Hong Kong's Best 10 Western Restaurants
Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Best 10 Western Restaurants

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
The long and narrow dining room with harbor view in the CapriceCaprice's long and narrow dining room with harbor view. 3 Michelin Stars in 2019.

Tourists in Hong Kong have limited time for traveling around and want places to eat close to the sights and main attractions. We think you'll like these the best for convenient location, tourist friendliness, scenery, memorable experiences, nearby attractions, and value for money. Here is our list of 10 recommended restaurants for tourists looking for convenient and delightful places to eat from the price ranges: low, medium and high budgets.

Most of these restaurants get top ratings on Michelin for taste, quality, and service. The food is quite authentic as well because these restaurants have chefs from the respective countries or owners who aim for authenticity. Their large clienteles of expats and tourists also ensure that the food stays authentic and doesn't taste like Chinese food.

Luxury Restaurants with Harbor Views

If you are looking for gourmet food of the best quality, Hong Kong's restaurants are great. The best local scenery is the view of the Harbour with its skyline, and these Michelin-starred restaurants provide it.

1. Tosca on the ICC 102nd floor

The Ritz-Carlton Hong KongFor sky high dining while seeing the beauty of the harbor Tosca on the 102nd floor of the ICC is the best Italian choice.

For sky high dining for tourists and travellers, Tosca is a good luxury choice for tourists for the amazing views from the top of the world's 12th tallest building, the ease of access, and the service.

High Victoria Harbor/Victoria Peak view: You can enjoy one of the best views in the whole city. Many tourists pay about 24 dollars to see the view from the Sky100 observation deck, but you could enjoy a meal there instead.

Easy Access: The ICC Tower is a travel hub and one of the most connected buildings in the world. The Kowloon Station below the building and the adjacent West Kowloon Station makes it easy to get there directly from the airport via the Airport Express, direct from more than 50 cities in China via the new bullet train, and direct from Central and other places via the MTR.

Nearby attractions: Elements Mall just below is one of Hong Kong's best luxury malls. The new West Kowloon Cultural District is just outside, and the Xiqu Centre that is about a 15 minute walk away. Xiqu Centre is famed for world-class Cantonese and Beijing Opera theater. 

2. Caprice French Restaurant with a fine Harbor View

IFC TowersThe Four Seasons Hotel is perhaps the most Michelin Starred building in the world with two 3 Michelin Star restaurants and one 2 Michelin Star restaurant in 2019.

Caprice was rated 3 star by Michelin for several years, received 2 stars from 2015 to 2018, and is back to 3 stars in 2019. It stands out for an excellent view, elegant setting, and the best quality French food. There is a large selection of cheese and wine. Tourists appreciate the charming scenery of Victoria Harbor from the Four Seasons next to the IFC Mall.

See other Panoramic High Altitude Views.

Middle Priced American and Australian Restaurants

BLT SteakWith a good harbor view facing the Star Ferry, the first floor location of BLT Steak is excellent.

Do you love simple hearty American food and Australian steaks? There are no Michelin-starred restaurants here of this kind, but these restaurants are tourists favorites for the quality, views, and convenient travel.

3. Bubba Gump American Seafood Restaurant on Victoria Peak

Fun tourist restaurant: It is for people who want to eat in something like an American bayou country restaurant and have some entertainment. The scenery, tourist satisfaction, and convenience makes it popular with tourists.

The spectacular views and the location are the highlights: The view is one of the best in the whole city. You can see Victoria Harbor down below if you book a window seat. The harbor is often called one of the most beautiful in the world, and it is one of the top three most popular places. It is particularly beautiful in the evening especially during the 8 pm light show.

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4. BLT Steak - Excellent Location and Scenic Harbor View

Avenue of Stars Avenue of Stars is a two minute walk away from BLT.

This traditional American style restaurant is is known for quality steaks and a lunch buffet at a medium price for Hong Kong. It is also especially appreciated for its position on the harbor in the Harbour City Mall.

Its convenient location almost can't be matched. It only about 100 meters from the Star Ferry to its pier-facing entrance. The Star Ferry is one of the top five most popular tourist attractions, and it is about 120 meters from the Avenue of Stars that is also one of the top 10 biggest attractions. It sits at the entrance of the Harbour City Mall, the biggest mall in the region.

Harbor views: Whether sitting next to the windows or out on their patio, you can see the ships and the 8 pm Symphony of Lights. But there are not many window tables. So it is best to reserve one.

Note: There is a second BLT Steak Branch on the 3rd Level of the Harbour City Mall. The view isn't as good and it is rated lower.

5. Dan Ryans - Excellent Location and a Harbor View

Dan Ryan's Chicago GrillA place to watch sports

This is another American restaurant in Harbour City Mall. It's popularity has increased markedly in the last several years. Like BLT Steak, it is near the pier entrance of the mall, so it is very easy to get to from the Star Ferry pier. There are windows on the harbor side, but since the restaurant is so big, most tables don't get a good window view.

It is a Chicago-style sports and bar restaurant instead of fine dining. It is like an American truck stop restaurant with big portions served and a variety of dishes.

Value: Fast, large portions and convenient seating since lines aren't common, and many tables along with the convenient location makes this restaurant a value for tourists money and timewise.

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6. Wooloomooloo Steakhouse for Rooftop Sightseeing and Australian Steaks


This is a tourist favorite Australian style restaurant that also has a good 31st-floor harbor view. It is known for its casual rooftop dining and bar and views of the horse race track as well. It is very highly appreciated by patrons.

Low Priced But Not Low Quality Western Food

Except for fast food, prices for Western food in Hong Kong are higher than the rest of the world. For most of the restaurants, you can't expect much authenticity except in these restaurants that are especially chosen for their low prices and convenience for tourists.


7. Butchers Club Burger: Convenient and Delicious but Relatively Inexpensive

The new Butchers Burger branch in the K11 MallButchers Club Burger branch is in the K11 Mall near Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road.

Butchers Club Wan Chai is Michelin Listed for Street Food in 2018 and 2019

Forget McDonald's and Burger King. If you want among the best, authentic and most delicious American-style hamburgers available in Hong Kong, and at a low price, this is it. They started receiving Michelin street food listing in 2016, and the Wan Chai branch is listed for Street Food in 2019. It is among the lowest priced Michelin-selected restaurants.

For a more American taste conveniently, tourists could go to their lesser-known Central branch near the IFC Mall or the Tsim Sha Tsui branch near the famous Chung King Mansions.

In the Michelin street food listing in 2016, the Michelin Guide director, Michael Ellis, said that their hamburgers were “some of the best” he's had, and he's been around the world at the best places.

The Michelin listing isn't a Michelin star though. They are listed in the Hong Kong "street food" guide for high quality inexpensive food. The branches have more of a take-out feel. The food is wrapped in paper.

8. Beef and Liberty: American, Excellent, and Friendly

the hamburgersthe hamburgers

Friendly, delicious, and inexpensive: This restaurant comes out a close second to Butchers Club Burger on this list, but the location isn't as convenient. It is in the popular tourist town of Stanley on southern Hong Kong Island. But you might think that the hamburgers taste even better because they serve grass fed beef from Tasmania.

Bib Gourmand Michelin rating: In 2015, they were listed in the Bib Gourmand listing of about 67 restaurants for Hong Kong as an excellent place for a meal under 300 HKD. But they are not on their 2019 listing. TripAdvisor rates them as one of the best of the 10,000 in Hong Kong. Americans especially like it.

Regular southern American diner style: They also serve fresh salads and tasty deserts on regular plates. It is child friendlierbecause of the atmosphere and clientele.

9. Pizza Express at Soho for Italian

pizzaThey have all kinds of pizzas.

Pizza and fun local kids like...

They serve a variety of pizzas and other Italian-style dishes and salads. It is a little pricey (about 500-HKD-and-up/per family, 65 USD), but the upside is that the food tastes better than usual.

It isn't fast food. They cater to middle range diners and serve wine etc. There is a special kid's menu featuring smaller portions. They also serve children's parties.

It is easy for tourists to go to because it is close to the IFC Mall and next to the famed Mid-levels Escalator that provides quick and free transport.

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10. IKEA for Swedish and Organic/Healthy Food at Low Prices

Dessert Dessert

About the lowest prices of these all...

It is strange, but it is good. One of Hong Kong's highest rated restaurants in the region is the IKEA Restaurant and Café. It is a Swedish department store in Shatin, and it earned a reputation for quick service, good value, healthy food, and family friendliness. The diner is popular with local kids.

However, Shatin is not a place most tourists would go though the New Town Plaza Mall is popular. It is good choice for tourists in the Shatin area and for health conscious/budget conscious people.

Read about other restaurants of International Cuisine.

For more multicultural places to eat see Top Places to Experience Multicultural Hong Kong.

How Dining in Done in Hong Kong


Dinning in Hong Kong

Go at the right time and reserve seats.

In Hong Kong, breakfast time is from 6:30am to 10:30am, lunchtime is from 12:30pm to 2pm, and dinnertime is from 7pm to 9pm. Make a reservation if you plan to dine in popular restaurants. Otherwise, be prepared to queue up.

The Environment

In smaller restaurants, sharing a table is a common practice, so if your party is small and a bigger group shows up, you may be asked to share your space or move to another table. But you won't find this to be so much of a problem in these Western restaurants except IKEA.


In some restaurants, it is common for waiters to automatically bring tea, condiments, and non-ordered snacks that will be charged to your bill. Please check with the waiter about such additional charges before being seated. Be firm about no additional charges or food up front.

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