions to tailor-make a Shenzhen tour for you.

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