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Five Elements Analysis for Goat Year People

Goat - Chinese Zodiac Signs

Gold Goats (1931, 1991)

Goat sign people with the Gold element are ambitious and kind-hearted with a strong sense of responsibility in work. They prefer doing things little by little and are able to set up their own career, placing an emphasis on principles and faith.

Sometimes, they are so stubborn that it's hard for them to accommodate themselves to circumstances; therefore, they should learn professional job skills in order to achieve success.

As for their tendency to luck, fortune suddenly finds its way to them and they make more money each year; however, to some extent they also suffer unexpected personal financial losses as their money increases.

Gold element Goat year people are highly recommended to purchase some immovable properties and items of a high value when they make money, to save for a rainy day.

Wood Goats (1955, 2015)

People for whom the Wood element and Goat zodiac sign align for their birth year are amicable, gentle, compassionate, and ready to help others. They get along with their friends and colleagues in life.

They have to do everything themselves because they cannot get help from their family members but, luckily, they have a happy family life owing to their good wife.

Wood Goats often live alone or feel lonely in married life, and their spouse often travels. However, they have a steady marriage bond; what's more, it's very hard for a third person to come between them.

Fire Goats (1907, 1967)

People having the Fire element and Goat sign for their birth year are amicable, frank, and honest, always making everything clean and tidy, and are seldom disliked by others. However, they are often troubled by trivial things in life and, as a result, need an independent partner to take care of them.

They are always ready to help their friends, disregarding their own personal gains or losses, so they are very popular. However, they are too sentimental to enter into a business partnership with others.

Fire Goats are rather miserable at an early age but live steadily and comfortably at middle age due to their hard work.

As far as marriage is concerned, they are not suited to getting married early on. They also accept advice from their friends in most cases, although they are rather stubborn.

Earth Goats (1919, 1979)

People of the Earth element and a Goat year are righteous, honest, straightforward, and will never harm their friends.

They are popular among their friends due to their kindness and righteousness. They are able to overcome all kinds of difficulties in their careers due to the unexpected help and support from magnates.

When it comes to making their fortune, Earth Goats cannot be too careful when investing in some projects, because they could produce exactly the opposite results, so they must be very rational when making a financial decision.

In terms of speculation in the stock market, they are always lucky at first, followed by ill fortune. It's better for them to leave well alone, or they could lose both stock and block in the end.

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