Mizhi County


  • Mizhi County is located 71 km from Yulin city in Shaanxi Province.
  • The houses in Mizhi ancient town are cave-houses, which are very unusual throughout the world.


Mizhi County was called "Yin Zhou" during the Three Kingdom period. According to folklore, Mizhi was the hometown of a famous beauty, Diao Chan. Mizhi is also known as the birthplace of the Shaanxi culture.

There are several tourist attractions in Mizhi County, such as Lizicheng's Palace, a unique and rare wood palace. The Wenping Hill bell tower, built during the Ming Dynasty, houses an iron bell that weights 450 kg. There are inscriptions on rock precipices 200 meters from south Mizhi County.
Shaanxi-style snacks and food are also famous in Mizhi County.


Mizhi County, with a history of over 800 years, was just a small village back in the Song Dynasty. In 1039, Emperor Song Ren Zong named this small village "Mizhi" Today, and it is much larger than it used to be now.


Mizhi is only 71 km from Yulin. If you want to visit Mizhi County, you can fly to Yulin and take a car to Mizhi. It takes about two hours to go from Yulin airport to Mizhi County.


  • Visiting Mizhi County is free, but there are entrance fees for the attractions.
  • There are very few guesthouses in Mizhi County, and conditions are very limited.