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5 Elements Analysis for Tiger Year People

Five Elements Gold Tigers Water Tigers Wood Tigers Fire Tigers Earth Tigers
Year of Birth 1950, 2010 1902, 1962 1914, 1974 1926, 1986 1938, 1998
Personalities tender, considerate studious, thoughtful cooperative, communicative optimistic, independent thoughtful, realistic
Tiger - Chinese Zodiac Signs

Gold Tigers (1950, 2010)

Tiger sign people with the Gold element also corresponding to their birth year attach great importance to their quiet and harmonious family life.

The females are very enthusiastic while the males are indecisive, stubborn, and feminized; therefore, their inner world is very different from their appearance.

Gold Tigers understand clearly that work is work and play is play, therefore, they never take their work home with them. They are uncommunicative and seldom speak honeyed words; however, they are very tender and considerate toward their partner.

Their biggest disadvantage is that they don’t take advice from others, although they actually need it. They are fascinated with power, and they will achieve great success in politics if they work hard enough.

Gold element Tiger year people get along well with their colleagues and neighbors in life and, as a result, can have a smooth career due to the help and support received from colleagues. There’s one thing they should remember: “Don’t become lazy due to good luck”.

Water Tigers (1902, 1962)

Tiger sign Water element people have an innate ability to learn something new, and they are especially professional in the fields of art and handicrafts.

They have a strong sense of self-esteem and seldom accept advice from others. However, they have a slim chance to fail in their career, which often incurs envy from others.

Water Tigers will achieve more in their career by getting help from their friends and lovers. They should be very careful and thoughtful when making big decisions and dealing with any emergencies in life, and should not trust others readily, or they will suffer from it.

Wood Tigers (1914, 1974)

People born in a year when the Wood element coincides with the Tiger sign are cooperative and communicative in work, and they also like to work with others to achieve common goals. They can use their own judgment and make the right decision each time.

However, they usually only pay attention to the surface of an issue, and they seldom dig into its underlying principles, resulting in the loss of many opportunities.

Wood Tigers will actively undertake tasks that are beyond their abilities, resulting in frustration and failure. As a result, they are highly advised to pool the wisdom of the masses to avoid mistakes in work.

Fire Tigers (1926, 1986)

People with the Fire element and Tiger sign for their birth year are optimistic but weak when it comes to self-control, thinking that the best time is the present.

They take action with eagerness and vigor each time, accompanied by loopholes and mistakes; therefore, they should think carefully before taking action.

Fire Tigers are very independent in life and never yield before difficulties or worldly issues. No one actually knows much about what they think due to their Bohemian lifestyle.

Earth Tigers (1938, 1998)

People of the Earth element and a Tiger year work with the utmost concentration and know themselves well. As a result, they can express their inner thoughts perfectly throughout life.

They are factual and realistic people with unwavering beliefs, who only believe what they see and, as a result, they have the potential to seek the truth.

Earth Tigers only focus on one thing at a time and do not like to take things as they are due to their adventurous spirit. They always make others see them in a different light due to their excellent performance at work.

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