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5 Elements Analysis for Horse Year People

Five Elements Gold Horses Water Horses Wood Horses Fire Horses Earth Horses
Year of Birth 1930, 1990 1942, 2002 1954, 2014 1906, 1996 1918, 1978
Personalities kind, straightforward irritable, sentimental imaginative, prudent smart, charism optimistic, kind-hearted
Horse - Chinese Zodiac Signs

Gold Horses (1930, 1990)

People of the Gold element and Horse sign are kind, straightforward, and ready to help others. They are very popular among their friends, although often offend others without meaning to due to their straightforwardness.

Generally speaking, they get along well with young people. Gold Horses are constant in love, but their life is full of challenges as they can only have a harmonious marriage if their lover is willing to put up with them.

As far as romance is concerned, they are rather calm and rational although they are liberalists, and they won't take any action before their love fully devotes to them.

Water Horses (1942, 2002)

People born in the Year of the Horse with the Water element agreeing can sacrifice their interests for others. They are irritable and sentimental in life, but their friends still show them the utmost solicitude.

Water Horses are amicable and always ready to help others and, as a result, are very charming for friends of the opposite sex. In addition, it's very easy for them to make people feel more confident and pleased due to their easy-going characters and sincere affection.

More patience should be taken to develop a romantic relationship with them, and those who marry them will be very happy throughout their life.

Wood Horses (1954, 2014)

People born in a Horse year corresponding to the Wood element have an abundant imagination. They are greatly admired due to their insightful analyses on issues, and they often read the minds of others.

They are prone to be irritable and sentimental; therefore, they should pay special attention to friends and partners of the opposite sex so as to avoid too much familiarity resulting in love.

Wood Horses are born leaders and decision-makers, and they leave their workers with no reason to complain due to their correct and prudent decisions in work.

Fire Horses (1906, 1966)

People for whom the Horse sign and Fire element overlap are smart, charismatic, lively, overflowing with enthusiasm, and have the potential to lead the way concerning fashion trends.

Fire Horses have an unyielding character, and they rarely take advice from others due to their stubborn characters. Even though they may face great difficulty or be under great pressure, they will do their best to solve the issue with the help and support from their colleagues and bosses.

Earth Horses (1918, 1978)

People born in an Earth element and Horse sign year are optimistic, kind-hearted, righteous, and ready to help their friends, therefore, they have a lot of friends in work.

They have a strong sense of responsibility and are brave enough to take actions, so they are often recognized by their bosses. They are surrounded by love although they sometimes make mistakes due to their irritable character.

Earth element Horse year people must work hard to make satisfactory achievements, and can retain an ordinary fortune throughout their life; however, they don't suffer from unexpected personal financial losses.

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