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Suzhou Weather in September

Written by CindyUpdated Jan. 14, 2021

Suzhou weather 9 infographic

Weather: The month gets both more rain and more sunshine than August, and the temperature falls a bit. The average nightly low temperature is 21 °C (70 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 27 °C (81 °F). It rains about 9 days of the month, and total precipitation is about 156 mm.

September is typhoon season. During the storms, there is heavy rainfall, but many days are clear and fine. Watch out for extreme weather. The region receives about three typhoons each year, and September and October are the likely months for typhoons. It is important to keep abreast of Suzhou's weather and forecast>>

Clothing: Summer clothing (shorts, T-shirts, etc.) is still appropriate for the daytime, but bring heavier clothing in case it cools down. Take rain gear when rain is likely. If you spend time outside on sunny days, take protective clothing such as a hat and long sleeves so as not to get sunburn.

Suzhou September Weather Data Graphs

Suzhou weather 9 graph

Things to Do in Suzhou in September

Go to the Silk Festival

Suzhou International Silk Festival: This silk festival and trade show is held at the end of September. Suzhou is a silk production center of China. Its high quality silk fabrics and garments have been admired for centuries. The environmental quality of Suzhou has been maintained, and the mild temperatures contribute to making Suzhou a silk production region.

Suzhou is sometimes called the "Silk Capital" of China. It is particularly known for innovative, creative and artistic silk work. Suzhou embroidery is of high quality. A variety of silk products are on display during this festival and are for sale.

There is a silk clothing exhibition and a fashion show with orchestral accompaniment. There are also other activities and entertainment for visitors. There is a cultural exhibition, and some famous scenic spots in Suzhou are highlighted.

See the Silk Museum

Suzhou Silk Museum: A way to learn about the silk industry and silk craftsmanship is by visiting this free museum. It is a combination working silk factory, silkworm farm, and museum. So you can see the whole process of silk fabric creation from the feeding and tending of the silkworm, to the collecting of their silk, to the weaving of the fabric and silk artwork.

September is an ideal time to see the silk worms in this museum. They naturally hatch in September, and they eat mulberry leaves laid out for them. A lot of visitors find the silkworms fascinating. You may see some weaving beautifully colored cocoons around themselves. Their cocoons are naturally golden, white, or golden orange. You might be able to see thousands of them crawling and eating.

There are several sections in the museum including one with ancient silk exhibits, one showing late Qing Dynasty exhibits, and one displaying modern silk products. The store sells high quality silk products that are not easily found elsewhere.

Experience the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is the second biggest holiday in China, and it usually is in the middle or end of September more than 2/3 of the years. It is often near the October 1 National Day holidays, and so it becomes a part of the "golden week" of holidays. On the lunar calendar, it's the 15th day of the eighth month. There are big crowds at the gardens, parks and outdoor attractions, but it is interesting to experience the festivities and the traditional celebrations.

The local moon cakes and chrysanthemum tea are special treats tourists should try. Chinese often enjoy them together. Moon cakes are small fruitcakes of a variety of flavors, colors and shapes that are made from the fruits and nuts of the season. Gourmet varieties are made from exotic ingredients such as gold leaf. Chrysanthemum tea is made of the flowers, and it makes people feel relaxed and has antiviral properties.

Touring Suzhou in September

High Travel Season

September and October are the peak travel months. The Mid-Autumn Festival holidays and the October 1 National Day holidays are during this time, and the fine weather of the season draws out the crowds to the local outdoor attractions. More tourists and business people come to the city to enjoy the silk festival, and the festival venue gets crowded.

Unless you specifically want to watch festivities, it would be best to go outside these holidays. Travel surges at the end of the month before the National Day "golden week" of vacation. Finding good accommodations and getting around might test your patience. The prices for target hotel accommodations, train tickets, and air travel are high, but we can try to find discounts. Let us use our experience to arrange your personal or group tour and save you time and hassle.

Recommended Tour Packages

2-day Tour of Suzhou's Exquisite Gardens: This tour includes a visit to the Silk Factory Museum. Enjoy the water of the Grand Canal by motorboat, and also see the Lingering Garden, the Humble Administrator's Garden, and Tiger Hill. Enjoy a hutong rickshaw ride too.

You can modify these tours while booking, or design your own our.

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