The Best 15 Xi'an Restaurants — Something for Everyone

The Best 15 Xi'an Restaurants — Something for Everyone

By CindyUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Here is an introduction to 15 best restaurants in Xian along with directions, prices, specialties, or other relevant information.

Bai Xing Chu Fang (百姓厨房)

There are several branches of this inexpensive Sichuan restaurant in various places in Xian. They specialize in wonton and tofu dishes. There is a branch in Beilin near major attractions like the Bell Tower and the Beilin Museum. It is four kilometers northeast of the Beilin Museum and 6 kilometers northeast of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. Another branch is in the Gaoxin district. Since they are less expensive, it is best to call in for a reservation.

Tian Hui Zhen (天迴镇)

This restaurant is fairly inexpensive, but it serves a variety of styles of food and not only Sichuan cuisine. So it is a place to mix and match spicy food with other dishes. It is a large, decorated restaurant. The restaurant is in the Yanta district and close to big attractions. The Small Wild Goose Pagoda is 2 kilometers to the west, and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is 2 kilometers to the southwest. The Shaanxi Natural History Museum is 3 kilometers or about 2 miles to the southwest.

Su Ji (苏记川菜)

Sichuan Dish

This restaurant’s specialty is Sichuan noodles. The price is inexpensive. You can get a small bowl of noodles for 16 RMB or about 2.50 USD and large bowls of noodles for 28 RMB or 4.50 USD. Its highlight is the Tiao Shui Yu cooked at a price of CNY16 per small bowl and CNY28 per big bowl. It has a central location nar big attractions in the city of Xian. The Bell Tower and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda are about 3.3 kilometers or a little more than two miles to the northeast.

Sichuan Hui Guan (四川会馆)

This is a big multi-storied restaurant that can seat about 1,000 people, and there is parking on site. It is a little upscale and is geared for formal dinners with friends, and private rooms are reservable. The place is decorated in a traditional Sichuan style. The food has an authentic flavor, and the service is good. Since the flavor is more authentic, it will be spicier than at other Sicuan restaurants in Xian. It has a central location near big attractions. It is 1.5 kilometers or about a mile north of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda.

Ren Ren Ju (人人居)

This restaurant is a place for both Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine. It is in the Beilin district where a lot of attractions are. The Lao Dong branch is about 5 kilometers southwest of the Bell Tower.

The Da Wan Cheng Restaurant

Sichuan Food

The Da Wan Cheng Restaurant is near the Terracotta Warriors and the Huaqing Hot Springs. A lot of other attractions are in the area. It is about 2 kilometers southwest of the Qinling Palace. The specialties are Hunan and Sichuan cuisine. There are lots of kinds of noodle dishes. The restaurant is in the Da Wang Cheng Hotel.

Chuan Yu Ren Jia 川渝人家

This Sichuan restaurant is adapted for the people in Xian, so the food is less spicy and Westerners might like the taste more. There are several others with the same name in the city. This branch is near big attractions. It is about 1 kilometer east of the Beilin Museum and about 2 kilometers or about 1.2 miles southeast of the Bell Tower.

A Cantonese Disha Cantonese Dish

Guohua Restaurant (国花)

It is near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The restaurant is famous for its seafood. It is an old restaurant. It is popular with locals and is nicely decorated. It is only about a kilometer or .4 miles north of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

Yue Zhen Xuan (粤珍轩)

The restaurant is reasonably priced so reservations are needed for dinner time. The restaurant seats about 200 people. It is near the Hanguang Gate of Xian. The restaurant is popular for the Ye Cha (night tea snacks) dishes such as dim sum that are served after 8:30 pm.

Entertainment is provided. It has a central location south of the Xian Train Station and is near most of the big attractions in the city of Xian. The Xian Bell Tower and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda are both less than 2 kilometers away.

Grand Hong Kong Abalone and Shark Fin Restaurant

Cantoness Food

This is a place to go for seafood and wine and beer. It is an upscale restaurant, and some of the dishes like Shark Fin are expensive. There is a main restaurant at the Gaoxin district and a branch restaurant in the Beilin area where many attractions are.

Prince Restaurant (王子西餐厅)

This is a place to go in central Xian for Cantonese food. It is near the Bell Tower. It is an upscale restaurant in a hotel. It is a big restaurant, and they can accommodate 800 people in various rooms. There is a buffet, and the restaurant features seafood.

Sheng Hao Xuan (圣豪轩)

This big restaurant is west of the Beilin District where many Xian attractions are. Unlike most of the other Cantonese restaurants on this page, it is not in walking distance to major attractions. It is about 5 kilometers or three miles from the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. There is a big parking lot in front of it, and it is multi-storied.

Shun Feng Shan Zhuang (顺峰山庄)

Green Molly Restaurant Pub

Western FoodWestern food

With a rich Mediterranean expression and decorated with colorful roofs, wooden balustrades, brick walls and red doors, this restaurant shows customers its good intentions and great ideas. It is a great place for both couples on a romantic date and friends getting together for a night out.

The cuisine is at once attractive and tempting. The seafood pizzas and pastas are authentic and delicious and have earned a high regard from customers. The different soup choices are also popular.


The food is spoken highly of by customers and is of a good appearance and high quality. The desserts, especially the hot chocolate cakes, are popular choices. 

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