Shenzhen Western Restaurants

Shenzhen Western Restaurants

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

We chose Western restaurants in areas in Shenzhen most tourists and travellers will go such as Futian, Sea World, and Window of the World areas. These recommended restaurants are popular with Westerners and include Italian, Greek, Australian, French, and Taiwanese-Western styles.

Trattoria D'Angelo in Sea World

Shenzhen Sea World Restaurant and HotelSea World's main landmark is this big restaurant/hotel boat.

For fine dining and fine authentic Italian food, this rates very high with a Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor in 2016. There is an Italian chef and European management, but the staff are Chinese. Ranked 24 of 3,913 Restaurants on TripAdvisor in 2016.

Sea World is a touristy restaurant and hotel area in a upper income expat enclave. Sea World ranks number 1 for Fun and Games in Shenzhen in TripAdvisor (2016), and there is a mix of popular Chinese, international, and chain restaurants. You can expect higher prices with a more Western and less stressful and disorientating feel.

Shark Restaurant for Mediterrenean Seafood — Sea World

People enjoy a broad range of Mediterranean (Italilan/Greek) dishes and pizza. The chef is Italian. The restaurant is in Sea World that is an area popular with a tourists and foreigners. Rated 8 of 3,915 Restaurants in Shenzhen on TripAdvisor in 2016.

There are two restaurants under the same ownership, a busier one in Futian and this one. The very high rating is split between.

Stone Grill — Futian (Near Border)

The "stone roasted" cuisine of this restaurant is special. Their specialty is fresh and juicy Australian steak cooking on hot plates that they set before you. Other choices for stone roasted food include shrimp, salmon, mushrooms and so on. Their set meals are suitable for one person or a couple and include salad, soup, drinks, and main dishes. Subdued light and candles make this restaurant a first-choice for many to have dinner and relax. Rated 719 of 3,915 Restaurants in Shenzhen.

Wang Steak at Window of the World (华侨城店)

 Happy valleyWindow of the World is one of the most popular local theme parks.

This restaurant is part of a large Taiwanese restaurant chain that has many steak restaurants in cities in China. This one is near the large Overseas Chinese Town with four large theme parks parks including Window of the World and Splendid China. Only set meals are served here, and the bread set before the main dishes is tasty. Their steak is famous, but don't expect exactly Western flavors or style. Rated 86 of 3,915 Restaurants in Shenzhen.

Blue Italian Restaurant — Window of the World

Like Wang Steak, this one is also in the Window of the World area. The decor is in blue, and it is popular with foreigners. The price is much higher than other restaurants. The dishes in this restaurant are so exquisite that they look like works of art. There are various kinds of wines available. Ranked 84 of 3,914 Restaurants on TripAdvisor 2016.

Take a Shenzhen Food Tour with China Highlights

China Highlights Customers DiningOur customers enjoying a dinner in a Chinese restaurant.

Since dining well is an important part of touring, it would be helpful to have a local guide who can give you some insider recommendations on where and what to eat.

You can contact us for information about restaurants or food in Shenzhen or to tailor-make for you a Shenzhen tour.

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